Darth Snugglebunny

The Myth, The Legend

Darth Snugglebunny first appeared on the Bioware Forums sometimes in the Autumn of 2004. After making what was probably a grand total of five posts, all of them in the Knights of the Old Republic Forum, Darth Snugglebunny then moved on to an old but treacherous friend... EZboard. There, she constructed a forum for the sole purpose of housing character descriptions and the chapters of her KOTOR fanfiction, later titled Plot Twists. This endeavor has never been completed, despite a move to the site.

In late November of 2004, Darth Snugglebunny began a reign of terror, destruction, and mayhem on the Galaxy of the Old Republic board. To this day, children squeal in terror, despite the fact that Darth Snugglebunny now splits her time among millions... no... BILLIONS of other boards. Yes.


The True Story

In all actuality, Darth Snugglebunny is an artist/writer named Sharona probably. She is currently attending community college and also loves Nicky. <3


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