The Daroq' System is the 5-planet system that is home to the Skregg.


Planet1 Ta\'gorri



Ta'Gorii is known for excessive infernite mining, making it one of the most industrial planets in Skregg Territory. It is also been known for it's criminal punishment facilities.

Planet 2 Skregg HQ

The Skregg HQ

The Skregg Homeworld

The Skregg Homeworld has no actual name, but it is the most important planet out of every planet in Skregg Territory. Less than half of the surface is covered in water.

Once every thousand years, the planet rains blood. This is a holiday to the Skregg, known as the "Day of Blood."

Planet 3 De\'Sachq



De'Sachq (pronounced Day-SAWCH) is a planet prone to dilithium and duranium mining, ship building, and arming. It is one of the most fortified planets in the Skregg Territories.

Planet 4 He\'Chate



He'Chate is a nearly uninhabited planet with only a few small colonies. The reason being is that the planet has an atmosphere filled to the brim with sulfur.

Planet 5 Qu\'Vaght



Qu'Vaght is known as one of the most beautiful worlds known in Skregg Territory (which is a rare occasion). It's surface is 75% water, and it's atmosphere is almost the same as Earth's.

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