Darth Tepe c.23 ABY

Darth Tepe is the Dark Lord of the Sith and has been guessed to be one of the strongest since the New Sith Wars, but this is merely an assumption. He started his life as Tepes Dantes, a young Lorrdian man. He was taken in by the jedi when he was three and was granted an approval to learn from a fellow Lorrdian Jedi the ways of the Kinetic Communication, the way of speech by the Lorrdians. When he was first put up to show the masters himself and his quality as a padawan, the Lorrdian Knight was quite interested in him. After some talking between the two, they finally agreed to become Master and Apprentice. As far as the looks go on the man, you can't say he's ugly. He is rather muscular, over 6 feet tall and with a dark hair. It is unknown if he sports any other Sith tattoos than the one on his forehead he got when it was announced he would become the Dark Lord of the Sith. It is yet another rumour that under the robes and whatnot, there are elaborate and ancient Sith symbols, yet nobody has been able to prove this. Other people stand on the point that Tepe has never reached into the Dark Side like most others, so by letting his body stay pure, he would stay pure in his mind.


Tepe had always had blue eyes until his eventual fall to the dark side, when they turned yellow for short periods of anger. As he took place of the Dark Lord of the Sith, the eye colour changed compleely to yellow and eventually into pure white when he leeched onto a powerful unrest in the Force caused by Reibe and Strider clashing together in battle. Pushing slowly into his fourties, the man needs more and more meditation to keep up his younger look, utilizing the techniques Emukiel Al-Saefar has been teaching him. Nonetheless you can see from his face that the mental exhaustion caused by the war is getting to him, as the raven black hair is starting to lighten from the front and his face has gotten a few wrinkles. Even if that would be so, he still continues to fight on the battlefields with his soldiers and train even more fiercly in lightsaber arts. However, when lcoked within his meditation chamber, he is tormented by old wounds, especially the one he recieved in the defence of Tibrin. Deep down he fears that even the Force is not enought to keep him alive long enought to see the Sith Dominion stabilized into his ideal nation.


Time As A Jedi

The Jedi life was boring during the slowly waning days of the Old Republic. Tepe could not find many missions with his master except for simple negotiations or investigations of crime waves. Nothing interesting for him and he started to show eagerness and more and more frustration towards Jedi ways. His master trained him as much as he could before he kind of hit a wall and he needed to concentrate on teaching patience to the young man. To teach Tepe patience, his master managed to get him a job arranging the Jedi Library, where the padawan learned much of the past and gained a fascination towards the Sith Empires of old. When his time had passed as arranger of the Library, his master took him away from civilization to test him. Unknown to the master, he had only made things worse, as Tepe found a creature using the Dark Side of the Force in many intriguing ways. This made the eager padawan try out some of the things the creature had done and grew quite fond of them. Slowly, he was corrupted and after arriving back to Coruscant, the boy was confronted by the council and his master who warned him from stepping to the Dark Side. Tepe did not know what to do, so he left the temple for a walk. However, his master followed in an attempt to confront him personally and even kill the padawan if he would have to. When the two met in the lower levels of Coruscant, the padawan sensed the danger and swiftly attacked his master, throwing him off guard. The final point for the fall of Tepe's master was when the padawan gripped his master with the Force and stabbed the man with the full of his lightsaber's length.

Seeking The Sith

In the start, Tepe was not a Sith, but a Dark Jedi. He trained in the Dark Jedi arts and excelled in them enough for his co-dark Jedi to hint him of a secret Sith planet where he could find the last of the Sith Order. The Clone Wars had started by the time Tepe finally found the planet. During his quest, he was hunted by Jedi, Republic Guards and several Bounty Hunters. Especially his journey through the Cloak of the Sith was very hard, as he did not know a hyperspace route through the asteroid field. So, he had stolen a large but agile freighter, filled it up with necessities for living for about a month's journey, then made his way through the asteroid field. When he had gotten through, he had to go around the three planets, seeking for life, which he found on Ruun, the lost planet of he Sith and the headquarters of the Sith Order. So he landed and had to prove himself to the Sith by killing a Sithspawn, which he accomplished after some major bruises to himself and the destruction of his lightsaber. His training as a Sith started while one of the time's greatest Sith managed to overthrow the whole Galaxy into chaos and destruction. From within the Cloak of the Sith, he watched the progress and cunningness of Darth Sidious. This was when he also took the name Darth Tepe, losing the "s" in his first name and leaving the surname behind himself.


Dark Lord of The Sith Darth Tepe c. 20 ABY

Sith Lord Rising

During the Clone Wars Tepe was instructed in the ways of the Sith by one of the Sith Council members and most prominent Lords in his time, second only to Palpatine, Vader and the current leader of the Council, Darth Rythe. The young Sith was eager to learn about everything possible to learn and most of the time he had immersed in the archives of the Sith, learning of old times, old techniques forgotten during the years and of great force techniques known to few others than the Sith. He even managed to unlock a few encrypted messages in some of the holocrons. The first two years were training in force powers and dueling. The next two were learning more deeply of the nature of the force, learning the Sithese and Massassi languages, and about basic tactics to achieve power in the world. The last two years before he was sent out again to the wilderness to train by himself and achieve perfection of his skills were lessons about life as a Sith and further studies in lightsaber dueling. This all did not take place on Ruun, but rather on Welmin's Cantina.

