Dawn Robinson (born November 28 1968, New London, Connnecticut) is an African-American R&B/soul/Dance-pop singer mostly best known for her work as a member of hit Urban/Dance-pop group, En Vogue.

Following her departure from En Vogue in 1997, Robinson joined Lucy Pearl for a brief period of time from 1999 to 2001. Besides occasional modeling and background vocal work for Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, Robinson also released a solo album entitled Dawn, released by Atlantic Records on 29 January 2002. The single "Envious" only received light to moderate airplay on radio and video outlets. In 2005, Robinson returned to En Vogue who toured nationally while attempting to negotiate a new recording contract with The Firm Management for the original En Vogue. All four members failed to reach an agreement and Robinson decided not to return to En Vogue.

Personal life

Dawn Robinson reconciled with her husband singer/songwriter Dre Allen (formerly of the 90's top 40 r & b group IV Xample) in the beginning of 2008 after gossip pages internet wide reported their volatile separation in late 2007 resulting in their on again off again relationship cementing following a renewed faith in God & their incredible chemistry together.


With En Vogue


Year Album US US R&B UK US Sales World Sales
1990 Born to Sing 21 3 23 1.0m -
1991 Remix to Sing - - 57 150k -
1992 Funky Divas 8 1 4 3.2m 6.5m
1993 Runaway Love EP 49 16 - 250k -
1997 EV3 8 8 9 1.0m -
1998 Best of En Vogue - - 39 200k 500k
2001 The Very Best of En Vogue - - - - -
2005 Hold On And Other Hits - - - - -

With Lucy Pearl

Only one album was released, the self titled Lucy Pearl. Two singles, "Dance Tonight" and "Don't Mess with My Man" went top 40 and sold over 500,000 copies certifying the album Gold. Soon afterwards, Robinson was replaced by Joi & the result was a lukewarm response by the public who missed Robinson which further resulted in the group disbanding permanently.

Soundtrack works

She has featured several songs in some successful soundtracks:

Solo album

Dawn was produced by Milton Davis, Travon Potts, AllStar, Chris Warrior, PAJAM and others.

Track: Title: Composer:

1 Set It Off (Simmons, Aleese/Gordon, Allen/Butler, Nate)

2 Still Warrior (Christopher/Robinson, Dawn)

3 Party, Party (Barias, Ivan/Haggins, Carvin/Robinson, Dawn)

4 Get Up Again (Barias, Ivan/Haggins, Carvin/Ramanto, Frankie/Robinson, Dawn)

5 Envious (Young, Amber Jade/Davis, Milton/Robinson, Dawn/Paul, Kowan "Q")

6 Meaning of a Woman (Cook, Sean "Cookie"/Robinson, Dawn/Ski, Kenni)

7 I Don't Know Why (Potts, Travon)

8 Fed Up (Allen, Paul D./Moss, J.)

9 Our Child (Cook, Sean "Cookie"/Robinson, Dawn/Ski, Kenni)

10 How Long (Cook, Sean "Cookie"/Robinson, Dawn/Ski, Kenni)

11 Read in My Eyes (Potts, Travon/Rudolph, Richard)

12 You Will Never (Potts, Travon)

The album peaked at #22 in the Billboard Heatseekers.


  • "Envious"

Peaked at #99 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks

  • "Set It Off"

"Set it Off" was sampled from Dexter Wansel's song, "New Beginning."

  • "Fly"

A duet with her husband Dre Allen which was recorded for the Dre Allen Project album L.Y.F.E. & was released on Dawn's indie label Movemakers Entertainment, recieved big underground response & independently sold over 50,000 copies in a grassroots touring campaign throughout 2006-2007. The music video went into the top 10 in MTV Base in the UK & sold over 18,000 copies in Britain.

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