Darksides are evil version of humans. Mostly humans are born with a Darkside in them. They're composed of every negative emotion and feeling that the person has felt throughout their life molded into a human looking form. Most people keep their inner evil at bay with strong wills, but if they give in then the darkness inside of them will overpower them and the human will take the shape of a darkened version of themselves. Mainly the normal appearance of a Darkside is dark blue skin, pointy ears like an elf or something, and red eyes. There are two kinds of Darksides, the first kind are those who're good but are corrupted by Darkness and their split evil persona possesses them and locks the original good one away from the subconscious prison that the bad one's been. The second kind are actually those who do bad stuff like bullies or villains, but if they accept Darkness instead of fighting it then they will become a Darkside but keep their memories and emotions only they'll be a it more feral and violent.

Drake Ebon Darkstar

Season 1

The Dark side to DarkMagicianmon's human partner Brian.K. While Brian was only nine he and the rest of the Digidestines traveled through the Digital World where DarkMagicianmon's Archnemesis Gozermon sent one of his cronies RyuKishinmon after Brian. Ryukishinmon entered Brian's body and found the chamber concealing Drake, so he broke the seal and Drake took control of Brian's body transforming him into himself. Drake fought the Digidestines and their Digimon without mercy, and DarkMagicianmon didn't want any physical harm done to him because it might've affected Brian who was inside of him. While deep inside Drake, Brian was struggling to regain control of his body, and in the end was successful and regained control and forced RyuKishinmon out. DarkMagicianmon used his magic to banish RyuKishinmon to the Shadow Realm but couldn't reseal Drake, so the Digidestines had to be careful for whatever rage that Brian ever felt, Drake would use tht rage to gain power and reposes Brian's body. So from time and time Brian would be taken over by Drake, and alwasy Brian would regain control. After the first defeat of Gozermon, Brian told his partner that they wouldn't have to worry about Drake repossessing him because he no longer had hatred in him.

Season 2

When Brian reached the Pre-Teen Years like T.K and Kari, he was confronted by a school bully named Kevin Sariyama who was jealous of Brian because he was always considered the best on the block, but now Brian was getting all the attention from everyone. Brian's hatred started to grow when Kevin confronted him telling him that being a Mr. Big Shot was getting on his nerves. Brian was outraged that someone thought that he considered himself better than everybody else, so when Kevin's back was turned he fired a single spirit gun at Kevin's back and vanished before someone knew it was him, but it didn't go unnoticed by the Digidestines. The next day Brian still couldn't help but think negativley on all that Kevin's been telling him he's acting like a big-shot, and those negative thought was enough for Drake to possess him without taking form, so he then ditched that class and headed for the Digital World where he transformed Brian into himself. He sent a fake SOS to the Digidestines to come to the Digital world, and when they did he forced them to fight him, and Drake seemed more powerful now that he was teenaged. But thankfully Brian got control of his body again and began to fear what Drake would do if he gained permanent control of Brian. Then when DarkMagicianmon gained an Armor form and became DarkSagemon an older wiser magician, he used a spell to separate Brian and Drake making them two separate beings. So Drake immediatley fled when he was separated from Brian and went off to Gozermon's palace where he became his partner. During his time with Gozermon Drake would sometimes be laying around the castle waiting for orders, or sometimes acting on his own. When he felt lonely being the only Darkside he decided to recruit one, so he captured Brian's girlfriend Melody Yushino and extracted her own and called her Meladonna. When the time came when Gozermon was defeated for good and Meladonna was purified, Drake was left all alone. The Digidestines and their Digimon fought him in the human world, and DarkMagicianmon and his Magician Digimon brethren sealed him into a hyperlock chamber, and burried him in the earth.

Author Arc

Years after Drake's imprisonment later the Chamber was risen by a criticizing being named Flame Rising and the Anti-Authors and freed him. At first Drake was amused by the partnership of him and Flame Rising, but when he knew that Flame Rising had no real power other then criticizism, he overpowered Rising by beating the crud out of him, and the Anti-Authors elected him as the new leader.

Throughout time Drake's fought the Authors was either to gain power, an army, or control of worlds. Including trying to take over the North Pole and Santa Clause's workshop, harnessing the powers of demons from other worlds, building up his army, trying to steal the imagination river, conquer the Pokemorph Sanctuary, adding whatever Darksides he could acquire.

