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TV Fan Online first started podcasting Daytime Confidential in 2006. Originally it was devised as a medium for discussing all 9 US Soap Operas, and was a first of it's kind, featuring news, gossip and more. Gradually, as the podcast gained popularity, additional versions of the podcast were produced, including the now infamous 'Top 5' podcasts and Network specific podcasts, where the soaps are broken down into their respective networks and discussed in more depth.

TV Fan Online has had the good fortune to interview two well known Daytime celebrities - in Daytime Confidential Podcast #156 Michael Bruno (best known for being a judge on the reality tv show I Wanna Be a Soap Star) talked about the future of SOAPS, what it is like to be on I wanna be a soap star, And how his job as a Agent involves. And most recently, Thom Racina (Podcast 191), most famously known for being the writer behind the iconic wedding between General Hospital's Luke and Laura. Thom provided anecdotes from his time as a writer for soaps such as Another World, General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives.

  • Interesting Fact: Daytime Confidential's hosts, Luke and Lisa (or Lisa and Luke), have never met face to face.

TV Fan Online runs a fan forum, where likeminded soap fans can come together and discuss daytime news, rumors, current storylines and more. Recently, the forums were updated so that Cinema and Primetime fans could also chat about related news.

TV Fan Online recently developed the first daytime blog site, similar to TMZ, but primarily concerned with reporting news and personal opinion concerning the daytime industry.

Daytime Confidential is now one of three podcast genre's that TV Fan Online produces. There is also the Movie Junkie Podcast and the Primetime Pulse Podcast. All three can be subscribed to via iTunes.

Episode list [1]


Luke, Lisa

Cohost: Belinda , Mike, Foxy , Tina , Jay and Danielle

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