The staff and the family

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Section heading Days gone by from pennine films present


Days gone by is a show on youtube it is set from 1937 to 1941 it is about the like in the Buckingham home with the staff downstairs and the family upstairs it is smiler to upstairs downstairs a show from the 1970s at the moment they is two show of DGB on youtube and the third is in production now as I rite this blog thing sum people from youtube are helping me do sum of the vices and the third DGB is to do on to youtube in July and august this year 2010 so I hope the people that like pored drama gust have a look at it if you have the time. penninefilms

Section heading

The name of the show has had two different names the first is

Days Gone Bye

and the second is

Days Gone By

it has had the E cut of the end of the first one the new name came in on the third story of the series

I have planed five story of the show and those are the names of the story on youtube now

1.The New Footman in three episodes on youtuen now

2.The Blast From The Past in two episodes on youtube in may 2010

3.Troubled Times in four episodes on you tube in July and august 2010



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