An image of Charna shortly before she joined Darth Tepe's Sith Dominion

Darth Charna is Darth Tepe's second apprentice, and by far his most loyal. She has recently discovered an ability to correctly determine a person's greatest concerns, as well as raise their level of optimism, thus boosting the spirits of anyone around. In a similar manner to her master, Charna began as a Jedi at a very early age. She proved herself to be a determined young padawan and learned quickly anything she set her focus on.

Danielle Bayers

Before she became Charna, this woman was known as Danielle Bayers and often called Danni. Her parents were approached by the Jedi when the girl was barely nine months old. They admitted they wondered about her, since she seemed to react more closely to the emotions in the room than they thought she ought to. Three months later, the Jedi returned and took Danni with them to Coruscant. After eight years on Coruscant, she was sent to Ossus to continue her training.

On Ossus, she became close friends with a young Corellian girl named Jahara Tal, who was four years younger than Danni and had just been brought to Ossus. Though there was a difference in age, the two girls were almost inseparable and grew even more so as they grew older. When Danni turned eighteen and Jahara was fourteen, Danni's master was killed and Jahara's master took over, training both girls. From that moment on, it was rare to see one without the other.

Over the next seven years, the girls' training progressed quickly and their paths were crossed by the surviving Sith Hunters, Reibe Vailar and Strider Flamehart. She was very impressed with both of them and forged a close friendship with Reibe, despite their inability to spend significant amount of time together due to Reibe's constant traveling and Danni's training.

When she turned twenty-five, Danni was Knighted and returned to Coruscant, leaving Jahara to complete her training on Ossus. During the next few weeks, Danni spent much of her time in the Jedi Archives. In fact, just before Darth Tepe's Dominion messengers arrived, that is where she was. After the messengers departed, when a team was hurriedly being selected to negotiate with Tepe, Danni was one of the chosen Jedi representatives.



The preliminary negotiations were quick. The diplomats had nothing to say, so Tepe exchanged barbs with Strider and Reibe. None of the Jedi spoke, but Danni was the only one who did not even move. Seeing Darth Tepe in person had an effect on her she had not expected. For one of the first times in her life, Danielle Bayers was afraid. Never before had she come face to face with someone with such power and intelligence... and darkness.

As she observed the banter however, she caught a glimpse of something else in him. Quietly, she watched him as he hurled insults at the Sith Hunters and veiled threats at everyone else. Slowly, she almost began to admire him. But when the negotiations were over and they left his presence, she argued with herself that he was a Sith Lord and that he deserved the worst sort of death anyone could imagine.

And with her violent feelings toward him, so began her fall.

The Second Meeting

"Fear, anger, and pain... how all good Dark Jedi should die." - Danielle Bayers, shortly before she took on the name Charna

When the ambassadors returned to Coruscant, Danni was instrumental in turning the Jedi Council against the Sith Hunters, who were still insistent that they should try to deal with Tepe. Due to the great amount of reading in the Archives she had done, Danni knew the Hunters' past, including the several times they withdrew into hiding instead of combating an evil they could have helped to defeat. During this Council session, she had a vision of her friend Jahara in pain. Because she was sure her friend was in trouble, she hurriedly recommended that the Hunters be banned from the Jedi and the Council agreed.

The session was over quickly and Danni went to the hangar bay, selecting a ship and heading for Ruusan, where she'd sensed Jahara's cry coming from. When she arrived, civilians flocked to her, thinking the Jedi had finally sent someone to combat the Sith. Impatiently, she used the Force to toss them aside, freeing her walking path and continued on in search of Jahara. But she did not find her friend; she found Darth Tepe.

Once she'd learned that Jahara was not on Ruusan, Danni fought with Tepe, attempting to use the full force of her emotions to aid her in defeating him. But her attempts to harness the Dark Side of the Force were weak and untrained, nothing a seasoned expert like Tepe would have any trouble deflecting. And deflect he did, all the while goading her on, challenging her to embrace her inner darkness. After a short time, she did, hurling weak Force lightning at the Dark Lord. Amused, he showed her, using a civilian, how it was really done.

For the final test of Danni's resolve to remain with the Dark Side, Darth Tepe had a Dark Jedi attack her. Initially, she mocked him, fumbling with her lightsaber as if she didn't know how to use it. But then, she struck savagely, catching him off guard. Then, reveling in his pain, she methodically removed his hands and feet. Then, she did the same to his legs, and then his arms. With one final mocking comment, she ended his life. Turning to Tepe, she explained that killing the Dark Jedi was pointless... it would not further her skills in any way. In response, Tepe made her his second apprentice and revealed his plans for the future. Then, he left her to consider what he had shown her.

Becoming Charna

"Welcome to the Manor. If you are looking for Danielle Bayers, you are too late."

"I know that. Who are you?"

"I am Charna." - Darth Charna and Reibe Vailar

The Sith Hunters arrived on Ruusan in hopes of restoring Danni to the Light Side. However, when they came to where she was, Reibe immediately realized it was too late for that. After a brief exchange of words, the Hunters left. When they were gone, Charna had a brief discussion with Tepe before they left for Kamino, where Tepe said they would meet up with Kaoin. On Kamino, Charna observed Tepe's level-headed discussion with the Prime Minister, which ended in Kamino's full support of the Dominion.

From Kamino, Charna was sent to Naboo with orders to prove herself. And prove herself she did. Using the same strategy that had been used at Kamino, Charna ruined cities and cut off resources, but always took care to avoid killing any civilians. Once Naboo was officially overtaken by Charna's troops, Charna herself entered the Royal Palace to meet with the Queen Sacha. With no other options open to her, Sacha signed the papers Charna brought with her.

Over the next few weeks, Charna was very busy, both on Naboo and wherever else Tepe wanted her. She attended the Senate meeting in which it was decided to confront the Dominion with military force. When the meeting was over, she returned to Naboo, to finish overseeing the construction of the army base and the shipyards in orbit.

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