During the isolation of the Sith, the Empire was falling apart because of the Rebels actually succeeding to fight back against a much more powerful enemy. The future Dark Lord trained hard, slaying sithspawns like they were mere bugs. He grew in strength, in agility, in power and most importantly, he learned to strategize his movement and attacks according to the enemy's movements and positions. When he arrived back from the wilderness, he amazed the council by defeating two of them and managing to defend himself against the others until all were exhausted and it was called as a tie. He was proclaimed Sith Lord and his climbing of ranks within the order started. After Palpatine had died in the Battle of Endor, he was claimed to be the greatest Sith alive and given a position in the council. Eventually after achieving the status of the leader of the Sith Council, he was given the title of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Tepe left the Cloak of the Sith and started his plans to make a new Sith Empire, much more greater than the ones before had been. He began his plans of a Sith Dominion and put the first parts of the plan in motion while seemingly having a normal life as a patron of Welmin's Cantina.

Lord of the Sith Dominion

For further reference, see the main article Sith Dominion

At some point, which is not quite sure to the public, Tepe released plans for a new Sith Empire in the way that the old ones were thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin. This excited the Sith Council, which Tepe was a part of, and once he set the plan in motion, he was nominated to become the Dark Lord. The current Dark Lord was not pleased and challenged the young Sith Lord to a duel. When the dust settled, Tepe emerged victorious with not even a scratch on him, or so it seemed. He was declared the Dark Lord of the Sith and then sent out to accomplish the dream of the Sith. The dream that the Sith could live out in the open and with normal lives instead of fear of the Jedi or Sith Hunters always on their mind. Tepe took back his old name so he could go undetected by the Jedi for the short while when he was getting ready. During the first stages of his plans, Tepe got an addition to his apprentices. Now he had the ruthless and eager Kaoin and the younger, more calm and just as eager Charna.

Planets started to fall under the banner of the Sith Dominion while the Republic went into deep depression of the morality of having a Sith-controlled government in the Galaxy. As war was declared, the Sith Dominion came out in all it's glory with ships fashioned in the way the very first Sith Empire had them but in much larger sizes, even if the original-sized ones were there also to match the agility and speed of the smaller Republic ships. Not only was the Sith Dominion winning over the Republic, it even had troops left to hold huge parades on the conquered worlds to show off to the Republic. However, the shock that shook the Republic was when the Sith Dominion stopped the wave of attack. It had merely 130 and something worlds, yet it was pleased enough to just stop and concentrate on defending the planets. Even if this caused dismay in the public eye, the Republic saw this as a good point to attack with everything they had and push the Dominion back. The Dominion, however, was not easy to push back and the Republic forces were crushed. Leia Organa-Solo was swiftly dispatched to meet Lord Tepe for peace. The treaty was signed and the Sith lost one problem. He had diminished in power while busy with politics and war, so he had waned down into an older looking man. With the veteran of the Hundred Year Darkness, Emukiel al-Saefar, he started to train his skills in lightsaber, force and old Sith Swords. The peace was a pleasant time for the Dominion and the many cultures flourished back to their former selves without the Republic's oppressive hand upon them.

Only days before the war started with the newly formed Galactic Alliance, the Sith Lord gained his full power back. He leeched upon the power formed by Strider's and Reibe's clash, a dangerous thing in itself, yet a very accomplishing one. Tepe's eyes changed white with the exception of his irises and his body turned back into the young Tepe again due to the immense power he held within himself now. He also pinpointed their hideout and left to duel them and to test his new abilities. The duel was unsuccessful due to a linked mind technique the Sith Hunters used. Of course the Hunters were victorious, but now Tepe knew their secret and started to plan a trap for them. He returned to Tibrin where he trained hard with the Sith Swords before the Galactic Alliance attacked Tibrin with a plan to crush the planet from the surface more than engage the strong ships. The Lord had also by now started to use only his overly huge Dungeon Ship for transportation. Of course the Alliance forces were crushed and the bodies were sent back to the Republic and the Jedi while the ultimate deception was happening within the Jedi Order. The Jedi of Coruscant claimed the teachings of Luke Skywalker to be heresy and removed the remaining members of the Masters' Council from their offices. Tepe immediately arranged for Ossus to be secured so no Jedi from Coruscant were to get trough without the approval of the Jedi Praxeum on the planet Ossus. While the Hunters were scheming to attack Tepe, he arranged a trap for them on Ruun. He also sent word that his apprentices were to be tested for suitability for Lord and Lady positions within the Order. The three eventually dueled the Hunters, Tepe managing to hold off Strider with a pair of Sith Swords untl Riebe entered the battle. The duel grew intense, Tepe damaged the inner wirings of the Ragnarok and pushed his luck as far as it could go until a bunch of pirates interrupted and forced the Sith Lord to break off his attack for a moment that would prove valuabe to the Hunters. The Sith Hunter eventually escaped the planet with the hard drive containing the data of the machinery and the Hunters' changes when they went throught the machinery extending their lifespan.

