Lord Bane


Bane was born Dessel, and later changed his name to Bane; a name his abusive father called him when he was younger.


Darth Bane is technically more than 1,200 years old, although it has only been 48 years since his resurrection.


In his first life, he was affiliated with the Brotherhood of Darkness, and the Sith. After his ressurection he was affiliated with the Anderion Security Force, and the New Republic.


Early Life(as told across the galaxy)

Born on Apatros in 1,026 BBY to an abusive miner named Hurst, the tall and muscular Dessel, who was known as Des for short, was often bullied by his father and the other miners. Dessel's earliest memory was of his father hitting him—Hurst would often blame his son for the death of his wife, who had died during childbirth. His father also took to blaming him for his own miserable life on Apatros, and Hurst considered Dessel to be the bane of his existence—so much so that he took to calling him "Bane" when he was in his drunken rages. It was a nickname that stuck with his father and amongst his miner friends, and for Dessel, it hurt more than any of the physical beatings that his father would give him. In 1,010 BBY, at the age of sixteen, Dessel began to work in the cortosis mines of his world.

In the face of such adversity, Dessel was often forced to fend for himself. He learned to ignore the constant jibes, threats, and insults directed against him by his father and the other miners, and grew into a strong young man as he worked deep in the cortosis mines. Even at this age, he felt the calls of the Force and its dark side, and after one last and particularly brutal beating at the hands of his father, Dessel used its power to kill him unknowingly, envisioning a giant hand squeezing his father's dark heart, literally willing him to die. He would not understand the part he had played in Hurst's demise until many years later when he discovered that it had been his use of the Force which had allowed him to kill his father.

After Hurst's death, his friends tried to continue with their harassment of Dessel, but the young miner now had the confidence to stand up for himself, and after he handed out dozens of beatings to them in the span of a month, going so far as breaking one man's jaw, his father's old friends decided that it would be better if they just left Dessel alone.

The final straw came one day while Dessel worked a double shift, which was coincidentally the fifth anniversary of Hurst's death. One of his father's friends, a man named Gerd, decided that he would put Dessel in his place. In a drunken stupor, Gerd attacked Dessel and blamed him for Hurst's death. After they wrestled each other into a stalemate position, Gerd mocked him by calling him Bane, pushing Dessel over the edge. Putting Dessel into a lock that left him vulnerable, Gerd attempted to gouge out his opponents eye with a thumb. With a premonition granted by the dark side of the Force, Dessel turned his head and severed Gerd's thumb with his teeth.

This fight led to his suspension from his mining job, but luckily for Des, a Republic cargo ship had arrived that day to pick up cortosis supplies. Using his suspension to arrive before the rest of the miners at the company-run casino in Groshik's cantina, Dessel used his gambling talents to clean out the crew of the ship in a game of sabacc. Successfully driving every other player out of the game, Dessel played his final hand against a young ensign, and both ended up with an Idiot's Array, the rarest hand possible. In a final round where whoever was dealt the highest card would win, both players received nine. In the next sudden death round, Dessel got a nine, beating the ensign's eight, and giving him sabacc and the ten thousand credit sabacc pot.

His success, which mixed with the disparaging remarks he made against the Republic during the game, led the ensign and his friends among the crew to attack Dessel as he left the cantina. Easily dominated by the miner in physical combat, the ensign attacked Dessel with a vibroblade. However, Dessel's subconscious use of the Force allowed him to detect the weapon, turning it against the ensign and killing him. Outmatched, the other Republic soldiers fled to alert their superiors. Dessel was forced to turn to one of his few friends, the Neimoidian barkeeper Groshik. Groshik used his contacts to save Dessel from being caught and imprisoned by Republic forces by arranging to have him smuggled off planet to join the Sith Army.

After Ruusan

After leaving Ruusan, Bane headed for Onderon in his ship, the Valcyn. He hoped to learn secrets from deep inside the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd, but his past returned to haunt him. The ghostly spirit of his former mentor, Lord Qordis, chided him for abandoning the Brotherhood. Bane insisted that he was only furthering the Sith cause, but Bane's rage against Qordis's spirit created a malfunction in the starship controls and Bane plummeted down into the forest of the beast-infested moon of Dxun.