Voice Actor: Scottie Ray (Shredder: TMNT)

Drake's Wardrobe and Appearance

Digimon Arc

Drake's appearance is dark blue skin, pointy ears, red eyes, and white hair that was actually fire much like Hades Lord of Death. His first outfit when he was a child included black sneakers, dark purple pants, a red shirt covered by an open black jacket. This outfit remained with him when he grew older, and when he was released by Flame Rising and the Anti-Authors.

Author Arc

His second outfit was added when he fused with the demon's powers. His outfit included black boots, black leather pants, a black shirt with a skull insignia on the front, covered by a no sleeve opened trench coat with flames at the bottom.

Powers and Abilities

Dark Energy

During Drake's early years his known powers were basic hand to hand combat moves including Dark Energy which was a dark version of Brian's Spirit Energy. These Dark moves included Shadow Gun, Dark Shot, and Shadow Force. Like Brian could create a sword from his Spirit Energy, Drake could create his own sword using Dark Energy calling it the Shadow Sword.

Spirits of Darkness

When he started building up his army including Darksides and Digimon, he acquired the corrupted versions of the Spirits of Darkness giving him the power to Spirit Evolve into Duskmon and Velgemon. When he first used them he handled them well but soon he started growing weaker and weaker until he reverted back to Drake. With no power left he was beaten badly, after annalysis it was confirmed that to fuel the Spirits of Darkness, Drake had to feed them his own dark energy. If used too much he will be too weak to hold either form, now he can only stay in one form for ten minutes before he looses too much power. In the future he acquires unlimited Dark energy allowing him to Fusion evolve into Malicemon.

Ninja Abilities

During the Rescue Hanabi Hyuga OVA, Drake acquired a scroll of Jutsus from the forbidden Dark element. Including the Super Smoke Jutsu; that turns him into a small dark cloud that can travel along distances, while in this form he's untouchable. Shroud Jutsu; covers the field in darkness so no one can see Drake and where he'll attack. Dark Chidori; a darkened version of the original Chidori like when Sasuke uses it while in CS L2 form. Reaper Shadow Jutsu; this covers Drake in a powerful dark aura that gives him the form of a Shrouded reaper holding a Scythe. Acid Smog Jutsu; Drake breathes dark smog from his mouth, anything the smog comes into contact with melts. And his Demon Summoning Jutsu; allows him to summon the chief of Demon summonings Kira. Kira like the Snake Lord Manda doesn't like to be summoned unless it's a big time battle and not for petty fights, and expects to be awarded for his efforts, his rewards include fleshy meals.

Other Darksides


Ozzy is the Darkside of Author Fighter Roscoso, he is also the Missingo Pokemorph. Ozzy has all of Ross's power's and can also use power's that Space Warrior Andy can use along with Missingo's training. Ozzy can also use Chaos Shield which can even protect him from a Darkside's main weakness, a Balance's voice. Making Hikari Ino's songs useless against Ozzy when using Chaos Shield. Ozzy is also strange since he has only about 50% of a Darkside's Nature ths causes him to have less of a Killing intent than any Darkside's like Drake or Shade. Because he is Half Darkside and Half Pokemorph this makes him more of an Anti-Hero than a Villian. Ozzy also has a Grudge with Oldkid, because he is Ross's Darkside, Ozzy is the only one who can take the Life Aura's by force, since the Aura's can only be given to someone else willingly, only the Guardian of the Life Auras or someone with his DNA can use them. Ozzy also has a massive target on his chest from any Darkside's since he kinda betrays the basic of Darkside's which is cause Death and Destruction.

Another point is that since he is Ross's Darkside, Ozzy is the Guardian of the Death Auras.


Hyperbeam: A swirling beam of energy but it is purple coloured instead of Ross's Orange Coloured.

Viral Claw: Ozzy's new move he learned from Missingo, with this power he gathers digital data into his hands and then corrupts it making a literal Virus Attack that is very strong against Digimon. This makes this move good against Drake's Duskmon and Velgemon forms. Unfortunately this also counts for Darkmagicianmon.

