Decieving Looks Part 1

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Sneak Preview

Max: He saved Tailow for us to take down his other Pokemon instead?

Luccanio: Correct, since Skie was unable to battle apart from a Normal attack, I can bring out a Pokemon so powerful, it takes 5 Pokemon from 1 Poke Ball to bring it out fully by this effect. Go, Skiel my Machine Emperor Pokemon! Go Skiel Top! Go Skiel Attack! Go Skiel Guard! And Go Skiel Carrier! May: Did you just bring out 5 Pokemon at once?

Luccanio: True, but looks can be decieving. Do your thing Machine Emperor Skiel. (Fusion) From 5 Pokemon comes one. Feel better?

May: Not at all.

Max: Because that's the biggest non legendary Pokemon I've ever seen.

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