Mission 9: Deep Space Disaster

Part 1: Deep Space Disaster

Andre took over command of the bridge from Rhekel when he re- emerged on the bridge, however as soon as he did the ships engines cut out. "Mr. Bond, go down to engineering and see whats happening, keep me updated, Kristov try and get emergency power online", he pushed his commbadge "All senior officers except Bond and Mrs. Rantonia to the bridge!"

They arrived a few moments later as Bond gave the Captain updates "Sir power is offline!" he said. "We know that!" Kristov shouted at the Captains commbadge. He was cut off as Saren pointed out something on the viewscreen. "Sir..." "Not now Saren" "Sir!" "Not NOW!" "SIR LOOK AT THE VIEWSCREEN!!!" Saren screamed. Rantonia looked at Saren "How dare y...y...y..." he saw the viewscreen, "Turn around! Quick Serevan!" It was too late, the Firebreather was sucked into the wormhole.

A few minutes later the universe was the right way up but the crew were on the floor. "Ouch" Serevan stood up, picking up the captain. "Thanks. Where are we?" Suddenly the ship jerked and they were pulled into a starbase.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)The Day AfterHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

The ship had arrived at Starbase 464 in on the edge of the Gamma quadrant. The prometheus had been severley damaged and needed repairing so the entire crew moved into the starbase for the time being. Karina was taken by bed and the children were taken in the incubators.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)Meanwhile on the USS Hershey-AHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

Captain Kestra stood watching the space infront of her, they came out of warp and saw Starbase 464 ahaead of them, "Slow to docking speed Helm!" she ordered Suddenly the ship spun out of control and wouldn't slow down eventually stopping as it smashed into the side of SB464.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)Sickbay SB464HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

The Starbase shook and the power went out in sickbay. "What! Get some power back on, keep the incubators running!" Andre screamed. The Doctor came running out and tried to turn on emergeency power, after 3 minutes or so emergency power came on.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)Outside the Docking BayHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

Sullivan turned around, she had left some clothes in the wardrobe, she went towards the door when a guard came out, "Sorry Miss, you cannot enter the docking bay!" It was now off limits, the Starbase shook again and the people inside knew nothing of the carnage outside.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)SB464 Power CoreHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

There were screams heard from all around the place was on fore and the wreckage of the Hershey was everywhere burning people alive fell to there deaths. The starbase and everyone in it was under threat.

Serevan had taken a small room in the starbase and was just about to nod off when the power went out. He sat up and looked around, it was pitch black. "Help!!!!" he shouted. He stood up and tried to exit the door, it didn't slide open so he crushed his nose on the door, he pulled the manual relaease and rubbing his nose, left the room. There was mass chaos outside women running screaming and children crying, Serevan saw a Starfleet Officer run by. "Wait!" he grabbed the mans arm. "We have to help these people!" Serevan tried to persuade him. "I think you're mad, we have to get out of here, let go of me!" Serevan was pushed backwards into a small child. The child started to cry, Serevan picked him up and saw his room door collapse, something bad was happening. He picked up the small childs teddy bear that had been knocked out of his hand and gave ity to him. He stopped crying. Serevan carried him through the corridors searching for a way out. A group of guards were stopping people entering the shuttle bays. There was uproar. Serevan turned around and went the other way, he had to get out of here, just above him a metal plate fell, Serevan quickly stepped out of the way and continued on his way. A lady running the opposite way stopped Serevan and spoke in Russian "Give me my son" Serevan smiled and replied in his native dialect, "Take him and follow me!" the Lady smiled and follwed Serevan who was making his way to the top of the starbase.

Karina started panicking. "Andre, what are we going to do!" Andre gripped his wife. "Listen to me, we have to get out of here!" "But what about the children!" "We can save them!" "But there going to die without an incubator!" Andre took the two small babies out of the incubators, wrapped them up in tight bedding and put respirators in thier mouths. "We have to leave Karina!" Andre said. "There not going to make it!" Karina protested. "They will!" The couple and there children left sickbay valiantly and made there way to the docking bays.

They arrived a few minutes later to a massive crowd and guards telling them to go, suddenly it all kicked off and a riot ensued. Karina turned around and signalled Andre to follow. He did. suddenly lghts came on and doors started opening and closing around them. "The emergency power!" Andre exclaimed joyfully. They ran into the nearest turbolift where there was another officer, a Lieutenant. It was Saren. "Are we glad to see you!" Andre said smiling at his tactical officer. Suddenly the lift stopped and the lights went out, they were stuck with two premature babies in a turbolift in an exploding starbase!

