Dawn Davie is one of the members of the Kingsteigton Undead who was a follower of the other Undead which was called Kim Knight she was mostly known for her drinking. Even when she was dead and could no longer get drunk without it running out of her stomach. She still kept on drinking. She would then use the bottle she had drunk out of as a weapon. Sometimes she would try and throw it to hit people across the heads. Other times she would use it as a knife to try and cut people with it.


Dawn Davie was born in 1947 from a young age she was seen as trouble and at the age of just 11 years old had started drinking. As Time went on she was passed to Care Home to Care Home.


Dawn had been drinking all of her life this had taken effect on her. Dawn started to slowly kill herself and later on in the year she was found dead in her flat. She was then put to her resting place in the Kingsteigton Graveyard.


In the year 2001 she woke up to find herself alive and well again she had been brought back to life by a warlock who was called Robert Dorrington who was going to give her a new life for a price. She would be allow to live if she got rid of a gang who were going to be a pest to Robert Dorrington. Dawn accepted and she was willing to work with a few more people to help defeat a River who was named Scott Curtis Over the year she tried many times when working with the Kingsteignton Undead. However she failed trying to kill Scott Curtis who was to strong for her. Later in that year Scott Curtis and three other Rivers all came to where she was hiding away after falling out with the Kingsteigton Undead. She was then fighting with them and soon lost a fight with Emma Davison who manage to kill her in a powerful earthquake inside the cave she was hiding.

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