Inspired by TheUnluckyTug02's video on YouTube, here is choice to see what movie you like best: Day of the Diesels or Blue Mountain Mystery?

Between 2011 and 2012, HiT had made two CGI movies. They were both animated and had new voice actors like Rupert Degas and Michael Legge.

Day of the Diesels was released in 2011. It features many new characters such as Belle, Flynn, Den, Dart, Paxton, Norman and Sidney. The plot is that Belle and Flynn arrive on Sodor and Thomas shows them around. Percy was lonely, so he went to visit the Diesels at the Dieselworks. Diesel 10 is featured as the main villain and many locations return like Wellsworth and the Fishing Villiage.

Blue Mountain Mystery was the latest movie in 2012. It features the Narrow Gauge engines and four new characters: Luke, Winston, Merrick and Owen. Luke hides in the Blue Mountain Quarry because he had done something very bad. He fears he will be sent away from Sodor forever. But Thomas helped out by finding the truth and Luke didn't hide any more. We see three recreated CGI flashbacks from A Scarf for Percy, The Sad Story of Henry and Down the Mine. Old Bailey returns as a workman at the quarry and we hear Annie and Clarabel speak in the CGI Series for the first time. We even hear Victor speak Spanish. This was the last film Sharon Miller had wrote and Andrew Brenner will take over and they will have a new studio.

So, what do you think is your favourite movie out the two? Mine was Blue Mountain Mystery, because it is a good movie. Especially the flashbacks and new characters. So, what movie do you prefer?


  • From FlyingDuckManGenesis: I have not seen either of those movies yet, so I will have to come back to this topic when I have seen both of them.

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