During the battle, the pirate ships as well as the Ragnarok were tracked until they would gather again, a plan set into motion to get them once they stopped for a time to fix their weapons and regroup their forces. Meanwhile, the entire mass of leaders from the Dominion-controlled planets were gathered to a great assembly within the Bogan Amphitheater to decide of the future and if they should encounter the threat of Galactic Alliance. It was also decided that two of the greatest enemies, Sith and Jedi, would join forces to destroy the "False Jedi" of Coruscant. Two Sith Hunters were also present, spying on the meeting they reported eventually to the rest of the Sith Hunters, followed by Kaoin's fleet to ambush them. The pirates wer detroyed with the exception of Danera who got away as well as the Sith Hunters. The following years would once again be plagues by heavy warfare.

Recently he has started to take a much more peaceful route, sending Emukiel to speak with the Head of State of the Galactic Alliance and starting to reinforce defences rather than sending ships to worthless battles. The only incasion still being fought is indeed against the homeworlds of the Imperial Remnant and the Hutt. By sending Charna to take care of the Hutt leaders, he would cause enought turmoil in the underworld to establish Dominion rule within Hutt space. At least, that is what he hoped.


As the Sith Lord has grown, he has no doubt become one of the greatest Dark Lords of the Sith. His irises have turned white from the same reason as many siths' turn yellow but in it's most pure form. He is in harmony with his dark side, balancing himself in the middle and so eliminating corruption from the Dark Side of the Force. His speed and agility are amazing and the lightsaber skills tought to him by Emukiel Al-Saefar have made him one of the best lightsaber duelists of current time. He is also a great mechanic, able to create a complex lightsaber that can be linked together and detatched from each other easily as well as several ways on them to shorten, lenghten, activate and deactivate the blade, making them practically impossible to be used by others.

Even if the man was a Sith, nothing in his mind would tell you that. Not only was he kind, he also proved to be a magnificent strategist even if slightly old-fashioned in creating his armies. When met on the battlefield, he is ruthless and slices throught even heavy enemy forces like a vibroknife thought butter. Even so, he does not believe in enslavement and usually when he directly is in charge of a battle, has the civilians evacuated from the site of the battle, making him a very wanted General in battles. At least by the civilians, that is.

His quest for knowledge had been great since early childhood and after decades of pondering with the secrets of the Jedi Holocron, he finally managed to replicate one. It did not work to it's full potential, but he managed to store the instructions on it so he would not forget. After studying more of the secrets, his skills grew better over time and finally just before revealing the Sith Dominion to the Republic, Tepe managed to create the perfect Jedi Holocron. During the first battles, he meditated much on the past events, storing one thing within the Holocron that he could never forgive. The Assault on the Jedi Temple during the Great Jedi Purge. He recorded the great ordeal on the holocron in it's entirety, watching it over and over again when he was feeling insecure about the war. It is thought by some of those who know of the Holocron that it is the reason why Tepe created the Sith Dominion and attempts to draft a peace treaty. He does not want to see such massacre caused by the Sith again in the future.


Not only coan he completely hide his force signature, he can follow someone else's to the other side of the galaxy and taunt him the whole time. Tepe is well trained in the arts of most core and universal force powers, pushing them to their limits when training. The Sith Lord is also one of the greatest masters of the Dark powers since the Golden ages of the Sith Empire as well as having basic knowledge on most light side powers. After all, you can't destroy something you cannot understand. He prefers not to use Force Lightning like so many of the other Sith, but rather likes the power of Force Drain, making him much more powerful than he really is, so making him even pass he Sith Hunters in some areas when using it. He is aware of the corruption caused by Force Drain, yet he manages to overcome it by having a deep meditation session afterwards to bring balanceinto the force, releasing some of his force energy from his body and letting go of the material world.


A very able practicioner of both the orthodox and unorthodox of the Old Jedi Order as well as a user of Emukiel's Vaapad-style from the pre-Ruusan Reform era. His lightsaber skills are outstanding, swift and exact. He also has a basic skill in the use of real metal swords, but has since returned to use lightsabers, finding them in the end much more effective than the bulky sword, even if he now and then still trains with them. He is the absolute master of both Jar'kai and lightstaff combat, especially when using Form I, Shii-Cho. Tepe was the master of Shii-Cho when he left the Jedi Order and by the time he stepped under tutelage of Darth Rythe, he had become a very able user of Form IV: Ataru and when Rythe began teaching him Makashi(Form II), he had nearly mastered it. By the time he betrayed Rythe and stepped to the lead of the Sith Dominion, he had mastered Makashi with the training provided to him by Emukiel Al-Saefar as well as learning some of Emukiel's own Vaapad style. He was also known to be average with other lightsaber combats, currently concentrating on his Soresu trainings. It is also rumoured that he and Kyle Katarn have been sparring and that Kyle has been under tutelage from the Sith in many of the lightsaber styles.

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