Darkmine was the First temple to Ak'Rei'An to be established on Terros-Nui, and is located under Onu-Terros. It is the only base where Ak'Rei'An can physically manifest, due to Ancient, Mysterious glyphs carved into the walls of the temple. The walls of the cavern are made of Purple Lightstone, amplifying the power of BoD members. It is hidden from all seekers, except BoD members, by a Mask of Shadows obtained by Verak Sunslayer

Darkmine is currently held by the Cult of Ak'Rei'An


Darkmine can be found by searching above-ground in eastern Onu-Terros. You will find a cavern, marked with a glowing purple crystal. Upon entering, you will find a large labyrinth of caves. At the end of the farthest, and most hidden one is a "dead end". If you already know of the Temple, you may pass through this wall and enter the horrifying temple of Darkmine.


Upon entering, a person will be in the foyer, a large, expansive room built around a Large Statue of Ak'Rei'An, wearing a Mask of Shadows. On the left side of the room are entrances to the Sleeping Quarters, which are simply three rooms full of small cots, and Ak'Rei'An's Throne room, which is sealed by a magical key. On the Right Side are emergency exits, Body Storage chambers, and the Armory.

Current Armory

  • 10x Stun Staffs (5ft long, have stunning devices at both ends of the staff)
  • 5x Protosteel Long Swords
  • 3x Protosteel Rapiers
  • 4x Protosteel Falchions
  • 2x Kanoka Launchers
  • 1x Zamor Launcher
  • 3x Crossbows

The Armory can be added to at any time. Just stop by Darkmine and drop things off, if you want, then edit this page.