The Group starting heading towards Torquay as they do this all of a sudden the car starts to go across the road. Maria Hart has passed out once again quickly they look behind to see there worst nightmare once again Barry Charles is back this time in a car trying to take the group off the road. Keith quickly grabs the wheel and takes over they soon drive to avoid Barry who crashes the car over a hill. The group relax and head towards Torquay with the cure for Emma.

Soon they make it to the Hospital and Keith Rainer runs in with the cure which is forced down Emma Davison by Scott Curtis slowly Emma starts to come around and is weak but better. Just as the goes on the lights start to flicker. Something once again is going wrong. Keith tells how Barry tried to run them off the road. Scott then suspect he was taken in a ambulance with no ill effects just faking them so he could catch up with them and get a free ride. All of a sudden the lights all go out and Scott is faced with Barry being in the hospital. He tells Keith to stay where he is and protect Emma why Scott goes out to try and find Barry and stop him.

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