Chaos Shield: Using his own Chaos power, Ozzy creates a Shield of Chaos Energy that can protect him even from the Song of Balance's or any smiliar power's. (Like Midnight Rose's songs)

Chaos Blast: Exactly like Ross's move except it is black coloured instead of Ross's Red colour.

Pokemon and Pokemorph Limit's: Thanks to Oldkid, Ozzy finally accessed the two Limits. Right now it's unknown what his Pokemon form is. But his Pokemorph limit has been discovered. It is known as Corrupt Missingo. In this form Ozzy wear's armour similiar to Megaman X except it is purple and black in colour.

Solo Arc

Ozzy was born from the Dark Memories from Ross's past along with his former hatred for Humanity. The Viral Pokemon Missingo found Ozzy inside Ross's mind and used his memories to turn Ozzy hatred on all humans. While Drake had left to aquire some more minions after the Authors of Time Arc. Onikagemon, Killer Rose and the Chaos Duo, managed to release Ozzy from Ross but the Darkside Pokemorph turned on them almost immediatly, and tried to destroy Earth by himself, before he could he was defeated by Ross and nearly killed by future Space Warrior Katie.

Lucifer Arc

During his time going Solo Ozzy was approached by the Balance of Hatred Lucifer and his lackey Nayzormon from time to time, after barely escaping Katie's attack. Ozzy and the Green Life Aura where teleported to Lucifer's castle. With nowhere else to go, Ozzy decided to work for Lucifer for awhile, Ozzy along with Nayzormon and Tayuya tried to get Hikari over to Lucifer's side, after a major battle at Lake verity, Ozzy saw Ross activating Chaos Deoxys for the First time and after that left Lucifer's service.

Pokemorph Sanctuary

A few weeks after leaving Lucifer's service, Ozzy mostly travelled the world, when he heard of a hidden place called the Pokemorph Sanctuary, after running into one of the Guardians Danielle, Ozzy was acceptted into the Sanctuary where he met the other Three Guardians, Harvey, Rio and Landon, after a run in with Onikagemon, Ozzy knew Drake would soon attack the sanctuary, with no choice Ozzy was forced to turn to Ross, Kirby and Metaknight to help, Ozzy, Ross, Kirby, Metaknight and the Guardians managed to force Drake and Onikagemon to leave but Omaddon and Johan managed to take the powerful Shadowmare crystal from the Sanctuary, Ozzy then offered to be a Guardian of the Sanctuary, he stayed with the Guardians for a month's time until he revealed his Darkside origins and left the sanctuary but promised to keep it secret, while travelling again Ozzy ran into Oldkid the Darkside of Author Fighter Nukid. Who after helping Ozzy survive an attack from a Mutant Dinosaur offered him a position in the Society of Shadows. Ozzy refused until Oldkid threatened to destroy the Pokemorph Sanctuary forcing Ozzy to accept and was put in a very high position only higher than Oldkid.

Soldiers of Justice

During Drake's quest to become the next King of Darkside's. Ozzy approached Omega Mountain beating Johan and Omaddon easily. He brought a message to Drake from Oldkid about the scrolls on Rasets Generals. After that Ozzy disappeared and stayed like that until the Author Fighter's, The Spirit Warriors and Justice Soldiers fought against Drake's Army and the Meta-Breed. Ozzy appeared during the start of the fight, saying Oldkid ordered him to assist Drake. (To Nukid's anger)

He fought well during the battle but when Hikari Ino and Midnight Rose sung a duet causing all the Darksides and Evil beings to feel pain, Ozzy quickly used Chaos Shield, blocking both of them. Roscoso in anger when he realised Ozzy's Identity, attacked full on, and causing Ozzy to reveal himself, when that happened Drake and Killer Rose out of the most where about to attack Ozzy, until he simply said to the Heroes.

"Soon, the wrath of the Bloody Shadows will fall on you all!" Before vanishing.