Emily dashed into the crew lounge area on the starbase just as most of the other officers made their way there clearly trying to avoid the crush around the shuttlebay doors the starbase commander was there and he walked over to the two firebreather command officers present Hansman and Emily herself. "what the heck is going on?" Hansman asked "the USS Hershey has smashed straight ito the starbases power core" "damage report?" "fires on lower levels around the impact point is virtually inacessible structural damage minimal damage to upper levels" "do we have a way off this starbase?" "Theres an upper shuttlebay near the top decks of the starbase but the system is most likely damaged and there aren't many shuttles there ethier" "escape pods?" "system short circuited and they launched listen commander I need you to do me a favour" "name it" "can you see about coordinaating people away from here to safety please" "are you asking me to oversee a full scale evacuation?" "yes now I have to go we won't meet again"

Hansman turned to the other officers "what do we do?" Rhekel asked "do what hes just asked us to do" Hansman replied almost oblivious to any problem "how?" Sullivan asked "right heres what we'll do start a small scale evacuation..." "Bertus its Andre" "go ahead sir" "can you send someone down here to pick up me karina our two children and Saren please" "aye sir hansman out" "right ok then Rhekel get up to the top shuttlebay and see if you can get the system working" "aye sir" "Bond can you get the structure a bit more solid in here before the ceiling falls in on us?" "i'll try" "Monroe get people moving up to the shuttlebay" "ok" "Emily see how much time you can buy us" "how?" "go down towards the bottom of the starbase and start fighting the fire" "alright marines move out... what about you?" "following captains orders" "ok lets get going"

Someone knocked on the turbolift doors a few minutes later... "Andre? Karina?" it was Hansman. "Bertus it's you!" Karina jumped for joy.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)At the top shuttle bayHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

Admiral Davidson, the commander of the starbase, ran quickly into the shuttlebay and jumped into the only shuttle there and flew off.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)Back at the turboliftHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

"Ok, i'm going to get you out of there!" Hansman said. "Well you better hurry up!" Saren shouted. Hansman rammed his shoulder into the doors. They didn't open, "Damn, ok, i'll be back in one minute!" Hansman ran off. A few minutes later the skylight was smashed open and bertus dropped through it. "Ouch" he said picking himself up. "Now your stuck in here!" Karina pointed out. "Oh hip hip hooray" Saren said. "Help!" he shouted.

After half an hour they were still trapped but one thing ahd changed. "Andre?" Karina daid. "Can you smell fire?" suddenly spoke poured into the lift, "Andre!" she screamed. "Oh my g..." he coughed. "The children!" Karina cried. "They have respirators they'll be fine, it's me that i'm worried about!" Andre said. "Hmmph" Karina responded. They were all dehydrating in the heat. "They need water!" Hansman pointed out. "YOu got some?" Andre asked the XO. "No sorry" Hansman replied. Flames started licking under the door. "We seriously need to get out!" Saren said starting to panic. Andre looked up at the smashed skylight, he put his hands along the broken edge and, ignoring the pain, pulled himself up and out of the turbolift, Saren and Hansman followed suit and Karina passed up the children and then Andre pulled her up. "Riht we're out, lets get to the shuttle bay!"

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)Top Shuttle BayHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

The corridors had emptied and everything was on fire an explosion to the right and Saren was thrown to the floor, he got up and brushed his uniform down. They arrived at the shuttle bay a few minutes later, Rhekel, Kristov, a woman and a child were there, "They've takenthe last shuttle!" Rhekel said. Andre kicked the wall, it fell through and the floor clollapsed. The group fell onto the deck below, fortunately all of them were Ok, Karina hadn't dropped Jennifer or Maria. "This is very bad, look!" Rhekel pointed into rooms where the doors had broken off, the windows were smashed open but emergency power had activated the forcefields. There was a crowd ahea hundreds of people trying to get into the docking bay, they still weren't allowing them on. "You cannot leave!" the guard said before a huge explosion blew up the wall to his left, two other guards were immediately killed. The situation was very bad. Noone could get off the starbase, they had almost been sentenced to death.

Kristov watched as the explosion erupted and blew a missive hole in the side of the starbase. A few people were sucked out and suddenly the forcefield appeared. Andre worked his way to the front of the crowd and spoke. "Everyone remain calm, i'm taking command of the starbase, please do not pan..." he was interrupted by the one remaining guard. "Excuse me but stop organizing an escape we're doing everyt..." Andre had smacked the guard in the face an dknocked him out. "As i was not panic, i will make sure we all get out alive!" He opened the docking bay doors expecting to see his ship there, but it wasn't the USS Firebreather-A, Prometheus Class, NCC- 38104-A was out of the docking bay haging in the middle of open space about 600 metres away from the bay. "Damn!" Andre shouted. "OK, everyone split up nto groups of about 10! 3 starfleet officers to each, Bertus stay with Karina here! Everyone will do as the head of each team says, we are going to try and sit out this until help arrives, one team to a room, stay close to me though i will sit it out here with my wife and the firebreather crew! Rhekel, go and find the rest of the crew and tell them to come here, godspeed." The crowd dispersed and Andre sat down with the remaining people. "THis is gonna be tough." he said, suddenly a bloody, burnt starfleet oficer entered the bay, it was Captain Kestra, "Help won't be here for 2 weeks!" she cried before falling to the floor, Hansman rushed over to her and tended to her wounds. "SHe's gone captain" he said after a few moments. Andre lay down and looked at theceiling, "This is going to be veeeeery tough"

Crystal ushered the people towards the shuttles, just as the power went out.

People started screaming.

"STAY CALM!" Crystal said trying to comfort them.

No one heard her. She couldn't even hear herself.

The lights then came back on and the doors to the shuttlebays opened.

The people rushed in, only to find one shuttle left.

"I want the children and two officers to take the remaining shuttle." Crystal ordered, selecting two Starfleet men from the crowd.

Some of the parents simply would not give up their children and Crystal was not about to force them to.

Once the shuttle took off, Crystal muttered, "Good luck."

One of the men from the crowd said. "What are we going to do? There are no more shuttles!"

