Darth Carnage is considered the most ruthless and most powerful Sith Lord to many. With his unnatural long life, he roamed the galaxy for 27,000 years using a force ability known as Eternal Fire, only known to by the Sith Lord. His real name was Rune Oparusites, apprentice to the Lettow General, and first Dark Jedi, Xendor. He was a bright, kind, and headstrong Jedi Knight before he was corrupted by the Darkside. He secretly followed his master to the darkside, being a spy for him during the first great schism.

During the war, he met a Prophetess named Shelrogia, who told him how to become immortal by dedicating his spirit into an inanimate object. At first Rune refused, but was pressured by his master to use the new power. Rune was convinced and created a mask, making that his object of power. However before he was able complete the task his wife, Jasmine Oparusites, found out his plans and warned the Jedi. The Council sent Jasmine and three Jedi Masters to confront Rune. The four of them engaged in a duel with Rune, in which Rune was able to slaughter the Three masters. He then continued to engage with his wife. At the end of the battle Rune was mortally wounded and killed his wife when she was trying to heal him. Rune then put on the mask, which his soul merged with the mask, melting off the skin of his face and making the hair on his head fall.

He left the Jedi and Fought through the whole Hundred Years of darkness and was one of the Dark Jedi who was exiled to Korriban. He lived among the Sith species for years, and served in the Sith Empire. After the Great Hyperspace War he disappeared. It was at this time many people speculate he changed his name to Darth Carnage.

For thousands and thousands of years he lived among the Sith Order, making it stronger and making sure that it always survived. He helped Bane find Revan’s holocron, and helped Palpetine gain influence in the Senate. He would later help Darth Krayt gain unnatural long life, however different then his own, it worked for the Dark Lord well.

A couple thousand years later he saw the Sith Order tainting the Darkside, allowing the order to be weak. He took up the mantle of Dark Lord and led the Sith into a crushing campaign against the Republic, almost completely annihilating it. However his Sith Empire was pushed back by a young Supreme Commander known as Calson Strith. Soon Calson and Darth Carnage engaged in duel on Korriban, where Calson redeemed Darth Carnage, making him see that he blamed himself for his wife’s death and that she is waiting for him. Darth Carnage soon let go, making the ability worthless and freed his spirit, making him one with the force and be with his wife once again.


The Beginning of the Legend.

Darth Carnage’s original name was Rune Oparusites. His story starts out with a tragic love story with him and his beautiful wife, Jasmine Oparusites. They both were Jedi and had a young son, Lamon Oparus. Rune had been a great Jedi, very in tuned with the force and had a broad side of the force. He was the student of Xendor, the first Dark Jedi before Xendor fell to the darkside himself. Rune was described as a very Handsome, strong built man with long brown hair, and the friendliest brown eyes.

Though his early life is much a mystery, it is assumed he went to the Jedi at an early age. However the story of Darth Carnage begins when he was ready to leave the teaching of Xendor and start his own path with the Jedi in the ranks.

Xendor saw him as a quick learner and strong when it came to the force, and quick with his lightsaber skills. Before Xendor led his followers, the Legions of Lettow, he tried to recruit Rune. Rune was very upset, thinking that the Jedi were right when they said the powers the darkside unlocked were abominations. However e was convinced, however Xendor had other plans for Rune. He set out Rune to be his spy, since the Council would not expect him to go to the darkside.

Rune went and spied on the Jedi for Xendor as Xendor engaged in his war. Rune felt guilty and it was easily sensed by his wife. However she pushed it off, thinking that Rune blamed himself for his master’s turning to the darkside. Rune would soon be approached by a Prophetess, who claimed to be immortal. She told Rune he had a special destiny that included protecting the darkside. She also told him she could show him a rare force power, Eternal Fire, a darkside ability that gives you long lasting life by channeling your spirit and all your darkside energy into an inanimate object. Rune didn’t believe it at first, however with his curiosity he decided to learn the ability, still disbelieving what the prophetess had to say.

As the war went on Rune continued his mission to spy on the Jedi. As the time passed he become more and more engulfed to the darkside, which his wife could sense. With Rune’s ongoing struggle with the darkside, and his curiosity about the Prophetess, he decided to try his knew learned power. He carved a mask out of a rare Jistonian mineral, and started the process. His wife caught him in the act and realize that Rune had been with the Legions of Lettow and went straight to the Jedi.

The Jedi sent Jasmine and three other Jedi back with her to confront Rune. By the time they reached Rune, he had already finished the mask, the last step just needed to be completed. Before he had the chance to put it on, his wife and the three other Jedi engaged him in a lightsaber duel. Rune was able to easily defeat the three other Jedi, however he hesitated when fighting his lover.

The two went into a tense lightsaber duel, however Jasmine gained the upper hand and stabbed her husband in the gut, mortally wounding him. Jasmine then tried to heal him using the force, she couldn’t see her love die, not by her hands. Rune took his lightsaber and ignited it in her chest. Both of them, laying there dieing Jasmine took Rune’s hand, placing a angelic shaped crystal in it, telling him she wont become one with the force until he went with her. She then died however rune blamed himself for her death and couldn’t bare to see her in the afterlife. He then grabbed his mask, moments before his death, and put it on. His spirit instantly merged with the mask, melting the skin off his face, making his hair fall out, and also changing his brown eyes to a crimson red. Rune was never again the same.

Rune continued helping the Legions of Lettow in the First Great Schism and also lead them to Korriban, where they were exiled. He taught the Sith how to maintain the darkside and encouraged breeding with the Sith species, knowing the coming and more then one great Sith Empire. He looked out for the Sith and the Dark Jedi, even when they became one.