Team Ryche

Thanks to Justice Soldier Prodigy's tracker the Author Fighters found the location of the Society of Shadow's, which lead to the activating of the Triple Author Program, Ross, Nukid and X Prodigy, assembled Team Ryche and headed for the Society of Shadow's. When everyone was split apart by the Labyrinth of Chaos, Ross found himself fighting Ozzy, determined for answers, Ross attacked Ozzy with full force, but Ozzy's new powers where acually a problem for Ross's Chaos Deoxys form. Ozzy then revealed the reason he worked for Oldkid, to protect the Pokemorph Sanctuary. With no choice they both became their strongest forms, Ross's Super-Pokemorph Form and Ozzy's Corrupt Missingo Form.

After a massive battle Ozzy realised that if Team Ryche was as strong as Ross, then they could stop Oldkid, realising this, Ozzy helped Ross getting through the Labyrinth even helping Church survive Kakuzu and Hidan. When all of Team Ryche began the final battle with Oldkid, Ozzy along with The Blue and Red teams and Catwoman helped Team Ryche while handling the Other surviving Bloody Shadows.

The Chaos Duo

A duo of Darksides who once terrorized the world what appeared to be centuries ago. Their names were Johan and Ommadon. They first met each other when they attacked a village, at first they fought over who was going to destory it first until they displayed exactly what they’re capable of doing and both impressing each other and joined forces. Alone they were a minor threat but together they were an unstoppable fighting force. Eventually wise old monks have heard of these two Darksides and send Warriors to stop them, but those two were on unholy ground which gave the two a fighting advantage, which lead to a tough battle which forces the warriors to use a spell that turned them to stone by sticking charms on them, and right before they were completely statues Johan’s last words were ‘You haven’t heard the last of us!’. The two were awakened from their stone slumbers centuries later by Drake who was looking for fresh Darksides. At first they fought Drake not wanting to servants to another Darkside, but when Drake displayed his off the charts Dark Powers they swore their loyalty to him.


Johan came from a sadist named Jonas, being a sadist he liked to capture and torture people for his own amusement. But one day he had captured a boy who was son of a sorceress, before the witch could save her boy he’d already been killed. So she got her revenge on Jonas by using the Darkness in his Heart to Create Johan to kill him, unfortunately the Darkside also killed her in case she might get rid of him when the deed was done. So with him free he decided to do his own kind of torturing the kind that his human self wouldn’t never dare to do, so he took Jonas’ torture whip to use as his weapon and used his darkness to make it a shadow whip, so he began a Crime-Spree in various Villages and developed the ability to create a Aura-Shield to protect him. He is almost as bad as the human he's derived from, minus the pleasure in torturing people in painful ways. He is by far the smartest of the Chaos Duo always being the strategist, and he liked working with Omaddon because he enjoyed torture and destruction just like he does. He is sometimes annoyed by Omaddon's stupidity and cluelessness, but has grown to live with it.

Voice Actor: Greg Carey: (Hun: TMNT)


Omaddon derived from a hero named Omarion who once protected people with his super-Strength. And one of the things he held very close to him was his lover Larexia who was also a sorceress who aided Omarion in times, but one day she was murdered by a group of bandits and Omarion was too late to save her, and because of that his sadness grew into rage which fueled Omaddon just enough to release him. Omarion was shocked to find his own inner evil was released but didn’t want to do anything about it, so he let his own Darkside kill him so that he could be reunited with Larexia in the after life. However even though Omaddon was evil he still harbored the same feeling for Larexia that Omarion had because he planned to release her Darkside when he escaped, so he went off on a similar fighting spree destroying any village he felt that sickened him. Among Darksides he isn't the most intelligent of them which is why he partnered up with Johan so that he wouldn't have to think hard. it appears that Omaddon either in love or at least lust for Darkmagiciangirlmon. When Anti-Wormtail perfected the Byakugan formula he was the first to drink it's sample and obtained a dark looking Byakugan, and developed a now known rivalry with TL for having something very precious from his girlfriend Hanabi.

Voice Actor: Matt Hill (Ed: Ed, Edd, & Eddy)

Ino (Killer Rose)

Killer Rose or Ino is Hikari's darkside. she is the totally opposite to Hikari including the love of killing others. Ino was once a doctor specializing in poisions, one day her lover who was a half demon was killed right in front of her. It cause her to fo crazy and she became a killer useing the poision in Red roses she grew.To suppress Ino, Hikari had a transmutation seal on her neck that when pressed would push ino back.That seal was broken by Drake and she was enternally gratful she even gained a crush on him. Ino was the one who brought Meladonna and the digimon servents of Gozermon back.Ino may not show it to others, but she can be quite sadistic and prefers to watch her prey die slowly particulary men. Ino enjoyed totureing Hikari when she was still inside her body and would force her to watch her kill defilers. Even when Hikari was in the Naruto world Ino managed to out best both Kiba and Shikamaru nearly killing them both and causing Hikari alot of pain.

