• Rocky:Mount Lead Next
  • Mac:Seems Dude Do Have Means
  • Babs:Ginger Is Happy
  • Bunty:Cute
  • Ginger:Why Good
  • Bom Years Later
  • Ginger:Rocky Loved Me
  • Rocky:Sorry The Ginger Got Stomachached Poor Baby Doll It's Okay
  • Ginger:Oh No (Stomach Bloating) Om My Hurt (Farts)
  • Rocky:Eeeeeewww!!!!!!!!!! that is disgusting
  • Babs:You're Going to a Vets Right Now.


  • Babs:We Really Need Better,Ginger
  • Ginger:Oh Well I'm glad you enjoyed (whimpered)
  • Rocky:It's Okay
  • Ginger: The Ooooom Sorry (Crying)
  • Wam Years Later
  • Ginger and Rocky Playing
  • Ginger:Yes
  • Rocky:Good
  • Mac:Take Me
  • Bunty:Yah
  • Babs:Yee
  • Fowler:That's Right Be Good
  • (Nick and Fetcher Laughing)
  • Rocky:What
  • Bunty:Rats
  • Ginger:Mouse
  • Mac:The Rats
  • Babs:Oh My
  • All:Oh My Goodness Gracious In Grass.

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