Darth Bane on Dxun: Bane, however, managed to survive the crash even though his ship was destroyed upon impacting the moon. The jungle itself seemed intent on claiming Bane's life, but he pushed on nonetheless. He was attacked by beasts and monsters and cried out in frustration—in reply, the spirit of Lord Kaan appeared to him, and offered him help. Though in life they had loathed one another, Bane followed Kaan's ghostly silhouette and eventually found himself at the ruined crypt of Freedon Nadd's tomb. He could feel the dark side in the tomb and knew he would find what he was looking for here. Kaan led him to a Sith holocron, where he was attacked by barnacle-like creatures called orbalisks. They attached themselves to Bane's body, causing tremendous pain as they became a part of him.

After spending days studying from the holocron, Bane exited the tomb with the holocron to head to Onderon.

Taming a flying beast using the powers of the dark side, he mounted it like the fabled Beast Riders of old, and rode towards the edge of the atmosphere where he planned to "nudge" the entire moon closer to its planet, Onderon, so he could cross to the inhabited world to find his apprentice. Once there he found Zannah being threatened by a group of Beast Riders. Bane and his monster attacked the Riders, slaughtering them and their mounts.

Eventually, Bane inducted his new apprentice, giving her the rank of "Darth" Zannah, and set his new order in motion. Future Sith Lords were taught the virtues of patience, planning, and secrecy, and each was to take on the title of Darth, a tradition that had dated back to the time before the Jedi Civil War, nearly three millennia ago.

Bane and Zannah acquired a new vessel from a Neimoidian merchant and left Onderon. From 1,000 BBY to 990 BBY Bane and Zannah lived in a camp on Ambria, although they would travel to other planets occasionally. Bane had his apprentice Zannah stir up rebel groups on different worlds over the years, in order to distract the Republic. Zannah returned from one mission in 990 BBY with a dark side user named Hetton, and his eight Umbaran Shadow Assassins. The assassins attacked the Dark Lord, although Bane was able to defeat them, and then killed Hetton. He then attacked his apprentice in a mindless rage, nearly killing her. Zannah was able to save herself only be revealing that the whole thing had been a plot, a trick to kill Hetton and gain his data, which contained the location of Tython, home to an ancient fortress of the Dark Lord Belia Darzu. Hetton claimed there was information there on how to create holocrons, something Bane was very interested in, as he had tried and failed several times, including two initial attempts in 995 BBY, an attempt in 992 BBY after learning the meaning of the ritual glyphs on Sith holocrons, and a final failure while Zannah was on Serenno stirring up unrest.

Darth Bane with his apprentice.He traveled to Tython, and sent his apprentice in disguise to the Jedi Temple. Bane had begun to wonder if the orbalisks could be holding him back, and he wanted her to research possible ways of removing them. On Tython, Bane was forced to defeat dozens of Darzu's technobeasts before he could take the holocron. From that he learned the secret to creating a successful holocron.

However, shortly after this triumph, Zannah landed on Tython along with her cousin Darovit. Darovit had revealed their existence to the Jedi, and had been taken to the Jedi Temple to speak with the council. In the archives he had encountered Zannah, who he recognized as his childhood friend despite her disguise. The two had fled, after Darovit told her that he had informed the Jedi of their existence.

Zannah told Bane that the Jedi, led by Valenthyne Farfalla, had followed her, and the two prepared for battle. Though they were outnumbered by three, the Sith put up an excellent fight, thanks to the ferocity of Bane's fighting style and his orbalisk armor, and they managed to triumph. However, just as he died, one of the Jedi used the Force to deflect Bane's Force lightning, frying the Sith Lord and killing the orbalisks. In response, the parasties released a poison that would kill Bane in days if he did not get a cure. Zannah knew only one person who cure her master, the healer Caleb. She took him to Ambria along with Darovit, and found Caleb. However, the healer refused to cooperate, and as his daughter lived on another world, she had no leverage over him. Prodded by Darovit and by Caleb's insistence that he would heal Bane if she gave up the dark side, Zannah then committed Sith treason—she agreed to renounce the dark side and let herself return to the light. Caleb then began to heal Bane so they could call the Jedi and have him arrested.

