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We are in the midst of the greatest revolution in media history. IPTV, iTV, streaming video, mobile video, on demand everything, blogging, vlogging, podcasting. wiki-this and wiki-that, file sharing, time shifting, place shifting, social networking, Second Life… ay ay ay -- you need a second life just to keep up with all of this stuff. Technology is allowing us to move in directions we never could have imagined. True? Maybe not.

Take Google for example. 2300 years before Larry and Sergey came up with the ingenious concept to organize the world’s information, a couple of enterprising fellas in Ancient Egypt had the very same idea. They called their project “The Great Library of Alexandria.” It was the first serious attempt to gather writings from all the world’s people.

But you don't need to look back two millenia to find some remarkable technology that hit the scene before its time. Just look back to the bubble. During those formative years, an amazing level of innovation took place -- and yet much of that knowledge was lost when the bubble popped and hundreds of startups popped right along with it.

The mission of Dead Tech Wiki is to learn from media revolutions of the past and apply those lessons to speed future innovations.

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