Some of the remaining children started crying.

"WE will be patient. Help will come." Crystal said.

"When?" The man asked.

"I don't know. But help will come."

"No help's going to come, we're all going to die!" The man said, starting to panic.

"Calm down. Help will come soon." Crystal said, trying to sound assuring.

Most of the people in the crowd shook their heads and dispursed.

Leaving one small seven year old boy, all alone.

Crystal knelt down beside him. "Where's your mom?" She asked.

"Don't know." The boy wispered.

Crystal picked him up.

"Come on, let's go find her."

As Crystal and the boy started walking towards some of the lighted area's of the dead station, Crystal hoped she would run into the Captain. Or someone she knew.

Karina woke in the middle of what appeared to be night, there was a big coffuffal outside she stood up (still in her sickbay nighty) Crystal Monroe entered the docking bay. "Lieutenant?" Karina asked. "It's me ma'am" Crystal was worn out. "Any news of Bond and Sullivan?" Karina asked. "They were in the Starbase crew lounge when i left them." Crystal replied. "Well lie down and rest" karina sounded like her husband.

In the morning Sullivan and Bond still hadn't arrived. "Where are they!" Saren asked. "The Crew Lounge apparently" Karina said. "Well, Saren and Bertus take two non firebreather officers and go to the crew lounge, keep me updated" Andre ordered, Saren and Hansman left. "They'll be ok" Kristov said. The children that Monroe and Kristov had picked up were playing in a small corner of the docking bay. Karina smiled hoping that her children would one day play like that.

Andre went round all the rooms that the teams were in that morning.

IN the first room a brawl the previous night had caused a seperation. One side was stood by one wall and the other side was stood on the opposite wall. The two starfleet officers had also taken sides. "YOU TWO!" Andre shouted "Stop it!" After sorting that room out the others were cake they were surviving which Andre was glad about, but he was worrying about his children and Sullivan and Bond.

He returned to the docking bay. Hansman and Saren hadn't returned yet. Karina was holding Jennifer and Maria. Andre sat next to them. He hheld Maria in his arms. "Hello" he said tickling his daughter. For the first time he saw some movement out of her she clutched Andres finger in her tiny hand. Andre shed a tear and spoke to Karina. "Look!" Karina almost jumped for joy! Kissed his daughter on the forehead. "He noticed that her skin was almost completely opaque now it was hardly translucent. He started crying. Karina leaned on her husband, he kissed her gently.

After another 5 hours Hansman and Saren still hadn't returned. Andre was getting hungry. "Kristov raid the supplies, they should be on the 17th deck." Kristov nodded and left. Suddenly a roof panel fell in above Serevan he dived out of the way as it exploded as it hit the floor throwing metal everywhere, a piece scraped andres cheek cutting it, "AGGH!" he shouted. "Kristov the medical supplies are on deck 16!" Karina shouted tending to her husband.

Hansman ans his team stepped back into the shuttlebay. "Captain. We could not find anything. The 9th deck is on fire so we could not get higher then that."

"Thank you commander. Found any officers?"

"Yes" He said. "But all of them were dead. Most of deck 10 has collapsed. I suggest that we try to find a way to contact any of the ships nearby, sir."

"How do you think to do that, commander?"

"Well. Every sickbay has a devise called the emergency contact antana. ECA for short. Only Medical personal are supposed to know about it and the communications are not picked up byt the sensors of the ship. If I could take a engineering officer up there to get it down here I could try to make it work. It has a range of about 8 light years, if fully working."

"Permission granted. Kristov is up there too. If you run into him let him help you too. The Sickbay is supposed to....""

"I know where it is Captain. Deck 16 section 4B. I've worked on this type of Starbases before." He took an engineering officer of the base and Saren and slowly moved towards deck 16.

Serevan arrived on deck 16 a few minutes after leaving the docking bay, as the lifts weren't working he had had to use the stairs. He entered sickbay and ransacked it looking for supplies, he finally found, _one_ medical tricorder and turned around, he tripped over and threw the tricorder out of the door "OW!" someone shouted. Hansman walked through the door. "Kristov you idiot!" he shouted. "You've just kicked the Emergency Contact Antenna!" Servean stood up and saw the small conn he had just fallen over. Hansman llunged at Kristov. "WHy!" he screamed. "That was our only means of escape now we have to wait for 10 days!" Hansman roared. "We can fix it, take it down to the bay and fix it!" Serevan kicked it again deliberately this time. Hansman ran at him but Seevan was to quick and he made it out of the way.

As he reached deck 2 he realised he had gone one deck to far. He turned around when there was an almighty explosion. Serevan fell and hit something soft. "Get off me!" a muffled voice came. He had landed on Lt. Col. Emily Sullivan. They both sat up. "Damn!" Kristov said looking up. Then he looked at the room they were in it was roaring in fire. Suddenly the floor collapsed and Kristov fell with Emily downwards. They were over a massive gaping hole, Sullivan had grabbed the edge, she was screaming. "HELP!" and she kept repeating, finally she lost the will to continue and simply let go, out of nowhere a hand came and grabbed emilys wrist, Bond! "James help us!" Emily cried. "I...can'!" he groaned trying to pull them up. Kristov looked down. "I have an idea!" he said. "What?" Emily asked. "Goodbye" he let go of Sullivans leg and fell down to his death. Emily screamed, Bond shouted but it was too late. Lieutenant Serevan Kristov of the USS Wayfarer and USS Firebreather was dead. He cast his memory back as he fell. Meeting Pearson Altaire and falling in love with her, his first day onbaord the Wayfarer, meeting Kit, Mike, Sam, Tanya and Khiara Darino. He even missed Hiron.