When Bane awoke days later he was free of the orbalisks and cured of their poison. Zannah told him what she had done, and he expressed his disappointment before asking her to kill him. However, Zannah had had another plan in mind all along. Igniting her lightsaber, she killed Caleb, and then used her power to drive Darovit mad. She hid Bane and herself under the hut when the Jedi arrived. All they found was Darovit, who, in his madness, attacked the Jedi. They killed him easily, believing he was the Sith. At long last, the Jedi thought they had finally eliminated the Sith. When Bane awoke, Zannah told him of what had happened, and he admitted that he had underestimated her, and was proud of her. One day, he told her, she would have the power to overthrow him and take an apprentice of her own. However, due to the incident the duo abandoned Ambria.

Centuries later, the Jedi learned how mistaken they were. In 19 BBY Bane's dream was realized, and his Rule of Two validated when the Sith finally achieved rule over the galaxy.


While not much is known how Darth Bane was resurrected, we do know that he was not intentionally resurrected. A common theory is that a Jedi researcher working for Luke Skywalker stumbled upon his mummified body on Yavin IV, and the mere presence of the force enabled Darth Bane to rise again.

Second Life

Since his resurrection, Bane has been involved with several battles for the New Republic, including the Defense of Titan IV, Defense of Couruscant, and the Seige of Tansari Station. Proven in battle, Bane has achived the rank of Major in the Republic Army. In addition to his service for the Republic, Bane has also begun work on claiming back what is righfully his. Recently, Lord Bane has been working on projects on his planet Anderion. What he is working on exactly is not well known, but it is known that it is messing with his communication systems planet wide.


Darth Bane finally met his end in the navigation room of his famed flagship: Bane's Wrath. An unknown sith lord attacked bane, and his secret apprintice, Xendor, and Bane was defeated.

Darth Xendor, the secret apprintice

New Wiki for him: Darth Xendor (type it in the search bar)

Personal Effects


Originally constructed on Korriban, Darth Bane's distinct redish purplish lightsaber has served him for the past 1,200 years, and is upgraded with several enhancement cyrstals, including a crystal known to many as "Bane's Heart."



Lord Bane's Robes

Darth Bane wears Sith Lord Robes with a built in mini stealth, and shield generator, cabable of stopping a volley of blaster shots, and a glancing lightsaber blow.


It is rumored that an ancient Sith Holocron, made by Bane himself, might still be on his person. A holocron of this nature would make the owner extreamly knowlegeable in the force, and capable of bringing about the rise of a new Sith Empire.

Shipyards .

Anderion Shipyards

  • Founded: 155 ABY
  • CEO: Darth Bane
  • Corporate Office: Anderion I
  • Main Shipyard: Anderion III
  • Support Yards: Tansari, Mobia(under construction)
  • Back-Up Shipyard: Classified..Unknown Regions...

Anderion Shipyards was created by Darth Bane to supplement his tiny fleet, and to amass an armada that could help stabalize the galaxy. Recently it underwent major renovations, improving its building capabilities, and cutting production time in half. Shortly before the renovations however, a faulty reactor blew in a ship under construction, and broke off a chunk of the space station, and Lord Bane's personal ship. Luckly, his new capital ship was being built at the back-up shipyards in the Unknown Regions. ASY is opening a new facility in the Tansari System, and is building a ground based shipyard on Mobia. The Tansari Station has just finished construction, and is beginning construction on the first ships, while the Mobia Yard is currently in phase II/III.

Tansari Station

  • Founded: 2,000 BBY
  • CEO: Darth Bane
  • Corporate Office: Anderion
  • Main Shipyard: Tansari Astroid Field
  • Back-up Shipyard: Classified

Taken by force by Darth Bane after the assination of the Republic President, this once booming Pirate Outpost is now a mass producer of Ships. Recently discovered hidden data storage devices reviled information into pirate activity across the galaxy. How much was reviled is currently not known, but it is belived to be a substansial amount. The information hidden in these devices could give Republic authorities the hidden location of Pirate bases.