Protector of the Sith

It is unknown when rune changed his name to Darth Carnage, but they know it was during his time when he roamed, making sure the Darkside lived on. From Sith War to Sith War he built up the darkside, making sure it never died. He led Revan to the Trayas Academy, told Bane about Revan’s Holocron, and helped Palpetine gain influence within the Senate. Many Sith named him the Shadow of the Sith, being the only other Sith alive during the Rule of Two.

Darth carnage’s actions are a mystery during time periods of the Galactic Alliance and the United Nations Galactic Sphere. Some say he hid in the shadows, secretly securing the safety of the Sith, but it is all mystery.

During the time of the United Nation, Darth Carnage trained a strong, dark student by the name of Haden Strith. Darth Carnage knew of his destiny to become the Sith’ari, however failed to convinced the Sith to see it. Regardless Darth Carnage trained Haden, giving him his usual brutal training, harsh punishment, and hard lifestyle. However that would be Darth Carnage’s demise. One day Haden attacked him. The two engaged in a duel. Carnage had Haden on his knees, but Carnage tortured him nonetheless. It was then Haden unlocked a rare darkside ability, force Dissolve, and dissolved Darth Carnage’s body. Haden would put on Carnage’s mask, and unlike all the others that put on the mask, Haden was not possessed by the Sith Lord, instead he gained all of Carnage’s memories, powers, and knowledge of the darkside. Carnage would spend the next decade torturing Haden in his head.

Darth Carnage would come back thanks to the help of a Chiss Sith Lord Phael Luciera tricking someone to put on Darth Carnage’s mask. Once again Darth Carnage made an appearance in the galaxy, this time he was even more determined to make the Sith Stronger. Haden had already fulfilled the prophecy of the Sith’ari, making the Sith stronger by destroying it. Darth Carnage was fed up that the Sith had corrupted the darkside with weakness so he took the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and began creating his new Sith Empire.

Dark Lord of the Sith

Darth Carnage took the opportunity to create a clone army and make a huge fleet as the Republic and the Jedi were distracted by the Chiss-Mando War. He also recruited many Sith, by either kidnapping Jedi and converting them, or going to the separated Dark Jedi and inviting them into the Order. This increased the number of the Sith back to great numbers.

After the war that had reached the Republic came to an end, Darth Carnage found the opportunity to strike, and he struck hard. He showed o mercy, attacking planets with no defense, and also attacking planets that were of great value to the Republic. He dove straight into the Republic, reaching the Inner Rim and almost to the Core Worlds, however he would soon be stopped by a young Supreme Commander, Calson Strith, the son of his former apprentice Haden.

Redemption and Freedom

Darth Carnage and his new Sith Empire were struggling not to collapse. They kept getting pushed back by Calson’s brilliant tactics. The Sith tried everything, even outnumbering the young Commander in a 3 to 1 ratio, however everything seemed worthless. Finally the battle reached to the last of Carnage’s strongholds, Korriban.

Darth Carnage knew he was on the losing side. He was warned by the Prophetess Ashca (Shelrogia in a human girl form) numerous times that he had corrupted his purpose as protector of the darkside by becoming Dark Lord and that he would be punished. However he would not go down without a fight. As the Republic sent the best of its forces to end the Sith once and for all Darth Carnage had the rest of his fleet as well as his whole Sith Army on Korriban.

However his efforts seemed to be in vain. Calson was able to defeat the fleet and went on ground, where the Republic where pushing back the Sith. In a desperate attempt Darth Carnage fled to his secret temple, hoping that Calson would follow. When Calson caught up to the Ancient Sith Lord, he quickly engaged him in a duel. The two fought a short, but brutal match, however Darth Carnage had Calson defenseless on the ground.

He was about to give the death dealing blow until Calson said a name that Carnage hadn’t hear in a long time…that of his ex wife Jasmine. Darth Carnage stopped instantly, remembering of his wife and the promise she told him. Darth Carnage however just got angrier until Calson let him see that his wife forgave him and has been waiting for him all this time to become one with the force so that she can. Carnage then pulled out the angelic shape crystal given to him. He lifted the dark vow that belonged to the Strith family for five hundred years and then crushed the crystal, making his body a beacon of light. It soon spread through the whole planet of Korriban and dissolved everyone consumed by the darkside. The War was over. Darth Carnage became Rune once again and Calson saw his spirit with his wife’s as they both left to become one with the force.


Darth Carnage’s mask still survived, even after Rune’s redemption. Calson put it on and possessed all of the memories, knowledge, and power like his father, however he was able to turn all the power to good. Calson hid the mask, then five hundred years later, his descendant, Verona Strith, got a hold of the mask and put it, which then she proclaimed herself as the new Darth Carnage.


Darth Carnage was merciless and brutal. He had no sense of regret nor decency. He however was not boastful and followed his instructions to his superiors (which was usually Ashca). He was dedicated to the Darkside and to his allies, even though he did not believe in friends. He did not believe in emotions or attachment, saying they were illusions that made the mind weak.

Behind the Scenes

Darth Carnage first made his debut in SWRP.

Darth Carnage was created by Haden

Many people speculate the Carnage was the first recorded member of the Oparus family, considering his name was Oparusites and his son’s last name was changed to Oparus due to the fact of his father’s betrayal.

Many people wonder why Haden was not possessed by Carnage when he put on the mask. Some say it was because he was the Sith’ari, or the fact that he was part of the Strith family, who was protected by the prophetess Ashca herself. However Darth Carnage tells his most trusted ally that no one in his bloodline could be possessed, instead only gain his knowledge, which would give support that Carnage was the first Oparus due to the fact Haden’s mother was Serona Oparus.

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