Darth Minious was a Xargressian from Corellia's core. He died during unknown circumstances shortly after the Dude conflict. He and Darth Dude are the only known Xargressians still in existance since Atalia, a Jedi Knight and later to be Darth Zavier, his Sith mentor, led a raid to exterminate his species. Darth Minious and the Xargressian species was created by Alex, who also created Xander Vos

Early Life

Orphaned after the loss of his species in 3, 970 BBY, Alol Enex, the name he takes amongst the humans, is sent to the surface by his hive clan, who, in desperation, save the two youngest amongst them - Alol Enex and Anion Markatas. Markatas will later become the deadly enemy of the Galaxy, Darth Dude.

Adopted by parents he comes to call his own, Alol grows up into a respectable young boy. However, his parents were killed when he was seven, and he was forced on to the streets. Caught pick-pocketing from a Jedi Knight, he is taken to the Jedi Temple on Corellia, where he is trained into a Jedi Knight.

Knight Enex

Gratius Ordon, Alol's old Master, Knights Alol, and sends him into the Galaxy to help rebuild the Order following the destruction it faced from Revan and the Mandalorians, and later Trayer, Sion, and Nihilus. At the age of 22, Alol is brash, young, and arrogant, traits that will never leave him because of Gratius' rushed training.

Finding a remote sector, Alol crashes onto an apparent barren world, only to find it lush and beautiful. He is taken captive and learns a meteorite struck the world, creating the deceiving appearence. He learns the woman's name is Darth Zavier, and comes to deeply respect her. What he doesn't know is that she is the woman who killed his parents.

Zavier tells Alol that Gratius killed his parents, showing him a vision that proves to him beyond all doubt that his Master was responsible. Stricken with grief, Alol takes upon the title of Darth Minious - nothing but a title, having never received Sith training - and returns to Corellia, killing his Master as he searches on the streets for Force Sensitives.

Dooming The Galaxy

Minious realises someone witnessed Gratius' death, and hunts the man down, only to discover that it is none other than his hatch-mate Anion Markatas, as he is now known. The two rejoice in finding each other, and Minious persuades him to return with him to Kroprulu to be trained as a Sith with Minious.

The pair are trained by Darth Zavier, and they finally earn the right to become Darths Minious and Dude. The trio enslave the entire population of Kroprulu, building fortresses across the world. Zavier bears a child from one of the men, destroying any insuperior genes, to create Darth Visak, her heir to the throne.

Rasing An Empress

After Zavier's death, Minious and Dude raised Visak well, turning her into one of the most vicious Empress' Kroprulu would see. Together the three begun a shipyard, building a sizeable fleet over the years with the help of their slaves.

Slaving all controls to ten craft, piloted by them and their slaves, they invaded a nearby system, conquering the planet Dargon. There they built another fortress and a shipyard, turning Dargon into their shipyard, and moving all constructions there. Dargon also became the mating world, as it produced strong and tall males, making the future Empress' more powerful.

Order Is Born

Centuries later, the Sith ranks have swelled through propaganda and children from Dargon and Kroprulu. Darth Minious and Dude create the Sith Council to govern the Sith in their entirety, placing the Empress at the time at the head.

More Powerful Than Ever

Darth Minious sees the need to create Sith Orders, which would allow different Sith to focus on different tasks. Darth Visare - a Sith Lady on the Council - devotes her life to building into completion fortresses for the Sith Inquisitorius, the Sith Hands, the Sith Church, the Sith Military, and the Sith Alchemy.

Birth Of Fate

Empress Tarias had sent Minious and Dude on a routine mission to Byss, to kill a group of Jedi who had over-run it in a hope of extinguishing the Sith from the Galaxy. Little did the pair realise, but the Jedi had planned an ambush, attacking the pair, and forcing Minious to flee, leaving Dude stranded and heavily wounded. As he revived, he converted the Jedi to his way, beginning the Dude Empire that would plague the Galaxy over two hundred and fifty years later.

The Mission To Corellia

Decades passed, and finally the Council comprised Darth Minious, Darth Tontie, Darth Scourge, Darth Zero, and Empress Chick. Darth Minious and his two Apprentices, Vanquish and Basidyus were sent to Corellia to kill a group of Jedi who had been stranded there. What begun as a routine mission exploded into conflict as Darth Dude revealed himself to the Galaxy, beginning a decades long war.

Darth Minious believed he had killed Darth Dude as he attacked Kroprulu half-way through the war, but Dude managed to escape. Darth Minious undertook several missions during the war to put an end to Dude, and formulated several plots and ideas to capture him. One of the heaviest casualties of the war was Empress Chick, who dissapeared during the beginning, abdicating the throne. Darth Saber was chosen as a replacement.

This was a time of change, as Supreme Prophet Shadow left for the Unknown Regions, and Darth Minious retreated from the war near its conclusion.

The End Of A Legend

Darth Minious returned to fight the final battle of the war, and heated debate remains as to whether that was when he died, or if some event soon after the was was his final end. Needless to say, the legend of the Sith Empire, Darth Minious, died sometime soon after the end of the war with his hatch-mate, Darth Dude.

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