Free Trade Coalition

A team of enthusiastic designers formed an alliance to further the development of ships, tanks, and technologies. The FTC hopes to one day be the premier market for the galaxies ever changing technological needs.

Personal Navy (Market)

Sith Interceptor Mark I


Sith Interceptor

  • MGLT: 155
  • Armament: Quad Laser Cannons
  • Crew: 1 Pilot
  • Consumables: 2 Days
  • Affliliation: Anderion Security Force and the New Republic
  • Role: Superiority Fighter
  • Cost: 10,000 NR Credits (Per Squad)
  • Build Time: 2 Minutes

F-137 Interceptors


F-137 Fighter

  • MGLT: 135
  • Armament: Twin Laser Cannons and a single Buzz Launcher
  • Crew: 1 Pilot
  • Consumables: 2 Days
  • Affliliation: Anderion Security Force and the New Republic
  • Role: Superiority Fighter, Patrols, and a Escort Fighter
  • Cost: 25,000 NR Credits (Per Squad)
  • Build Time: 5 Minutes

Vulture Mark III Droid Fighter

  • MGLT: 120
  • Armament: Dual Laser Cannon,
  • Crew: AI
  • Consumables: N/A
  • Affiliation: Anderion Security Force, New Republic
  • Role: Escort Fighter built in X-1 Battle Factory

B-114 Multi-Purpose Bomber


B-114 Bomber

  • MGLT: 105
  • Armament: Tri-Laser Cannon, Mark II Proton Torpedo launcher, Mark II Ion Torpedo Launcher
  • Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Weapons Officer
  • Consumables: 2 Days
  • Affiliation: Anderion Security Force, New Republic
  • Role: Stratigic Bombing runs on Captital Ships/Land Targets
  • Cost: 35,000 NR Credits (Per Squadron)
  • Build Time: 7 Minutes

FC-207 Fighter Carrier

  • Length: 150 Meters
  • MGLT: 55
  • Armament: 2 Heavy Turbolasers 4 Turbolasers, 16 Quad Laser Cannons
  • Crew: 755
  • Consumables: 6 months
  • Affiliation: Anderion Security Force, New Republic
  • Role: Carrying Fighters and Bombers to protect Capital Ships
  • Complement: 15 F-137 Squadrons, 12 B-114 Sqaudrons, 20 Sith Interceptor Squadrons
  • Cost: 95,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 15 Minutes
760px-Hapes nova121

L-41 Light Interceptor Cruiser

  • Length: 250 Meters
  • MGLT: 65
  • Armament: 1 Megalaser, 4 Heavy Turbolasers, 8 Turbolasers 22 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 Ion Turbolaser, 4 Dual Ion Cannons
  • Crew: 1,564
  • Consumables: 6 months
  • Affiliation: Anderion Security Force, New Republic
  • Role: Carrying Fighters and Bombers to protect Capital Ships
  • Complement: 5 F-237 Squadrons, 3 B-114 Squadron, 6 SI Squadrons
  • Cost: 150,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 25 Minutes

Skimmer Class Battle Factory

Skimmer Class Battle Factory

  • Length: 450 Meters
  • MGLT: 75
  • Armament: 1 Megalaser, 4 Heavy Turbolasers, 9 Turbolasers, 19 Quad Laser Cannons
  • Crew: 2,950
  • Consumables: 2 years
  • Affiliation: Anderion Security Force, New Republic
  • Role: Battle factory that creates Vulture Mark III droid fighters
  • Complement: 55 Vulture Mark III's
  • Cost: 750,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 2 Hours

Defender Mark IV Class Star Destroyer

  • Length: 1,700 Meters
  • MGLT: 55
  • Armament: 15 Turbolasers, 35 Quad Laser Cannons, 3 Dual Ion Cannons, 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
  • Crew: 10,000
  • Consumables: 4 Years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Destroyers used to escort larger Capital Ships
  • Complement: 10,000 Soildiers, 300 Marines, 15 Heavy Armor
  • Cost: 1.2 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 5 hours

