The Debrune are the native sentient species of Halogan. Globe-like creatures, they received their name from their method of locomotion: propelled by the wind, they bounced themselves off obstacles to reach great heights.

The Debrune are shaped like medicine balls, and appeared rather fragile. Their internal physiology was balloon-like, resulting in negligible weight. Their skin was leathery and warm and dry to the touch. This suggested the creatures were warm blooded, although they only appeared as green blobs when viewed under infra-red. Their skin was covered in green hair, which fluttered in the Halogan breezes. Dominating the Debrune faces were two enormous luminous eyes. The large pupils were especially good for gathering light due to their nocturnal nature.

From these globe shaped bodies, the Debrune had numerous tentacles, half of which ended in delta shaped appendages. These functioned efficiently as small digging tools. The Debrune are able to "walk" along the ground with these tentacles and could stand on them when gathered together. These tentacles were very dexterous, and were used by the Debrune to manipulate items, such as styluses. When bouncing, these tentacles often drifted behind, giving them a ghostly appearance.

The Debrunes' primary method of locomotion relied on the wind. Due to their balloon-like bodies and negligible weight, they were easily carried by the winds. They were able to control their momentum and direction via specialized skin flaps that functioned as wind vanes. By turning, raising, and lowering these flaps, the Debrune are able to control their direction.[6] They aimed themselves at oncoming obstacles such as stones or boulders, and in this manner "bounced", hence their name. Using this technique, they could achieve heights up to fifty or sixty meters. The larger Debrune are even able to carry extra weight without it effecting their momentum.

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