[i][b]Bio for Darth Cerrabus[/b][/i]

[b]Surname:[/b] Kurbei [b]Given Name:[/b] Mithian [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Darth Cerrabus [b]Occupation:[/b] Sith apprentice [b]Legal Status:[/b] Single [b]Criminal record:[/b] Wanted on Nar Shadaa for the murder of Celorus Haulq leader of the Hand. Various other warrants for arrest across various systems. [b]Race:[/b] Zabrak [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age[/b]:32 [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Unsure of his planet of origin. Place of Residence: Spent alot of time on a primarily uninhabited planet. Various terrains, some desert, some jungle. Kurbei simply survives there until he hears from his lord. Former Place(s) of Residence: Spent a brief amount of time on Nar Shadaa, but not enough to really classify as a having been an inhabitant for anything over a month or so. [b]Affiliation[/b]: Sith


[b]Appearance[/b] [image noborder]DarthCerrabus.jpg[/image]

[b]Height:[/b] 6 foot 2 inches [b]Weight:[/b] 235 pounds [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Red with Yellow lining. [b]Hair:[/b] None [b]Other Features:[/b] Horns and a red and black body tattoo pattern to add to visual intimidation factor. Perfect for when he is hunting his prey.

[b]Clothing:[/b] Simple black apprentice training tunic and robes.

[b]Uniform:[/b] Modified Stormtrooper armor from his time in the Empire. The armor is now Red and Black.


[b]Personality:[/b]Kurbei to this point as developed imensly from the scared boy he once was. Cold, calculating, analytical, tactile, creative thinker, bold. Kurbei has all the tools at his disposal to be the Sith he was destined to be. With a cunning sense of planning and preparation, a sense of finese and style in his fighting, and the sheer brute force required in reserve when he needs to bull dog an opponant.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] Father: doesn't remember Mother: doesn't remember

[b]History:[/b] Kurbei was taken in by Empress Medea at a very young age. He was in transit from his home colony to a new planet to live on with his family. But the ship suffered a massive engine failure. Followed by a power failure. The floor was cold and all he could see was darkness. But the sounds. The sounds of dieing permated through out the halls of the transport ship. Kurbei was the only survivor. A tall dark figure approached him. A hand reached out. Kurbei took it and was painfully yanked to his feet. Shortly before being knocked out.

Kurbei awoke in a cold metal room strung up from limb to limb. His red skinned body was painted with tattoos that were exceptionally painfull. The process took the better part of five years and resulted in Kurbei giving in to his pain. Finally after it became too much Kurbei felt a dark coldness slowly creep into himself as he passed out from the pain.

He awoke with an incredible head ache on a foreign world with a holorecording. It was the dark figure again. "Kurbei, you have been freed of your bonds to your past life. Today marks the begining of your rebirth. A birth into a life of power." Kurbei stood solemn faced as he absorbed what the hooded, robed figure spoke. "Here, you will learn to fight for survival and utilize everything at your disposal to remain alive. You will fight, you will grow strong, and you will come to understand the deeper meaning of this training." He glanced around and only saw some bare tools for survival. Spare clothes, a vibro blade, a blaster pistol with a few spare charge packs, and portable shelter. So thats how Kurbei lived. For the next 5 years of his life he slowly grew out of his fear and come to slowly develop into his own. After he had spent enough time on the planet he was shown more about his destiney and what it was he was to become and why.

He was shown about the darkside of the force, the power it could grant when weilded, and how to follow its path. Fear, Pain, Anger, Hate. All weapons of the sith. He was shown how the jedi would serve to try and stop his path to perfection, by preaching self control. That they would try and destroy him for merely not being one of their order. That they were long time enemies of the Sith and that they had time and again oppresed the sith.

Finally the time came for him to begin his path. He was given a crimson bladed lightsaber and shown the bare basics. Then, tossed to the Kath hounds. His task? go to the moon of Nar Shadaa and infiltrate a rival criminal organization of the Black Sun. With little more then a bare understanding of the world he had stepped into, and a weapon that would instantly red light him and draw attention to him Kurbei had a mission to acomplish. His first task was to infiltrate thier hideout. Assimilating himself into thier group would take to long. So he snuck in during a guard change. Making his way to the power generator room, he cut the power to the primary complex. All defenses and offenses were down. As the Black Sun moved in to capitalize Kurbei made his move. Celorus Haulq was trying to do what he could to command his forces from the saftey of his hide out. The blast doors were drawn shut. But something began to melt the doors. Soon, a crimson bladed lightsaber emerged as it slowly, but surely carved its way through in a giant half circle. The blast doors fell with an incredibally loud klang Kurbei rushed in with the ferocity of a rabid Viper Dragon. After making quick work of the guards, he found that instilling fear into Haulq was easier then he'd have guessed. Mithian left Nar Shadaa after the Black Sun made short work of the Hands left overs. But not before he was identified.

Kurbei was picked back up and taken back to his isolated planet. His next test was to survive a group of marauding bounty hunters. They were all promised a very wealthy pay off in return for his life. Using everthing from explosives to repeating heavy blasters they attacked Kurbei in his second test. This time, he traced a canyon with his lightsaber carving into the wall. As they fired rockets and grenades at him, the explosions broke up the loose rock and sent it falling on them. He picked off the straglers in one on one melee combat.

After he finally killed the last one in an incredibally drawn out, battle of exhaustion. Kurbei finally collasped. He awoke at Medeas feet. "Kurbei, you have proven yourself capable of handling the tasks a sith may face. You have proven yourself resourcefull enough and strong enough to face your tests and pass. Now my young Kurbei you undergo your training in the arts of the darkside. All I have thrown at you has been to prepare your mind and body for what you are about to encounter."

"At this time I'm not sure who will be assigned to instruct you. But you will carry on your hard work with whoever you are assigned to. Remember, don't deny your emotions, embrace them, and your chains will be broken and the path to power clear."

Kurbei noded as He was force pushed into a wall. He finally awoke, and gathered his wits about him. A small shuttle was left for his leave. Aboard were the coordinates to the heart of the empire., a holocron to help him understand more about what the force was, until he could be instructed, and the personal effects he had on his person. Finally setting in the course and lifting off he made his way to what would be his new home for a bit, as he would see where the dark side of the force would take him next on his path to power and strength. The future may be Unforseen, but Kurbei's Destiny would definatley be one to keep an eye on.

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