Back on deck 2 Bond had pulled Emily up. Emily was crying but she stood up bravely "Come on" Bond said running, then there was another explosion lifting Bond and Emily off there feet they pulled themselves onto the stairs and climbed them.

In the docking bay Hansman had arrived with the broken ECA and supplied just intime to see shards of metal and glass, smokle and flames fly across space in front of them with no idea what had happened to Serevan Kristov.

Sullivan and Bond arrived 10 minutes later with sullen faces. Hansman was in a corner trying to fix the ECA while all 4 kids were asleep as was the russian childs mother and Karina, Andre was talking to Crystal, Rhekel and Saren. He looked up when he saw them. "emily, James!" he shouted running to meet his old friends. They backed away. "Whats wrong?" he asked. "It's Serevan." Bond said. "He's dead" Emily said a tear falling from her eye. Andre face turned upside down, "No, what happened!?" Andre asked. "He saved my life!" Emily said. Hansman, Monroe Rhekel and Saren had arrived by Andres shoulder. "We have to get out, it's a death trap!" Hansman said. "Until help arrives we can't!" Andre said.

HawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)2 days laterHawkyBoy007 18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

They had finally got some food, Bertus was still trying to fix the ECa and the Russian woman had fallen into a fever, Hansman was also tending to her. "We need help!" Monroe said. "You've been saying that for days!" Rhekel replied. Andre was asleep next to Karina and his babies. THe starbase shook and woke them up. "What!uh-oh, lookslike we should get set for another explosi..." The entire roof caved in, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" someone screamed. The room was full of rubble and EVERY crewmember was under it, Rhekel was the first to get out, she started digging away and found Karina and the children then Bond and Sullivan popped up. The rest of the people were found except the russian child his mother and Andre.

Emily had bgeen going at the rubble with every officer trying to get Rantonia out they had found the russian child and the mother but no captain she was in discussion with Hansman "I hope we find him" Hansman said "We better becuase you wouldn't make much of a captain" "hey!" "joking" they were sharing a laugh when sargent O'Reilly ran up to them "the fires spread its now on deck 5 and we're on deck 2" he said "whats on Deck 5 sargent?" Emily asked "nothing except plasma containers" "alright tell jackson to go and raid the weapons locker on this deck for phaser rifles you take the rest of the privates down to deck 5 and don't let the fire get into touch with any plasma containers i'll be there in 5 minutes" "aye Emily" Emily turned back to Hansman "Emily what should I do with all of this lot because if you fail in stopping deck 5 from going up then it'll tear through decks 4,3 and this one" "take everyone up to deck 1 I suppose" "deck 1 is the science lab" "I know but its the best we have" Emily said turning to leave but Hnamsn spoke again "what about the captain?" he said as Emily turned back to face him all eyes snapped on Emily now as she looked at each firebreather officer Rhekel nodded ,Saren blinked and Bond shrugged she look at Hansman she deliberatley avoided looking at Karina as she knew whatever she said would bad for someone she took a deep breath "leave him Bertus" Emily said "what?" "leave him" "thats almost sentencing him to death" "yes I know but its his life against everyones and if deck 5 goes up and you're all still here then you'll most likely all die" "the point is the captain will die" "it doesn't it means he probably will but the captains strong he can get out of this hes been in worse situations before" "you do realise what Karinas going to say to this" "yeah she'll kill me" Emily said as she left

Just as Sullivan was leaving Karina let the klingon side of her get the better of the human side, she roared and leapt onto Sullivans back, Emily tried to push her off but Karina wouldn't let go. "You bitch!" she kept screaming over and over "You bitch!". Emily was pushed to the ground as Karina pounded her back with her fists. Hansman and Saren rushed to get Karina of Emily but she just pushed them away simply. Karina had never been proud of being half-klingon but now it was in full flow. The fight continued as Emily elbowed Karina in the jaw but got a face full of floor as Karina smacked Emilys head into it. "All right thats enough!" Hansman said pulling EMily away, Karina just sat there and sobbed. "Both of you!" Emily had a cut forehead while Karinas lip was bleeding. EMily pushed Hansman away and stepping over the rubble left. Karina was still crying. Hansman sat next to her. IN all that Karina had forgotten about her children, they were in a curved piece of rubble sleeping, she looked at them as Bertus hugged her. "I'm sorry" he said. Karina kept crying and crying. "I want him back, he can't be dead!" "I'm sorry Karina!" Hansman kept repeating. "No" Karina pushed Bertus away. She stood up and started picking away at the rubble. "He's here somewhere! He's just hiding!". Bertus stood up and pulled her to face him. "Now your just being paranoid!" he said. Karina slumped and cried into his chest. "no!" she kept sobbing "No No No!" All the crew were speechless. Surely there Captain was dead now.