Defender Mark V Star Destroyer

  • Length: 900 Meters
  • MGLT: 65
  • Armament: 2 Rail Guns, 7 Heavy Turbolasers, 9 Turbolasers, 15 Quad Laser Cannons, 2 Ion Turbolasers, 4 Dual Ion Cannons, 4 Mark I Proton Torpedo Launchers, 2 Concussion Missle Launchers, 1 Ion Torpedo Launcher, 1 Nuclear Missle Launcher, Laser Point Defense System
  • Crew: 4,050
  • Consumables: 6 Years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Medium Sized Captital Ship used to assult enemy Capital Ships and Space Stations
  • Complement: 7 F-137 Squadrons, 10 B-114 Squadrons
  • Cost: 2.4 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 6 Hours

Defender Mark VI Star Destroyer

  • Length: 3.2 Km
  • MGLT: 17
  • Armament: 4 Rail guns, 16 Megalasers, 30 heavy Turbolasers, 48 Turbolasers, 70 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 X-2 Cannon, 8 Ion Megalasers, 16 Ion Turbolasers, 32 Dual Ion Cannons, 21 Multi-Purpose Missle Launchers, 11 Ion Torpedo Launchers, 13 Buzz Launchers, 1 Static Cannon
  • Crew: 124,687
  • Consumables: 7 years
  • Affiliation: New Republic, Darth Bane
  • Role: Heavy Attack Cruiser, escorts of Bane's Wrath
  • Complement: 20 Fighter Squadrons, 15 Bomber Squadrons, 1 Modified Tie Avenger, 1 Dimplomatic Shuttle, 24,000 Soildiers, 2,000 Marines, 40 Heavy Armored Vehicles
  • Cost: 1.2 Billion NR Credits
  • Build Time: 3 Days

Prisoner Mark I Class Interdictor

  • Length: 200 Meters
  • MGLT: 37
  • Armament: 1 Heavy Turbolaser, 5 Turbolasers, 12 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 Ion Turbolaser, 5 Ion Cannons, 4 Multi-Purpose Missle Launchers
  • Crew: 3,457
  • Consumables: 3 Years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Interdicter Cruiser
  • Complement: 40 Marines
  • Cost: 3.5 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1 Days
Hammerhead Mark II

Hammerhead Mark II

Anderoin ShipYards Hammerhead Mark II Class Assult Frigate

  • Length: 350 Meters
  • MGLT: 64
  • Armament: 2 Megalasers, 4 Heavy Turbolasers, 10 Turbolasers, 12 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 Static Cannon, 1 X-2 Cannon, 2 Ion Turbolaser, 4 Dual Ion Cannons, 4 Multi-Purpose Missle Launchers
  • Crew: 1,024
  • Consumables: 9 Months
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Assult Frigate
  • Complement: 3 Fighter Squadrons, 1 Bomber Squadron, 200 Soidiers, 150 Marines
  • Cost: 2 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1 Hours
Razor Mark II

Razor Mark II

Razor Mark II-Class Star Destroyer

  • Length: 900 Meters
  • MGLT: 55
  • Armament: 8 Megalasers, 30 Turbolasers, 32 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 Static Cannon, 1 MAC Cannon, 1 Nuclear Missle Launcher, 8 Multi-Purpose Missle Launchers, 16 Ion Cannons
  • Crew: 6,500
  • Consumables: 4 Years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Peacekeeping, Blockades, Patrols
  • Complement: 6 Fighter Squadrons, 2 Bomber Squadrons
  • Cost: 2.5 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 3 Hours

Sidewinder Mark I Frigate


Sidewinder Mark I

  • Length: 300 Meters
  • MGLT: 70
  • Armament: 1 Megalasers, 2 Heavy Turbolasers, 4 Turbolasers 8 Quad Laser Cannons, 4 Nuclear Missle Launchers, 24 Multi-Purpose Missle Launchers, 1 Ion Turbolaser, 2 Ion Cannons
  • Crew: 950
  • Consumables: 2 Years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Assault on Fortified Enemy locations/fleets
  • Complement: None
  • Cost: 950,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1 Hour