Terek Kenswell

Terek Kenswell is an Infernal Exalted of the Meridian Caste, and is HQ's Darkside. His appearance is supposed to be made in HQ's upcoming fic Author Fighters: Year of the Green Sun. Terek is a rarity amongst Darksides, particularly due to his creation. When HQ supposedly died during his final battle against the Weaver of Idyllic Dreams in Fair Folk Assault, his soul split into two, a normal occurance amongst Creation's souls. His higher soul, or hun, remained as a ghost, eventually becoming the Deathlord known as the Draconian of Dark Lightning, the main enemy of Shades of Black.

However, Terek Kenswell is made from HQ's po, or lower soul, which makes up most HQ's negative emotions. To take advantage of this, a Second Circle Demon known as Octavian brought him to the Ebon Dragon, who then forged a new body for him with black lead, sealed him inside it, and then grafted it with one of their corrupted Solar Exaltations. He is fiercly loyal to his Yozi master, but also takes a keen interest in the case of the succession war with Drake Darkstar and Shade Blood, hoping to use their fight against each other for his own ends.

Terek is a dangerous Darkside, due in part to his deadly fighting technique with his chains, as well as his high position in the armies of the Ebon Dragon, which gives him a huge force of demons, mainly erymanthoi, to toy around with as he pleases. He also has a number of allies in old enemies, like Agmos and Orochimaru, and is especially good at covering his tracks in case some of his allies get to be a little too curious, like with Peleps Deled.

Terek Kenswell's weapon is a black lead dire fighting chain named Dragon's Vengeance. He is also a master of the Dragon of Emerald and Brass Style.

Terk has two goals: Destroy Hurricane's Quill and return control of Creation to the Yozis. He watches the fight between Drake and Shade with an intrigued eye, and wonders how he can turn the fight between them to his advantage.

Rasets (The former King of Darksides)

The former King of the Darksides who was defeated by the Balance Shuichi who killed himself to defeat Rasets (Dragon Ball Z logic strikes again!). After his defeat Rasets was trapped in spiritual form and was sealed inside the Dimension of Dark Souls under the guard of The Pokemon of Dimensions Giratina while in there he began to get interested in the Drake vs Shade struggle. He has given both sides powerful tools to become a King class Darkside but the reason is still unknown.


The Darkside of Author Fighter Nukid, Oldkid is a crazy Darkside, who right now has allied himself and his group the Society of Shadow's to Drake (For now). Like Nukid his body has been trained to extreme levels he also knows the ultimate Martial arts, while Nukid has 4000 Douriki, but Oldkid has 6000.

Mach The Knife

The Darkside of X Prodigy

His real name is Zenevis Cockatrice, a Hollow Darkside created when X was killed by Augustus Sohn Von Keiner. When his soul was taken to Hueco Mundo, the misery and anger left behind created Mach, who was a born a Arrancar with dark abilities.

It's unsure if it was the exposure to the underbelly of the world's evils or his genetic makeup, but over time he slipped into insanity, and travelled all over Europe, becoming a mass murderer who could never be caught. He was eventually found by Oldkid, as he had been taken captive by the new CP9. He made a deal will Oldkid, that in exchange for his freedom (as well as the chance to kill some of the assasins who captured him), he would become his student, and would serve Rasets to his dying breath (who had come to him in a vision, telling him to seek Oldkid out) as he viewed him as the one true God.

Mach is among the more powerful Darksides, his power comes from his Hollow side (he has no demon side), as well as the power of seven mysterious blades with dark properties.

He is in possesion of his own zanpackuto known as Cazador Sangre (Trans: Bloody Hunter). He is full control of all the basic Hollow abilities (an example being Cero), he is also in possesion of his own Ressureccion and Ressureccion: Segunda Etapa. His trigger for his Ressureccion is Hunt, Cazador Sangre.

