Date Collection Procedure

1. End user reports issue to Home Depot NOCC

2. Home Depot NOCC captures data needed via the Issue Reporting Form

3. Home Depot NOCC dials the CCC at 888.569.3848 to report the captured information

4. CCC opens PRIME ticket/OTI

5. PRIME ticket/OTI escalated

6. Fix Agents research and communicate resolution to CCC

7. CCC contacts Home Depot NOCC at phone number XXXXXXXXX or via email (whichever they prefer) with resolution to deliver to client.

8. Home Depot NOCC can dial into the CCC at anytime for updates on their ticket number.

The Home Depot Company ID and Reservations numbers:

Executives Team

COID: 396519


General Population

COID: 08199




COID: 178521



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