Hansman looked at the faces of all the people in the room. He didn't believe it himself. His best friend had died and he was to take his position. "Okay, everyone lissten. Under federation regulation Gamma 23 Beta, 'In case of the death of the commanding officer of a ship, station or any other starfleet/federation building the next in command will automaticly become the commander with it's respected rank' I hereby take the position of Commanding Officer of the USS Firebreather-A." He looked at Karina. "I'm so sorry Karina. I'm sorry. But we can't stay here griefing. We have to stop that fire from reaching us or else we will all die. Anyone well enough to help me please follow me to deck 5 and baricadate that deck." He steped towards the corridor but Emily graped his shoulder.

"No Bertus. You are the only one with enough medical experiance to tend to the wounded. And I don't want another Captain dead. stay here and try to get the ECA working, please." She said. Hansman knew that she was right. He nodded and got working again. When the team of officers had left the room all went quiet. Only Hansman, Karina, the children, two civilian woman and one security officer had stayed behind.

After having worked for almost 20 minutes a light began flashing. Suddenly a bleeping sound could be heard. "EURECA. IT'S WORKING!!!!!" Hansman yelled. He pressed some buttons and held the last. "I am Commander Bertus Hansman Executive Officer of the USS Firebreather-A. We are stuck on Starbase 464. The base is on fire and has been evacuated but about 30 officers and civilians are stuck on the base. The fire is coming closer fast. We need emediate assistence. If you can not come to us to aid please forward this to the nearest Starbase or ship. Hansman out."

After about 20 minutes there came awnser. -/\-This is com{psgsgsgss} SS {psgsgsgsgsgsgs} not able to res{psgsgsgsgsgsgs} starfleet command. {psgsgsgsgsgsgs} USS Vixon {psgsgsgsgsgsgsgs} 2 days {psgsgsgsgsgsgs}-/\- Hansman pressed some buttons to clear up the interverence. -/\-SO you just have to hang on till then. Good luck Captain and god bless you. USS Germany out.-/\-

Emily and the team had managed to finish the baricade and now she turned to the officers "ok good job people now listen I don't think it would be wise for us all to stay here so all but the flame marines will go back to where we left commander hansman good luck" she said

they left and sargent O'Reilly began to hand out the phaser rifles he had found in the weapons locker on the starbase Emily now turned to them "flame marines,friends brothers and sisters in arms the humour may be laughable flame marines facing fire but I assure you it isn't funny at all its very threatening to us and to our survival so we fight fire with fire"

The maries began fiing low level phaser blasts into the flame and were rewarded with much success until Emily needed to recharge her phaser rifle when she ceased fire the fire got out of control and when she turned back the flames were licking one of the plasma containers "get down behind the barricade!" Emily shouted the marines all hit the deck as the explosion as the plasma cannister went up ripping through the barricade and sending Emily and the marines flying.

Crystal nodded as Hansman took control.

She couldn't believe it eaither.

Their Captain dead?

She joined a few others in trying to clear the titainium.

Emily rushed back to the docking bay with an injured squad of marines luckily no one had lost their lives in the explosion but it meant that the fire was now rapidly spreading around the deck that the docking bay was on deck 2.

When she arrived she went straight to Bertus "theres a problem" "what?" "The fires on this deck and heading this way fast it'll be here soon" "Set up a titanium sheild in the doorway that should protect us long enough to move out of here all civilians get up to the science lab on the deck above us" the civilians didn't need telling twice they ran for it all of them making it "right officers of the starbnase next" Bertus said as the officers made their way to the science lab the titanium, in the door way began to shake violently "ok firebreather crew get moving!" Emily shouted

Unfortunatley Karina would not abandon the search for the captain as the rest of the crew followed the orders Emily thought there was nothing else for it so she pul;led out her phaser and stunned Karina so they could move her to the lab which Bertus did Emily was walking towards the turbolift up to the lab when the fire broke into the docking bay Emily tripped and fell and the fire was nearly on top of her and Bertus wasn't even at the turbolift with Karina yet Emily fired straight into the flames with her phaser holding it back and allowing Bertus to get to the lift with Karina. Emily turned to look at Beerus and both knew that she wasn't going to be able to get there "Emily Don't!" Bertus shouted "Go!" "don't do this please!" he begged "goodbye" Emily let the phaser drop from her hand and the fire ruashed straight into her "NO!" Bertus yelled from the lift before saying "deck 1 science lab" he wondered how he was going to tell the crew this.

A hand plunged out of the titaium and a figure hauled himself

up, he tried to stand but couldn't as he had broken his leg. He crwled past the flames desperately but on his way saw a shining piece of silver on the floor. It was the rank pin of a Lieutenant Corporal. The man slumped into a corridor and put the pip in his pocket. hE pulled himself up the stairs and onto the deck above.

He saw the crew of the Firebreather stood and sat some of them weeping, some of them pale as ghosts. None were smiling. The man tried to stand and entered the room he smiled and spoke. "Whats with all the long faces?" Andre had returned.

Karina almost jumped on Andre, he was alive but e stayed back knowing that another crewmember was dead. "What?" Andre asked. "It's Emily" Bertus said. "She's d..." Saren couldnt continue but Andre knew what had happened. "No! Not another!" he picked the Lietenant Colonel pip out of his pocket and stared at it. He put it back in his pocket and there were a few minutes of silence.

There was a rough night that night with smoke getting into the lab from the deck below and above. A few minor explosions also.

