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  • A Cost-Based Model and Effective Heuristic for Repairing Constraints by Value Modification. Philip Bohannon, Michael Flaster, Wenfei Fan, Rajeev Rastogi. ACM SIGMOD Conference 2005. (data cleaning and mapping)
  • ConQuer: Efficient Management of Inconsistent Databases. Ariel Fuxman, Elham Fazli, Renée J. Miller. ACM SIGMOD Conference 2005. (data cleaning and mapping)
  • Corpus-based Schema Matching. Jayant Madhavan, Philip A. Bernstein, AnHai Doan, Alon Y. Halevy. ICDE 2005. (schema matching)
  • Designing Information-Preserving Mapping Schemes for XML. Denilson Barbosa, Juliana Freire, Alberto O. Mendelzon. VLDB 2005. (integration and mapping)
  • Information Preserving XML Schema Embedding. Philip Bohannon, Wenfei Fan, Michael Flaster, P. P. S. Narayan. VLDB 2005. (integration and mapping)
  • Light-weight Domain-based Form Assistant: Querying Web Databases On the Fly. Zhen Zhang, Bin He, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang. VLDB 2005. (integration and mapping)
  • Mapping Maintenance for Data Integration Systems. Robert McCann, Bedoor K. AlShebli, Quoc Le, Hoa Nguyen, Long Vu, AnHai Doan. VLDB 2005. (integration and mapping)
  • Representing and Querying Data Transformations. Yannis Velegrakis, Renée J. Miller, John Mylopoulos. ICDE 2005. (schema matching)
  • Schema Matching using Duplicates. Alexander Bilke, Felix Naumann. ICDE 2005. (schema matching)
  • Semantic Adaptation of Schema Mappings when Schemas Evolve. Cong Yu, Lucian Popa. VLDB 2005. (integration and mapping)
  • Supporting Executable Mappings in Model Management. Sergey Melnik, Philip A. Bernstein, Alon Y. Halevy, Erhard Rahm. ACM SIGMOD Conference 2005. (data cleaning and mapping)
  • Tuning Schema Matching Software using Synthetic Scenarios. Mayssam Sayyadian, Yoonkyong Lee, AnHai Doan, Arnon Rosenthal. VLDB 2005. (integration and mapping)


  • Composing Schema Mappings: Second-Order Dependencies to the Rescue. Ronald Fagin, Phokion G. Kolaitis, Lucian Popa, Wang Chiew Tan. PODS 2004. (data exchange)
  • Foundations of Semantic Web Databases. Claudio Gutiérrez, Carlos A. Hurtado, Alberto O. Mendelzon. PODS 2004. (data exchange)
  • Locally Consistent Transformations and Query Answering in Data Exchange. Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barceló, Ronald Fagin, Leonid Libkin. PODS 2004. (data exchange)
  • Logical Foundations of Peer-To-Peer Data Integration. Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Riccardo Rosati. PODS 2004. (data exchange)
  • On the Complexity of Optimal K-Anonymity. Adam Meyerson, Ryan Williams. PODS 2004. (data exchange)
  • Specification and Verification of Data-driven Web Services. Alin Deutsch, Liying Sui, Victor Vianu. PODS 2004. (data exchange)


  • Declarative Data Cleaning: Language, Model, and Algorithms. Helena Galhardas, Daniela Florescu, Dennis Shasha, Eric Simon, Cristian-Augustin Saita. VLDB 2001. (regular paper, data quality & cleaning)
  • Potter's Wheel: An Interactive Data Cleaning System. Vijayshankar Raman, Joseph M. Hellerstein. VLDB 2001. (regular paper, data quality & cleaning)
  • Update Propagation Strategies for Improving the Quality of Data on the Web. Alexandros Labrinidis, Nick Roussopoulos. VLDB 2001. (regular paper, data quality & cleaning)


  • A Methodology of Application Program Analysis and Conversion Based on Database Semantics. Stanley Y. W. Su, B. J. Liu. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1977. (data conversion and restructuring)
  • An Access Path Specification Language for Restructuring Network Databases. Donald Swartwout. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1977. (data conversion and restructuring)
  • Main Schema-External Schema Interaction in Hierarchically Organized Data Bases. Alfred G. Dale, Nell B. Dale. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1977. (data conversion and restructuring)


  • A Logical-Level Approach to Data Base Conversion. Arie Shoshani. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1975. (data translation)
  • CONVERT: A High Level Translation Definition Language for Data Conversion (Abstract). Nan C. Shu, Barron C. Housel, Vincent Y. Lum. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1975. (data translation)
  • DSCL - A Data Specification and Conversion Language for Networks. G. Michael Schneider. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1975. (data translation)
  • Implementation of a Prototype Generalized File Translator. David E. Bakkom, James A. Behymer. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1975. (data translation)
  • Investigations into the Application of the Relational Model to Data Translation. Shamkant B. Navathe, Alan G. Merten. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1975. (data translation)

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