Day of the Diesels (the Barney parody)

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Day of the Diesels is a Barney parody by YouTube user TNASESRaider


Barney As Thomas

Baby Bop As Percy

BJ As James

Carlos As Gordon

Michal As Hernry

Bowser (From Mario) As Diesel

Bowser Jr. (From Mario) As Dart

Lugwin Von Koopa (From Mario) As Den

Splatter And Dodge (From Thomas) As Arry And Bert

Wendy.O.Koopa (From Mario) As Mavis

Mr.Krabs (From SpongeBob) As Salty

Sindly,Paxinton,Norman As Themself

BoCo (From Thomas) As Dieasel 10

Toadsworth (From Mario) As Toby

Fireman Sam (From Fireman Sam) As Flynn

Princess Dasiy (From Mario) As Belle

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