In the morning Karina was huddled close to Andre and was holding Jennifer and Maria. She moved closer to him thinking that they were at home in bed. When she opened her eyes it was a different matter. Rubble and smoke was everywhere and it was almost pitch black had it not been for the emergency power. Andre stirred but was still asleep. Karina stood up and placed her children in Andres arms. She went to the deck below to see the devastation of the night before.

On the ground in front of her was a horrific sight, a burned body covered in Ash and frozen in the foetal position. It was a woman. However she was wearing a gown. It was the mother of the russian child, she hadn't made it in time. There was a small fire still going in the corner where the children had played. The docking bay entrance was blocked out by rubble. All that was left was the forcefield out of which she could see home. The Firebreather just hovering there in space.

A bleeping sound woke Andre up. It was the ECA. He stood p placed his children on the floor gently and went overe to it, he switched it on and a voice came through. "This is the ....ain of the USS Vi..n, we've en...ntered some pro.lems, the debris from .he e..loding h..e meant we have had to land on a nearby, we are s..ry, oh my g.. wh.t is th.t! No! HE.P!! ............." the noise trailed off, Bertus was stood behind Andre, "They're dead" he said immediately. Andre stood up, "try and contact someone else!" he ordered Hansman. "But" "No But's Commander, thats an order!". Andre left the room, there was a fire raging outside and on the other sidfe trying to get back was Karina, Andre pulled a panel off the wall and set the phaser rifle he pulled out, he pointed it at the fire and fired. After a few minutes it went out and he ran to Karina.

Andre carried his wife back to the room, and woke everyone up.

"Men and Women, Humans and Romulans, Friends and comrades. This has been a week of hell for this crew. But we have strived on through it, we have lost crew, our friends and our family. We have been strong and weak, but that isn't a bad thing. We have been strong in death and strong in life. We will survive. We _will_ survive. Emily and Serevan were good crew and good friends. Serevan was the arguably the greatest pilot in Starfleet, and Emily was the most hands on Marine CO i have ever seen. When we get home, that is a WHEN NOT an IF. We will get home. When we get home, they will be given a heroes funeral with friends, family and fellow crew alongside. But as Winston Churchill once said 'Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength.' And that is what we will do!"

Scenes of her life were flashing before her eyes her time on the Athena her first drill with the marines on the firebreather her two marine raids and finally killing Dever on that romulan warbird during their last mission. This seemed so clear to Emily but then the memory became sour as it changed to her time as a borg drone and seeing Kristov fall to his death this last scene was repeated over and over until it was too much and she screamede out "Leave me alone you silly mind!" This snapped her senses into use and her eyes opened she had to blink several times before she was certain but she was alive and it was near unbelieveable she should be dead she knew that but what had saved her? a look up towards the ceiling told her that the docking bay floor had collapsed and she had obviously fallen down the hole shje hot to her feet seething with pain as she was badly Burnt and had cuts all over the place but mainly on her back she walked up towards the docking bay coughing on her way as the flames spread to different areas of the station around her she could see burnt bodys around her all dead people and she shuddered as she thought of Kristov as he fell into oblivion then all she had had to do was order him not to do it. She should have guessed from their precarious position that sacrificing himself was his plan how couldn't she have noticed that was hios thinking were her enhabced senses failing her? no they weren't she was just trying to make excuses for her own misjudgement.

Eventually she reached the corridor leading to the docking bay she could see two people standing in it Captain Rantonia alive and well by the look of things and Hansman each had a bottle of water at a guess she could hear their voices very clearly "Did you mean what you said about Serevan and Emily Andre?" Bertus was asking "yes they were what I said they were" he raised his bottle before continuing "To those two who performed their duty admirably" "cheers" hansman said

Rantonia now took out Emilys pip and spoke "heres to you Emily" he chucked the pip down the corridor and it landed at Emilys feet she picked it up and pinned it on and began to walk down the corridor towards the docking bay where the fire seemed to be minimal now she must have dealt it some blow when she had supposedly "died" a couple of days ago Emily walked into the docking bay and walked behind her two friends as they proceeded towards the turbolift "whats happened to the Vixon?" she shot at them Hansman and Rantonia looked at each other then whipped around and it was obvious they were close to fainting when they saw her "thought you were dead" Rantonia said "nine lives captain and I thought you were dead as well" "like you said Emily nine lives" "sso wheres the Vixon?" "it met problems and blew up on a nearby planet" "great so now what do we do?" "we wait it out I still can't believe your alive" Hansman said "alive but not in the best condition" "Bertus will see that your better in no time" Rantonia said.

When the three arrived back in the science lab, Karina hugged EMily and everyone was reaquainted. Rhekel was looking out at the ship just floating in space. Then she watched as another ship, slightly smaller than the firebreather arrived. It wasn't a federation ship. She smiled. "Captain" she said gesturing for him to come over. Hovering above the Firebreather was a small Romulan Freighter. Rantonia beamed from ear to ear. "Bond! Activate the docking systems, taking power from life support if it's needed. But bring that Romulan ship in!"

After 20 minutes of an almost tug-of-war with the docking systems, Commander Davol Havan i-Mhiessan stood infront of Andre. "Commander we are glad that you have come. There are people stuck beyond the rocks blocking us from the other side of the starbase so we need yuor ships phaser power. Davol gave the order to blow the rocks and it happened. Hundreds of people piled into the docking bay. "Now please send some of your crew to bring our ship back!"

