Darth Trask is a Sith Lord, though he is not from the Kropulan Sith Empire. He lives to destroy all life. Trask was created by Dork of Mordork, the same person who created Koras Aldamar.

Early life

Darth Trask was not always a Sith Lord, at one time in his life, he was a young boy, Alrix Tranzall, born to a mother and father on Telos, though soon, there was an attack on Telos, and his parents were murdered. Trask barely escaped, lying face down on the hard, metal flood, pretending to be dead. At that time, Trask was only 12. Trask hijacked one of his attackers' small ships, and flew away to Dantooine.


Trask came to Dantooine, where he discovered a hidden enclave there, and he was taken in as a padawan, being found strong in the Force. Though the Dantooine Council were not too sure about it, because Trask had much anger and loss within him.


Trask, after many years of training, was to be knighted. Now 19, his last trial was to go to Tatooine to clear up a Dark Jedi problem. He went alone, but little did he know, they were not Dark Jedi... they were Sith. Trask was tortured, and was given the option to die, or learn his true path. Trask turned to the Dark Side, the lure of all the power he could have was too much. He ignited his green saber, and stabbed the Sith in his heart, killing him istantly. The other Sith swung with his shining red blade, cutting Trask's saber in half. Trask used Force choke, and strangled him to death. Trask took both of their sabers, and used them for the rest of his life.

Special Powers

Trask learnt much from the Dark side, he even discovered... un-natural long life. By feeding off the Force of other Force-sensitive beings, Trask could give himself more and more power, and more life. He used this power to stay alive for years, though it had its side-effects. His skin becamed tracked from the dark Force energy, so much that he wore a mask, similar to the one Darth Revan used to wear, in honor of one of the greatest Dark Lords who ever lived.

Character profile

The character Darth Trask was created by Dork of Mordork, a member of The Jedi Order.


-Alrix Tranzall (Al-rix) (Tran-zall)

Sith name:

-Darth Trask, Lord of Destruction








-Formerly, long and black


-Formerly, grey


-6'5 1/2"




-Trask has recieved many scars and injuries over the years, too many to count.



Home Planet:



-Sith starfighter (KOTOR style)
-Hammerhead-class capital ship called Blood Lust
-A black and red Republic assault fighter


-Heavily modified BARC speeder

Lightsaber combat style:

-Djem Sokashi


-Blood red
-Arbiter hilt
-Praetor hilt


-Basic equipment
-Blaster pistol
-Sith energy shield
-Republic Credits
-Aqua breather


-Robes styled after Darth Revan's, only darker


-Sith Lord

Type of Jedi:

-Jedi Guardian (formerly)


-Skilled pilot
-Extremely skilled in lightsaber combat

Force powers:

-Force push
-Force pull
-Force jump
-Force persuasion
-Force sense

Specialty Force powers:

-Force Crush
-Force Choke
-Sith Lightning

Former Master:

-Jaldar Tokan

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