Each of his daggers posseses a special ability upon striking the victim, affecting them in different ways, but all of them being twisted and deadly.

Pride: When the victim is struck, they will immediately turn on their allies, consumed by a desire to kill them for whatever reason posses them.

Envy: When the victim is struck, they are subjected to a powerful poison that will claim their life, the time until death varies with each victim.

Sloth: When the victim is struck, they are hit by a powerful paralysis which dulls their movements significantly, becomes more powerful the longer it is in effect.

Lust: When the victim is struck, they develop an obession with a single person, usually one they are attracted to, this can lead to a murderous rage.

Gluttony: When the victim is stuck, Hollow Masks form on their faces and become obedient slaves to the user. How long they remain a slave depends on their mental strength

Greed: When the victim is struck, they become caught in an illsion where they heart's desire becomes their worst fear, it can't be stopped until they reject their desires.

Wrath: When the victim is struck, a burst of violent and powerful energy is released, it varies in strength and on rare occasions can unleash an attack that can destroy a city.

Techniques: (Ressureccion):

Cero Degeneración: A powerful cero that degrates the body of the victim over time if they surive the impact.

Marca De La Muerte: A brutal claw attack that on contact imprints the image of Death onto the opponent, draining the last of their reaitsu.

Sangriento Uñas: A blood red version of Grimmjow's Desgarion, however only six blades can be used instead of the original ten.

Cero Matar Dios: A destructive cero that its extremily difficult to control but insanely powerful.

Techniques: (Ressureccion: Segunda Etapa):

Cero Apocalipsis: Gathers reaitsu to form a giant black sphere forged of reaitsu. The more power requires more time gathering reaitsu

Sabueso De Los Círculos: Summons a giant three-headed, fanged, worm-liked creature that devours it's enemies on command, all three heads must be killed individually before the cretaure can die

Caída De Los Imperios: A sweeping blade attack that is delivered with such speed that the user appears to have not even moved, the magnitude of the technique can vary depending on the angle and force used

Cero Extinción: A devastating cero technique, constant use increases the recoil on the user and could possible result in a suicidal backlash


Darkside of AdventChild

Desperate to a discover a weakness to his enemy, Nyx, the newest High Jashin Preist; Advent was forced to return to the ruins of Under-Dark Temple to search for a possible hint to her weak-point. After discovering the hidden Book Of the Fiend's Law, which held the secrets he needed, the ruins of the temple began to break down - the core of the Under-Dark was being manipulated by Nyx in order to bury the secrets of the old temple.

Have no other way of esape, Advent entered the Under-Dark's Heart. During this attempt at escape Advent was ripped apart after exposure to the powerful energy of the dimensional rift; he survived and escaped thanks to his regeneration abilities. However, exposure to the evil energy left an imprint of Advent's soul behind. Overtime this evolved into a Darkside of an opposite nature.

After its coplete regenration; the Darkside escaped and hunted out Advent, who by this time had killed Nyx with the aid of Team Void.

He revealed himself to be a warrior of holy light by the name of Ark-Angel. He had power of light, was as fanatically devoted to the Catholic faith as Advent was to Jashinsim, was a silent and and emotionless killer, and was on par if not stronger than Advent.

Ark-Angel's loyalties are to his faith only; setting up a his own village and base of operations in the far reaches of Rome, known as the Temple Of Rebirth, he has an allaince with the Iscariot, and despises both Authors and other Darksides, and has no interest in the schemes of Drake Darkstar and Rasets.

Ark-Angel's abilties consist of light in origin, while Advent's consist of darkness in orgin. His main weapons are the Excalibur VII (a light-infused verison of both Zabuza and Kisame's swords), Oblivion's Oath (three light-based blades very smilar to the Quincy Seele Schinider), Horizon's Purge (A holy version of the Quincy bow and arrow), and Condemned Prayer (A silver-augmented pistol that when fired summons one of nine mechanical angels - opposites to Advent's nine animal summons) he also has limited mind-control abilties over the weak-minded, and uses the power copied from Zabuza and Kisame to use light versions of their Water-Style Jutsu.

