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A Data Centre is a building used to house servers, telco equipment, computer systems and their associated hardware. A Data Centre usually predominently house servers for hundreds or indeed thousands of clients. Although many large corporations have their own data centre or indeed multiple data centres of their own.

Typical layout involes lanes of server cabinets with both front and rear access to the server racks contained therein. Also many data centres provide clients with their own "cages". That are locked and offer reserved floor space for clients who require aditional flexablilty and security in their server platform.

The principle role of the data centre is to provide availability of the hardware platforms contained within. This implies availability of power, connectivity to the outside world, security both physical and otherwise and insulation from the elements of Fire & Water.

The pre-requisites of a data centre are essentially.

1] Floor & Rack Space.

2] Carrier Connectivity.

3] Carrier Switching.

4] Fire Supression.

5] Secure Access.

6] Battery Power backup.

7] Generator Power backup.

8] CCTV Surveilance.

9] Atmospheric and Humidity control

10] Facility monitoring

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