Scott quickly breaks into a car and places Emma Davison in the back of the car. To take her to hospital in Torquay why that is going on Maria Hart has taken another car and is with Becky Miles and also Stacy Hart and also Zack Zindine without long they head for the hospital to find its protected not by Doctors but by Clones of Oasis.

Meanwhile back at the base Keith Rainer has a vistor who has came back to see what is going on called Dean Reardon who hears the news of Emma Davison and demands to help them out. Keith meets Dean For the First Time

As Maria and her group fight there way they find where it is being kept the River Water is being held inside they fight there way past the Clones soon they find what they are looking for and then find two clones of Steven Hills ready to stop them. As the fight goes on they are joined by Keith and Dean. It is soon found out that the part of the hospital is set on a timebomb to blow up. They find the River Water and escape however Becky doesn't want to come along with them.

Becky quickly heads off to escape and runs towards a bus and jumps back on it shouting time to go back to Exeter Meanwhile Maria along with Dean, Keith, Stacy, And Zack all head out to Torquay with the cure for Emma.

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