• Darkwing Duck as Thor
  • Launchpad Mcquack as Odin
  • Morgana as Jane Foster
  • Gosalyn as Joycelyn
  • Honker as Angelina
  • Negaduck as Josephine 
  • Liquidator as Dark Elves
  • Bushroot as Malekith
  • Megavolt as Katy Perry
  • Stealbeak as Brandon
  • Stegmutt as Erik
  • Tank as Daniel
  • J. Gander Hooter as Lucky
  • Dr.Sarah as Dr.Lucky
  • Gizmoduck as Loki
  • Quackerjack as Polar Bear
  • Neptunia as Heimdall
  • Taurus Bulba as Tyr
  • Camille as Minnie
  • Splatter Phoenix as AnnDinhDinh
  • Tuskermini as Kurse
  • Darkwarrior Duck as Bowser Jr.
  • Ammonica Pine as Brenna
  • Jambalaya Jake as Shark
  • Hammerhead as Ms.Melanie
  • Bianca Beakley as Brogan
  • Phineas Sharp as Angao
  • Isis Vanderchill as Penguin
  • Herb as Dao
  • Binkie as Phoung
  • The Friendly Four as Cat
  • The Fearsome Five as Warriors Three
  • Paddywhack as Katherine
  • Comet Guy as Arlina
  • Moloculo as Nurse Jane Foster
  • Eek and Squeak as Pig
  • Liquidator Girls as Singers
  • Professor Moulity as Robot Devil from Futurama
  • Major Synane as Amy from Futurama
  • Professor Waddlemayer as Einjar Captain
  • St Canard as Store
  • Beelze Bug as Danella
  • Evil Gosalyn as Zienna

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