Scott quickly starts to look around the hospital thinking it might be best to remove Emma from the hospital for her own safety. Scott Curtis calls up the others who are outside he tells Zack to be ready for a fast getaway. Keith Rainer and scott carry Emma away from the hospital. With all the nurses and doctors running around they could dress as doctors and make there way outside. Scott and Keith dress as surgeons and start to head outside to where Zack is waiting. As they are near the exit they are faced with being stuck by Barry Charles they quickly walk outside as this goes on guard go to grab Barry and he fights with them. Stacy shouts to them to duck as they do she hits him with a knock out needle which makes Barry fall asleep.

Scott along with Maria, Emma, Zack, Dean, Stacy and Keith, drop off Emma back to her house and all meet back at the base. Along they way Dean and Emma share a talk of them use to be in love. Afterwards Zack tells the story of how Becky has started to head to Exeter and would it be a good idea to go after her? Scott tells them let her find her own way if she is out the way and we dont know where she no Oasis can catch her. Dean who was just passing says his goodbyes and the group rest up at the base for the night. Now all quiet it okay for many months and no more trouble.

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