The first excursion by the Viraknion was to rescue the terrorist Kav from the clutches of CORtech, a corrupt organization pretended to help the common good, though that can be reasonably argued. Due to the work of Turaga Voran, Kav was given back to the BoA. The Viraknion then received their pay, and used it to buy smuggled metal from the control of Zuto-Nui.

They then helped the BoA to create a virus that infected Terros-Nui, though this plan failed when Toa Joske revealed that the Virus spread on its own.

Under the guidance of Toa Vaxor, the V-Mercenaries left Ta-Terros in a caravan, traveling through Zwalheider and into Ko-Terros, where they established a hidden mountain base with the smuggled metal. Unfortunately for the rogue Toa, Toa Virionius came to resume his post as the leader of the V-Mercenaries. THey then changed their name to the ICEROCK Criminal Organization.

Their current excursion is on a mysterious island located off Ga-Terros. They also intended to make a deal with the Kessels, and this deal seems to be in commission.

History, however, will remember them ast he Viraknion Toa, heroes of Metru Nui, who went bad due to the sadness unknown.

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