I want death to mean something...Currently in UO death is too easy. It happens all the time and players usually dont care if they die. I want death to be a scary thing that players avoid at all costs even when they are naked and not in danger of loosing items.

  • Perhaps Death can set a player's EXP to 0.
  • Make Resurrection harder to do...fewer ankhs, fewer NPC healers willing to heal,
  • Maybe there is a way we could make it like old-school video games. Where you have a certain number of "lives" or times you can be resurrected before having to wait for a cool down. Example: Lets say a player gets 3 resurrections per world save. Upon the 4th death, the player will have to wait as a ghost until the next worldsave before attempting to resurrect again.

I do however want (if agreed upon by the devs) a player to be returned to his or her body upon resurrection.


  • I liked the way WoW treated their death. Your spirit would be released from your dead body and would teleport to the nearest graveyard, then, you had to run back to your body and would resurrect in proximity of your dead body. If we make them have to run a good distance to either ankh or run back to their body from the nearest ankh it may be enough penalty to make players care more. Also in WoW if you start dying over and over you will have a penalty in time for when you can resurrect again. New players to UO will spend plenty of time dying so I don't want to make it too annoying. I also don't want gear to be easier lost than it was to get it. -Hogosha

  • I agree that once resurrected you should return to your body. I also think that without the help of another player resurrection should be somewhat difficult so that death is meaningful. Losing all EXP is a little too harsh though, maybe for a set time after death and resurrection you would only gain half experience instead of reseting to 0 for that level. Also we could implement a system like WOW where upon resurrection you take resurrection sickness and your stat values are reduced by a percentage for a set period of time. In these two ways you don't want to die because there are hindering penalties but not something that would keep you from progressing in the game. Having fewer ankhs and healers in the game could work, I know I wouldn't want to die and have to run all the way back to town to resurrect. Incapacitation is a great idea its annoying but at the same time redeeming. It also has a kind of Mortal Kombat feel to it so you can annihilate someone with an awesome finishing move that might take more time to prepare than a regular move in fast combat. While dead a player shouldn't be able to do anything but move freely throughout the world, ghosts are corporeal entities and shouldn't be able to interact with the material plane. Also lets fix resurrection so that the death shroud doesn't turn into a robe and stay on you you should either be naked or return to your body reequipped and as if nothing happened. -Outlaw Star

Death System 1.0


When a player's HITS reach 0 they fall to the ground and are "incapacitated" for 10 seconds. During this 10 seconds the player may be healed in which case the player will get back up and resume where he left off. Alternatively, the player may also be "finished off" in which case they are actually dead. At the end of the 10 seconds, if the player has not been healed or already finished off, he dies.


Upon death, a player looses all EXP gained up until that point and is reduced to the form of a ghost. In this form a player can do very little and must be resurrected by some means in order to continue game play. A fellow player may cast resurrect on the dead player's corpse (if it is "Intact") or the dead player's ghost may seek out a cleric (either player or NPC) to resurrect him. Also some spells, items, or abilities may allow the player to resurrect himself or to be auto-resurrected.


Upon Resurrection, if the corpse of the player was targeted, the player's ghost will be returned to that body and will resume where he left off. If the player's ghost was targeted, and an "Intact" corpse still exists in the world for that ghost, it will be given a choice to "resurrect here" or to "return to my body." However, if the player's corpse has already decayed then the ghost will be resurrected where he is standing.

Corpse Decay and Looting

When a player dies he leaves an "Intact" corpse. The corpse remains "Intact" for several real time hours. Once that time runs out the corpse begins to "decay" (it turns to bones). Any player may freely loot a decaying corpse. While "Intact," however, the corpse may only be looted freely by players who have been given permission to loot that player's body. Other players must either wait for the corpse to decay or else use the snooping and stealing skills to loot items.

COMMENT - One thing i am unsure about here...I want players to be able to carve corpses and they shouldn't have to wait for the corpse to decay. I don't want it to affect looting rights and resurrection capabilities. Any ideas about this are welcome!

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