• Darkwing Duck as Amy
  • Liquidator as Leela
  • Megavolt as Fry
  • Gosalyn as Nibbler
  • Bushroot as Zoidberg
  • Morgana as Bender
  • Negaduck as Robot Devil
  • Taurus Bulba as Zapp Brannigan
  • Honker as Hypnotoad
  • Quackerjack as Kif
  • Gizmoduck as Hermes
  • Launchpad Mcquack as Inger
  • Neptunia as Michelle
  • Stegmutt as Professor J. Hubworth
  • Tank as LaBarbera
  • J. Gander Hooter as Scruffy
  • Stealbeak as Mom
  • Splatter Phoenix as Morbo
  • Dr.Sarah Bellum as Calculon
  • Camile Chamelon as Linda
  • Tuskernini as Leo
  • Darkwarrior Duck as Lrrr
  • Ammonica Pine as Robot Countress
  • Phineas Sharp as Colleen
  • Hammerhead as Roberto
  • Jambalaya Jake as Donbot
  • Bianca Beakley as Richard Nixon
  • Isis as Sally
  • Tantalus as Dr.Chill
  • Paddywhack as Hedonismbot
  • Comet Guy as Robot Santa Claus
  • Moloculo as Edna
  • Professor Waddlemayer as Mrs. Pac Man
  • Liquidator's Girls as The Planet Express Ship
  • Mayor Synapse as Mario
  • Professor Moliarty as Walt
  • Vladimir as Bev
  • Eek and Squeak as Wicked Witch
  • Herb as Nudar
  • The Friendly Four as Larry
  • St Canard as New New York
  • Evil Gosalyn as Alcazar
  • Dr. Slug as The Amazon Women
  • Magica De Spell as Inez
  • Ordinary Guy as Lars
  • Yucky Duck as The Clamps
  • Drake Mallard as Frida Waterfall
  • Whiffle Boy as Mellvar
  • Rubber Chicken as Mildred Fry
  • Quiverwing Quack as Mellvar's Mother
  • Scrooge McDuck as Japanese Toilet
  • Beelzebub as Sandy
  • Dr. Fossil as Candy
  • The Brainteasers as Mrs. Fry
  • Ample Grime as Lisa
  • Nodoff as Bender's Mom


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