Dead or Alive (デッド・オア・アライブ, Deddo oa Araibu) is a series of video games developed produced by Tecmo; now Tecmo Koei.

Primarily, Dead or Alive is composed of fast-paced fighting games. The first Dead or Alive was released in 1996 for the arcade, which was well-known for its advanced graphics for that time. Today, the Dead or Alive series consists of four main fighting games (which a fifth development), nine remakes and ports, three beach volleyball-based spin-off titles, and a blackjack spin-off, across eleven different video game platforms. It has also spawned a feature film, DOA: Dead or Alive, which is loosely based on the game series.

Over the years, Dead or Alive has been praised for its impressive graphics and fighting system; however, it has also been the subject of controversy, due to how the sex appeal of its female character is viewed and used in the series.


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