Being back on the Firebreather was almost like a dream for Andre, but he was there, even though it was a squeeze, the Firebreather crew, remaining Starbase crew, civilians and Maintenance workers were all onboard and there was no space left in the corridors. He would deal with that later but now he had an appointment with Lt.Col. Sullivan.

In his ready room Andre handed a small leather box to Emily. "Open it" he said. Emily was shocked, she opened it and saw the small star laying there. "It's an Valiant Service Medal Grade 1. Serevan has also been awarded one. Congratulations."

Emily was in the marine area talking to the marines "ok I have a few well overdue promotions to hand out first the thirteen privates I have are now all private second class second corporal Jackson is now staff corporal and third Sargent O'Reilly is now Sargent major congratulations dismissed"

with that finally over and done with Emily headed up to the conference room where the captain had called a meeting of the senior staff "ok people" Rantonia said he was pacing the room "where haven't the civilians over loaded us?" replys rushed back at him "Main enginnering" Bond said "Bridge" Hansman said "Marine area" Emily said

"Ok now what are we going to do about them because we can't go about the galaxy in a ship when its hard to squeeze through the corridors" Rantonia said " Well the maintenance crews shouldn't be much trouble we could incorporate them into an engineering crew for the ship" Bond Suggested " one officer from the station got off with us" Emily said "a lieutenant Svenson he thinks that we should let them go back to the station" "certainly not!" Rantonia said "the civilians are getting sickbay working overtime my staff are almost falling asleep on duty" hansman said "captain it would seem reasonable to find somewhere to drop these civilians off somewhere safe" Saren spoke up "but where?" Rhekel asked "the nearest federation colony" Saren said "heres what we will do..." Rantonia started "captain" Emily said "what?" "we're a person short" "what do you mean?" "Karinas missing" "we'll finish later" rantonia said "meeting adjourned"

Hansman sat on the bridge doing his normal shift when Rantonia came walking on. "Commander. We are going to set the civilians off at Starbase 12 and from there we go to Starbase Indri Prime. So, if you would be so good to take the helm. The Helms officers are ether killed or in sickbay."

"I'dd be happy to sir." Hansman left his chair and sat down at the helms station. "Course layed in Sir" He says.

"Warp 8, engage."

Hansman lets his hands go over the councel and the ship shoots into warp.

{3 Days Later. Alpha shift}

Hansman sat in the command chair. Rantonia was in his quarters and Hansman had the bridge.

Helms Officer: "Sir, we're arriving at Starbase 12."

Hansman: Drop to Full Impulse. Comm's, hail the base and request permission to beam the civilians over.

{3 hours later.}

Rantonia comes walking onto the bridge. "Report" he yells. He sits down in the command chair. Hansman sat in his own chair again.

"The last group of civilians is being beamed over to the base after that we can continue our journey to Starbase Indri Prime. At warp 8 it will take us 18 hours to reache it."

"Okay. Comm's Open a channel with indri prime." he says.

"Channel open" The comms officer says.

As the screen blinks the face of Commissioner Geraldine Partere comes on.

Partere: Ah, captain. We meet again.

Rantonia: Yes. Commissioner. The USS Firebreather is on route back to Starbase Indri Prime.

Partere: I have to warn you Captain. Indri Prime is probably going to be attacked by the Zaj in a few hours. All ships near the base are on full allert. That is why I took this call. I think that the command centre have their hands full. If you do not want to coucht in the battle you will have to stay away Captain. But We sertanly can use all assistence we can get.

Part 2: Deserter

the bridge had every senior officer on it as the firebreather cruised away from indrii prime slowly at impulse it was still finishing repairs that had been suffered before their arrival at the station on the bridge all was quiet until "captain i'm picking up a romulan warbird to port" Rhekel said "their hailing us sir" said hansman who again was at the helm "on screen Bertus" Rantonia said a romulan appeared on the viewscreen "I am captain H'daen hiren i-ihhliae commanding the tal'shiar ship chima'ea we are here to arrest a member of your crew cpatain" "on what charge?" Rantonia asked "desertion" all heads except one turned to look at rhekel the one that didn't was sarens as he was leaving the bridge quietly "whats the name of this deserter?" Rantonia asked "I'm surprised you haven't figured that out yet captain" Rantonias eyes widened as it hit him he and Emily turned around to look at the tactical console which was empty Emily didn't wait for orders she left in pursuit Rantonia looked to bond "beam her to Sarens location then me,Bertus and Monroe will take the turbolift there while you beam a tal'shiar party over from the warbird" he said "aye sir"