Assassin Super Star Dreadnaught

Empororaclass super dread naught ty

Assassin Super Star Dreadnaught

  • Length: 14 Km
  • MGLT: 8
  • Armament: 7 Static Cannons, 50 Rail Guns, 97 Megalasers, 145 Heavy Turbolasers, 350 Turbolasers, 600 Quad Laser Cannons, 20 Heavy Ion Turbolaser, 45 Ion Turbolasers, 90 Dual Ion Cannons, 16 Nuclear Missle Launchers, 90 Missle Tubes,4 X-2 Cannons
  • Crew: 250,000
  • Consumables: 8 years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Flagship of Darth Bane
  • Complement: 25 Fighter Squadrons, 30 Interceptor Squadrons, 10 Bomber Squadrons, 45,000 Troops and vehicles
  • Cost:16.5 Billion NR Credits
  • Build Time: 6 days

Harrow Class Star Destroyer


Harrow Class Star Destroyer

  • Length: 1100 Meters
  • MGLT: 43
  • Armament: 1 Static Cannon, 4 Rail Guns, 17 Megalasers, 45 Heavy Turbolasers, 75 Turbolasers, 100 Quad Laser Cannons, 10 Heavy Ion Turbolaser, 20 Ion Turbolasers, 28 Dual Ion Cannons, 3 Nuclear Missle Launchers, 15 Missle Tubes,1 Disruptor Cannon
  • Crew: 150,000
  • Consumables: 8 years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Defense of Large Fleets
  • Complement: 15 Fighter Squadrons, 20 Interceptor Squadrons, 5 Bomber Squadrons, 25,000 *Troops and vehicles
  • Cost:1.5 Billion NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1.5 Hours

Striker Mark II Dreadnaught

Striker Mark II

Striker Mark II

  • Length: 750 Meters
  • MGLT: 53
  • Armament: 11 MegaLasers, 30 Heavy Turbolasers, 56 Quad Laser Cannons, 3 Ion MegaLasers, 14 Ion Turbolasers, 20 Dual Ion Cannons, 30 Missile Launchers
  • Crew: 15,500
  • Consumables: 3 years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Assault Dreadnaught
  • Complement: 5 Fighter Squadrons, 7 Interceptor Squadrons, 3 *Bomber Squadrons, 500 Troops and vehicles
  • Cost: 115 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1.2 Hours

Oppressor Class Star Destroyer

Oppressor Class Star Destroyer

Oppressor Class Star Destroyer

  • Length: 2200 Meters
  • MGLT: 35
  • Armament: 29 MegaLasers, 37 Heavy Turbolasers, 96 Quad Laser Cannons, 4 Ion MegaLasers, 16 Ion Turbolasers, 27 Dual Ion Cannons, 17 Missile Launchers
  • Crew: 215,500
  • Consumables: 12 years
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Blockades, Assaults
  • Complement: 2 Fighter Squadrons, 5 Interceptor Squadrons, 4 Bomber Squadrons, 4500 Troops and vehicles
  • Cost: 715 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 2.4 Hours

Venator Mark II Class Star Destroyer

Venator clonewars121

Venator Mark II

  • Length: 1500 Meters
  • MGLT: 55
  • KPH (in atmosphere): 975
  • Armament: 8 Dual Megalaser Emplacements, 2 Quad Heavy Turbolaser Turrents, 47 Turbolaser Turrents, 195 Dual Laser Cannons, 2 Ion Megalasers, 4 Ion Heavy Turbolases, 6 Ion Turbolasers, 8 Ion Cannons, 14 Missle Launchers
  • Crew: 112,000
  • Consumables: 4 Years
  • Role: Ground Assault Ship
  • Complement: 4 Fighter Squadrons, 7 Interceptor Squadrons, 3 Bomber Squadrons, 1 Infantry Division (24,000 Troops), 1 Armor Detachment (550 Vehicles)
  • Cost: 145 Million NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1.4 Hours

Personal Army (Market)

Sith Assult Squad


Sith Assault Squad

  • Weapons: Lancer Assault Rifle, Sith Repeater, Concussion Grenades
  • Affiliation: New Republic, Anderion Security Force, Tansari Security Force, Sith, Brotherhood of Darkness
  • Amount Per Squad: 10
  • Cost to Train a Single Squad: 3,500 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 5 Minutes
  • Role: Main Fighting unit of Bane's Army.