His ultimate ablity spawns from the Revenant of Ectasy, demonic twin of Advent's Revenant of Misery, which when released transforms him into Ark-Babylon, a murderous creature fixated on purging all life.

Technqiues (Holy Style):

Technqiues (Angel Summons):

Techniques (Ark-Babylon):

Alphonse "Al" Zeimmer

The Darkside of Jean Kazuhiza, he was born after Jean Kazuhiza's discomformity at Lisa Simpson losing the Spelling Bee contest, after 8-year old Alex won it because George Plimpton fixed the contest. Angry at that, Jean confronted Plimpton and beated him, even torturing him with a Crippler Crossface, then he went to Alex and his family and broke the trophy and the car.

In the evening of the same day, Jean was condemned to one night in prison for assault and battery, three hours before he could be released, Alphonse Zeimmer got out from Jean's body and he told him that he's gonna wreck the entire world regardless the consequences. For that, Jean is decided to stop Zeimmer at any cost.

Alphonse Zeimmer has the same wrestling abilites and maneuvers that Jean has, but with the difference he has the willingness to do what not even a ECW wrestler can do. (For example, bleding his entire body and dressing with barbed wire).

His VA is Dwight Schultz

Jace (Formerly The Duplicate)

The Darkside of JC 619. Jace originally was created as a Duplicate of JC 619 to Infiltriate the Author Fighters HQ, and Rob the Weapons Vault (The Iron Sheild). After being defeated by JC 619 (and Suffering afew Major Injuries), Drake Darkstar injected Darkness Enhancements to give Jace more Strength, and Power along with a New Name.

Jace's Duplicate appearance was the same as JC 619 with the exeception of his Smile looking almost like Venom. His New Darkside Form features him having the traditional Dark Blue Skin, and Red Eyes. His Mouth looks exactly like Venom's (Teeth, Smile, and even Tounge), and his Shoulders have Bulged to almost look like he is wearing Shoulder Pads on the Inside of his Body.

Jace is voiced by Tim Curry (Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys) (Benjamin Diskin voiced him when he was The Duplicate).


Darkside to Melody. She is also Drake Darkstar's main love interest. She at first was pulled out of Melody because Drake felt lonely being the only Darkside, so he pulled Meladonna out of her and the two became the objects of each other's affection. She was the first Darkside to be purified. Many years later she was ressurected by Ino using the forbidden reanimation Jutsu. Now she lives with Drake and all his minions and allies at Omega Mountain and swears that she's the only true lover to Drake, and won't let anyone else have him, not even Ino.

Voice Actor: Laura Bailey (Ayaka Yukihiro: Negima)


Darkside of DJ's, A evil monster that is half machine, with all of DJ's powers and a few of his own. He is best known to be real loyal to Drake, since he freed him from his seal that DJ put him into. He is a very hulking monster compared to DJ, with a tank's wheels where his lower body should be and his left arm is a large nostle of a tank's. He is a guy that can summon a army of monsters to be his partner.

His Powers: Can use Darkmagic, super human streanth and durbility (a Tank or any very strong weapons are the only thing that can even do a scrach on him). And also has a level 25 laser in his tank-arm.

Manufactured Darksides

these Darksides were created from information by a tablet written by Rasets.

Tara the Tiger Darkside

Buta the pig Darkside

Hitsuji the Sheep Darkside

Nezumi the Rat Darkside

Oushi the ox Darkside

Doragon the Dragon Darkside

Usagi the Rabbit Darkside

Inu the dog Darkside

Uma the Horse Darkside


Inu was pulled from Kitten's body by Drake when she was unknowningly helping him to fight the Authors. She is Kitten's parts of evil, unhappiness, fear, and her urge to kill others. She rarely speaks, only whines, barks, and growl like a canine. Once she talks, however, she can use different languages, such as Japanese, French, and Latin, besides English. Not to be confused with the manufactured Darkside Inu, this Inu has raven black hair long and down to her waist and black fuzzy dog ears. She is usually seen wearing a dark blue pair of jeans, a yellow t-shirt, japanese sandals, and a small dog collar around her neck. Her eyes are black and emotionless, and she has powers over people's subconsious. She can use a simple hand wave and a person's worst fear will materialize. She can also turn into a black dragon in a form like Scorpion's, except hers is more femine and thinner. Unlike Kitten, she can control the dragon form. Despite this, she is easily controllable due to her being fearful most of the time and will often be ordered to strike. When this happens, she will either yelp like crazy, or cower and then attack. Unlike other Darksides, she is silent most of the time and questions the actions of both sides on many accounts. She has even tried to take authority over herself more than once, but has stopped due to fear from her Master Drake. She also has a crush on The Face.


