What are we

DC In Darkness, aka The Three Games, is a network of linked Vampire the Requiem LARPs in the DC metro area. We currently have two parallel courts, MD having annexed DC.

Who's Who in the United Domains

City Officers

Woichech Krol

Prince of the United Domains of DC and Maryland Sanctified, Gangrel Krol1

Lady Unity Mitford

Seneschal Sanctified

Malcolm Sawyer

Sheriff and Gangrel Priscus Dragon, Gangrel

Lord Steward Cobb of Annapolis

Master of Elysium Invictus, Gangrel

Bernardo L'Acqua Di Angelo

Prince's Harpy Sanctified, Nosferatu

Hound is currently unfilled.

Primogen Council

Carthian - Patrick Donahue

Former Sheriff of MD Carthian, Gangrel

Crone - Katheryn di Medici

Blood Priestess of Lord Itzcoatl the Ascendant Childe of Oliver Duquense Seer of the Crone Crone, Ventrue

Dragon - Malcolm Sawyer?

Invictus - ??

Sanctified - Lady Mitford?

The Brute Squad

Lord Steward Cobb

Patrick Donahue

Malcolm Sawyer

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