Sith Commander


Sith Commander

  • Weapons: Sith Repeater Pistol
  • Affiliation: New Republic, Anderion Security Force
  • Amount Per Squad: 1
  • Cost to Train a Single Squad: 9,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 10 Hours
  • Role: Lead troops into battle, and make tactical descisions that will allow Sith Forces to gain the upper hand against AI's

Sith Marines

  • Weapons: Sith Repeating Assault Rifle
  • Cost to Train Squad: 4,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 1 Hour
  • Units per Squad: 10
  • Role: Board and take control of Enemy vessels

Sith Infiltrator


Sith Infiltrator

  • Weapons: Mines, Remote Explosives, Thermal Detonators, Sith Repeating Pistol, Meer'souns class cx405 sniper rifle
  • Units Per Squad: 2
  • Training Cost: 15,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 4 Hours
  • Role: Sabotage, assisinations, Taking out enemies using steath and swiftness
  • Affiliation: New Republic, Lord Bane's Personal Task Force

Sith Enforcer


Sith Enforcer

  • Weapons: Energy Batons, Repeating Assault Rifles, Mines, Remote Explosives
  • Training Cost: 6,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 3 Hours
  • Affiliation: New Republic, ASF
  • Role: Secure and Protect Bases, and other High Risk Buildings/Locations. Serves as the Military Police

Sith Enginneer

  • Weapons: Repeating Pistol, Remote Detonators, Mines
  • Training Cost: 15,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 5 Hours
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: To repair damaged structures, buildings, and other emplacements, and to monitor channels of communications and sensors. Increases life expectancy of Tanks and machinery in battle. Also performs light sabatouge missions.

Sith Guard


Sith Guard

  • Weapons: Force Pike, Repeating Pistol
  • Training Cost: 25,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 1 Day
  • Affiliation: New Republic, Anderion Security Force
  • Role: To protect high ranking individuals and Lord Bane himself.

Sith Combat Medics


Sith Combat Medic

  • Weapons: Repeating Pistol
  • Training Cost: 10,000 NR Credits
  • Training Time: 6 Hours
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Heal injured infantry and raise the life expectancy of troops in battle

Vehicles/Heavy Weapons(Market)

Sith Destroyer

  • Weapons: Large Laser Cannon turrent, 105mm howtzier, 1 anti-infantry laser turrent
  • Crew: 4 (1 Pilot, 3 Gunners)
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Primary Attack vehicle
  • Build Cost: 120,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 20 minutes

Sith Reaper

  • Weapons: Reaper Cannon, 30mm gatlin gun, 2 anti-infantry laser turrent
  • Crew: 7 (2 Pilots, 4 Gunners, 1 navigator)
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Primary Attack vehicle
  • Build Cost: 240,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 40 minutes

Sith M225 Howtzier

Mobile artillery121

M225 Howtzier

  • Crew: 3
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Provide support fire for infantry
  • Build Cost: 50,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 15 minutes

Sith Rocket Pad


Sith Rocket Pad

  • Weapons: Anti-Aircraft missles, missle defense missles, nuclear missles
  • Crew: 3
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Primary Defensive Emplacement of Strongholds
  • Build Cost: 140,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 30 minutes

Sith Troop Transport

  • Weapons: 7 Anti-Infantry Laser Turrents
  • Crew: 10 (2 Pilots, 7 Gunners, 1 Navigator)
  • Complement: 40 Soidiers
  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Role: Safetly transport infantry quickly
  • Build Cost: 440,000 NR Credits
  • Build Time: 1 hour

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