Dash the Logging Loco and Friends (Big City Engine/Bert Version) Wooden Railway was a fan-fiction thing to make.



  • Dash the Logging Loco
  • Rusty the Little Diesel
  • BoCo the Diesel Engine
  • Bertie the Bus
  • Big Mac the Big Tug
  • Stanley/No. 2 the Red Tank Engine
  • Toad the Brakevan
  • Donald the Scottish Engine
  • Douglas the Scottish Twin Engine
  • Zoe the Tugboat


  • Freddie the Warhorse Engine
  • Bill the Yellow Tank Engine
  • Ben the Yellow Tank Engine
  • Flynn the Fire Truck
  • The Duchess the Ocean Liner
  • Fransworth the Passenger Diesel


  • Bash the Logging Loco
  • D261 the Green Diesel
  • Paxton the Green Diesel

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