Darth Novem is a major character in the Star Wars Galaxy storyline. He is controlled by RL person (unknown). Darth Novem's profile as of 29 August 2007.

Name: Drake Kanos

Alias: Darth Novem, Novem

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 24

Alignment: Sith

Rank: Sith Apprentice

Class: Sith Assassin


Drake Kanos has trained under heavy conditions in order to ensure that his emotions would not conflict with his physical combat. Among his peers, he is cocky and acts like a smart-ass, he makes a very good one by the way. Towards his opponents, however, he fights til the death, merciless and malicious. He is arrogant and stubborn, usually getting his way by force and/or murder. Under 'difficult' situations, Kanos tends to be very improvisational and use his opponents and surroundings to his advantage.

An evil lies within the true untapped potential of Drake Kanos. A vile ruthlessness which had been seen when he was younger has yet to be seen again.


Drake Kanos was born in the Refugee Sector on Nar Shadaa. During his early childhood years, he learned how to steal and talk his way out of trouble in order to survive. His parents were poor and could hardly find work. while Drake on-the-other-hand was making early connections for his life in the future. Up into his late teen years, Drake became a prominent crime runner, running various types of errands and living a lavish life with his 'colleagues'. He was living by himself because he didn't trust his parents and wanted to keep the credits he had obtained to himself.

Kanos learned the ins-and-outs of the crime ring; locations, names, pass-codes, items, and other things which pertained to his line of work. He also learned how to intimidate those who crossed him or intervened in his affairs. Drake was fond of pickpocketing because it was so natural for him to just walk past someone and somehow retrieve their belongings.

One day at the age of 16, Drake was caught during a drug bust. He was sent off to a 'work-camp' which was unknowingly headed by the Sith. In the camp, the strongest were sent 'home' or in reality to a Sith training facility divided between the military and those who were Force-sensitive. After showing several acts of deception and dominance, Drake was 'sent home to Korriban, where he was forced to work in what the Sith called "the Valley of the Dark Lords which was filled with ancient tombs. He was found to be a Force sensitive and was trained in the ways of the Force, specifically of the Dark Side and the Sith Philosophy.

In a year, Drake had become very proficient with melee weapons and was awarded with a lightsaber for defeating one of his peers in a duel. He was happy, but preferred the life he had been living before as a well-known crime runner. Drake was apprenticed and was taught everything his master knew in a few mere years. Knowing he had become stronger than his master, Drake killed him and took on a new master to train him in other things he had yet to learn. The new master shared the same fate as the previous, dying before Drake's lightsaber.

Drake Kanos was now 22 years old. He was intelligent and resourceful, just as well as he was arrogant and aggressive. For years, he had taken on tasks and missions given to him by high-ranking military officers and the Dark Lord of the Sith. For years, he has improved his ability to wield a lightsaber and to manipulate the Force.

Homeplanet: Nar Shaddaa

Force-Sensitive?: Yes

Force Powers:

Telepathy - Weak
Push/Pull - Moderate
Force Repulse - Weak
Force Grip - Moderate
Force Lightning - Weak
Force Jump - Moderate


Darth Novem is a Caucasian male of the Human race standing at about six feet and one inch. His build is one of athletic and muscular properties, proving him room for strength and dexterity. His eyes are of a sulphuric yellow, infused from the 'dark-side' of the Force. Novem weighs in at about 185 pounds, most of which being muscle as he trains extensively. His hair is black and kept at a really short length.

Most of the time, he is seen wearing black, tattered Sith Robes, a result from his exploits. The robes have two light-durasteel armor plates on his shoulders. Novem also has a black and red cloak worn when he needed to be formally dressed or provide a look different from his usual attire.

Clothing: Sith Robes


Lightsaber (Red) Long Sword (Cortosis Weave, Enhanced Grip)

Star Ship: Infliction

Vehicle: Swoop Flare-S

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