Hablado en: None
Región: None
Hablantes: Less than 200
Estatus oficial
Lengua oficial de: None
Regulada por: Dastmen Association
Códigos de la lengua
ISO 639-1
ISO 639-2
ISO/FDIS 639-3[1]
Códido SIL[2]

Dastmen is an artificial language or conlang, proposed to IAL in 2006. It was created by the Spanish Juan M. Jiménez in year 1984 and finished in 2005, Dastmen, or Dactmen in its latin transliteration, has a lexicon over 350.000 invented words not relationed with existing languages, or natural or artificial, and an own alphabet composed by 35 symbols (graphes), and 30 letters in latin transliteration, using european characters so like å, đ, ć, č, ś, š and ž. Its grammar, altered during these 22 years was totally simplified, depriving it of complexities such as declinations and verbal conjugations, and facilitating its express and comfortable learning. Basic vocabulary in 6 languages, grammar summary and dictionaries on official website.

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