Picked up at Thornton's "Dave" was wearing the coveralls of a nearby moving company. He seemed to be just off work. He had grabed a hot sandwich.

A Young Guy

Dave was a young guy. He got in back. Shortly underway, he appeared awkward. He started sighing. I asked if he was all right. He said he was fine, then made an ambiguous statement about "Looking for something he's not finding". I let this pass, and gave a non-committal grunt as an answer. He went on, to say he's of the age, he doesn't care who sucks his dick, a man or a woman. I mentioned the old queer straight guy seduction phrase, a Mouth is a mouth. He did not quite comprehend that. He then went on saying he did not know the difference since he's only had his dick sucked one, and it was by a woman.

What made the ride unusual

I still let this go. I brought up the adult bookstores and what goes on there. He did not know about them, and was quite interested. He then asked what I went for when I went to them. He did not believe me when I said I didn't go. But I told him I was bisexual. He asked what time I got off, and asked if I wanted a good fuck. I told him 3 and he said he may be asleep by then. After he paid I said I usually took a break around 10, but he did not respond. A woman was waiting for him on the front step. Probably his mom.

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