Version 1 (IF YOU EDIT THIS, YOU WILL BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Preacher as Thomas
  • Boat Captain as Edward
  • Executive as Henry
  • Russell Franklin as Gordon
  • Tom Scoggins as James
  • Carter Blake as Percy
  • Jim Whitlock as Toby
  • Helicopter Pilot as Duck
  • Boy 1 as Donald
  • Boy 2 as Douglas
  • Helicopter Co-Pilot as Oliver
  • Dr. Susan McAlester as Emily
  • Billy the Loaded Man as Stepney
  • The People On The Ship as Skarloey Engines
  • Janice Higgins as Molly
  • Friend of Janice as Rosie
  • Girl 1 as Madge
  • Girl 2 as Isobella
  • Brenda Kerns as Mavis
  • Jim the Dead Zombie as Diesel
  • The Sharks as Diesel 10
  • and more

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