This is David. David is a student at West Malibu High School.

Name: David Simmons
Age: 18
Job: Doesn't need one
Best Friend(s): Everyone
Girlfriend: None
Creator: Mariam


This is what was written on David's character profile

All girls like him. Athletic. Hot. No one knows but he wants more than a cheerleader. He wants someone with a mind, soul and heart. Not just a blonde plastic.

David has changed a lot over time

If you look through some threads on the forum, you will see how most David has evolved.

David has been changing over the months. He's been hanging out with 'new girls' not just the blonde cheeleaders he is 'supposedly supposed to like' Yes, he likes a hot boobalicious blonde but he's been finding new non-blonde, non-cheeleader, more unique and kind girls that he's interested. He is single and who is he going to end up with? Imogen? Cameron? Kate?


Not much is known about David's family. He is 18, so he is legal to live on his own.


David is friends with everyone, but the football team and a few others are his close friends. His close friends include:

  • Dylan Carter
  • Jacob Mitchell
  • Brayden Conner Boltern
  • Theo Anders
  • Imogen Watts
  • Cameron Gardiner


    David has had a few girlfriends in the past. He liked Noelani Rivers for a while, but Noelani didn't have feelings for him. He was very upset and angry. To get Noelani off his mind he's been hanging out with other girls. At the moment, he's tied between Cameron Gardiner and Kate Bennit. If those don't turn out well, he's just going to stay single for awhile, or maybe fall for his girl best friend, Imogen Watts.

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