GS is TL's Darkside.

Not much is known about him, other than he woke up in a Catholic church in Ireland and didn't remember a thing.

He was trained in combat by one of the remaining IRA cells, but doesn't like his work. He is the leader of a trio composed of himself, Hirabi (a descendant of a Yakuza member), and Azubaz (a clone of the original Demon of the Mist.).

After a final mission from the IRA, GS was ambushed by the Chaos Duo. After fighting them off, he discovered a note from Oldkid and went to England, accompanied by his two friends. Oldkid hinted that he knew something of GS' past, but GS soon began fighting Oldkid. In the ensuing brawl, Oldkid crippled Azubaz by punching through his shoulder, but the group managed to get away when GS used a bomb as a distraction. GS then began wearing a Green Beret, symbolizing that he's now a protector of the oppressed.

In Italy, the three were attacked by OniKagemon and Killer Rose. They managed to fight them off, but Hirabi was seriously wounded by the Rose whip. They were then confronted with Lunatic121, Dimensiondude, Airnaruto, and X Prodigy (Lunatic having mistaken GS for TL in Ireland). This resulted in a small fight, ended by D-Dude noticing the injured Hirabi. They soon made ammends and discovered that GS would bring the Darksides to victory at an eclipse by super-charging the Darksides. The entire human race would be extinguished if that came to pass.

Shade Blood then arrived to find GS waiting for him, having sent off the others. GS put up a struggle, but was quickly overpowered by Shade. He had his weapons removed and his trusted Armalite left in pieces. He quickly escaped, not knowing that a rescue attempt was being made.

He was confronted by Shade, who opened a panel to show the eclipse, causing GS to super-charge all Darksides. GS then realized that if he could defeat Shade, the prophecy would go unfulfilled. He put up another fight, but it soon looked like he would be defeated again. He then pulled out his Glock Pistol and used a move called Twilight Dragon, which forced Shade to retreat, making GS the victor of the bought and stopping the Darkside Takeover.

After having his wounds treated, GS' team knocked out the Authors, allowing them to leave without anyone knowing where they were going. They were last seen riding on Harleys.

Powers: -Mild Alchemical abilities -Being able to see how things work -Excellent marksman -Able to produce energy shields for short periods of time

Traits: GS is surprisingly less emotional than his counterpart. He's more purposeful, focused, doesn't mess around, and prefers to keep things quick.

He's also inventive and resourceful, though not above sacrificing himself for his friends.

Demon Darksides

Darksides of some of DJ's pals.


Darkside of Yang, the archangel part of Yin/Yang, with a appearance that Yang has, with Yang's skin tone, red eyes, demonic wings, a black robe, and also has a demonic version of Yang's half of Double-Trouble, which is a dark brown pole with a black and silver blade.

Kamen Rider evarbiD

Unknown to the Author Fighters, even those who met Dibrave, he has a second half, known as Kamen Rider evarbiD.

Sucram Serolf

Marcus's Darkside, and the sole reason for Marcus's reluctance to allow the creation of new Riders. He resembles Marcus almost perfectly, the only differences being his silver hair with black streaks, and yellow eyes. He can easily change his hair color to match Marcus's and has been the cause for most of the battles against other Riders and heroes that Marcus had to endure. His Rider form, evarbiD, is black with green lines and orange eyes. He uses "Shadow" versions of all of Dibrave's cards. Due to his connection to Marcus, Sucram knows his mind inside and out and can counter any of Dibrave's attacks, making him as dangerous as Decieve. Only on three occasions were the two forced to work together, and both refuse to ever mention said occasions ever again. If you see him: RUN.

Unlike Dibrave, evarbiD wont hesitate to attack and kill.

Sucram is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch (like Marcus) when talking in English and by Takeru Satoh when speaking Japanese, having a slight Okinawan accent.

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