Emily was running down the corridors of the firebreather heading for the shuttle bay knowing thats where Saren would be as she ran the transporter beam engulfed her and when the beam disappeared she found herself in the shuttlebay about 10 paces behind saren she sub consciously reached for her phaser. "lieutenant" she said he turned "your missing a family reunion" she said "that guys no family of mine he couldn't stop my wife and daughter from being murdered!" "thats the same as me not being able to stop my parents from being assimilated then I couldn't stop them from assimilating me" "thats different" "how?" "borg are mindless that brother of mine has a mind" "saren listen carefully you take that shuttle off this ship and I will shoot it down that I promise you!" she walked around him so she was between him and the shuttle "theres one problem" "which is?" Saren spun around and knocked the phaser out of her hand then he leapt at her his superior strength telling as they fought hard each trying to keep the othjer off them but Emily was quicker for every strike Saren landed Emily gave him three back until finally she pummeled him with her foot in his stomach forcing him to back off then she picked up her phaser and showed it to him withn the light on red, red for kill. "Saren you try to get off this ship and I will fire i'm not joking" then two things happened at exactly the same time firstly the shuttlebay door opened and rantonia,hansman and Monroe ran in and the tal'shiar party arrived by transporter surrounding Emily and Saren H'daen stepped forward to talk to Emily "I'm indebted to you for your courage lt col you've helped apprehend a guilty romulan" he said then he turned to Saren "any last words to your crewmates before we go brother?" "just this" Saren threw off the two romulans restraining him Emily instinctively raised her phaser as did Monroe Saren then took his pips off and threw them at Rantonia they hit him in the face and he fell over backwards Bertus went to see if he was ok while saren spoke "I resign" he said Emily hit her combadge "bond beam the romulans and Saren back to the warbird" "sure thing" the romulans were beamed off and Emily went over to see how rantonia was doing

Hansman looked at Rantonia's face. "That must have been on sharp pip" he said. "It ruptured a artery in your face Sir. I need to get you to sickbay and do some handywork" he said, looking at the Captain. "Emily, you have the bridge. Dismissed." He walked to a councill and eccessed the transported systems from there he beamed both Rantonia and himself to sickbay.

Part 3: Character Development

Emily had been on the bridge for 5 minutes when she stood up clearly not able to concentrate she looked around "Karina you may as well go and see captain Rantonia in sickbay i'll be heading down there in a minute to get something for the burns on my back Rhekel you go and get some rest I think that encounter was a bit hard on you bond you have the bridge" She said as along with Karina she headed for sickbay.

When they arrived they found Rantonia sitting up in bed with Bertus conducting a scan of his face with a tricorder he looked at Karina and nodded. With Karina and Andre talking Emily and Bertus went into the office where they had a talk "I thought I asked you to stay on the bridge" Bertus said "I know but I couldn't concentrate not after that encounter with Saren" "let me guess it was painful for you when you had to bring your days as a drone into it" "yes" "let alone have the strength to fight him once talking had ended" "I wish I hadn't been forced to do that not after the way he helped me out when we had to retrieve the AT56." "and then you took the full hammer blow in court are you always so noble?" "you don't know me very well if you haven't figured that one out by now Bertus" " I know you well enough but theres one thing why didn't you transfer back to the Athena once we were done with the romulans at the end of our first mission?" "good question I don't really have an answer except that captain Summers wasn't the sort of person who you could trust when in a battle situation" "ah and you wanted a good posting?" "not a good posting a solid posting one with people who seemed like the ones I could trust theres so few of them left now in fact theres only three left" "who?" "Captain Rantonia,Karina and you" "right" "which reminds me you still owe me a dinner seeing as the last one Captain Rantonia interrupted when we were halfway through it"

The conn in Andres ready room beeped, so he opened the message.

"Captain Rantonia" the face of an Admiral appeared on screen. "Yes" "You are to return to Starbase 1 immediately" "Why?" "For the refit that you never had, besides, i think you need the break." "Yes sir" "Goodbye Captain" "Bye Sir". His face disappeared. Andre left the ready room. "Helm" he ordered. "Set a course for Starbase 1, and makesure exploding starbases and wormholes don't get in our way this time!

18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)2 Months Later18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

"Sir we're arriving at Starbase 1"

18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)4 Hours later18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)~

Andre and karina were packed and ready to leave to there temporary new lives. "Well, next time we see this room it will be a bit more polished and tidy!" Andre laughed. "I hope so" Karina agreed.

They stepped off the ship to applause and people wanted to shake theyre hands. They felt like celebraties. Obviously there deep space antics travelled far.

18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)5 YEARS PASSED18:11, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

5 years had passed, it was now 2386. Andre had been angry that the Firebreather had to be completely refurbished and that the computer had a whole load of viruses. The electronics had been shortwired and the warp core was unsable so it had taken 5 years to fix the problems. Andre said they might as well have had a new ship! But it was good to be back on board as he stepped into his quarters the new carpet smell was a bit overpowering but he was happy to be home. He just dropped his duffel bag on his new bed when he heard a big crash and Karinas shouting. He went outside and saw a panel on the floor. Karina was shouting at a young child. "Jennifer, this ship is almost brand new!" The girl took her sister and went into her new room. "Why did i give brth?!" she joked. She followed the two girls into the room.

Later Andre stepped onto the bridge, he was alone. Now he waited for whatever crew would arrive.

Emily sat in the command chair of the Ember after a reunion with the marines it was close to the Firebreathers shuttlebay she couldn't believe that she hadn't set foot on that ship for 5 years she wondered if it would be the same crew all she knew was that two days ago she had got a call and had arrived at starfleet command where she was given details of her post she was surprised that it was to be the firebreather. Well at least the hope of seeing some old friends blacked out the death of her parents 2 years ago

The Ember docked and Emily and the marines walked to the marine area where their quarters branched off each put their things there Emily made sure to place her sniper rifle in the corner of her room nearest her bed then she felt her cat Emma rub past her leg she left the marine area and headed up to the bridge when she arrived she found it deserted her hand slipped to her phaser when she saw a light coming from the ready room she punched the bell "what is it?" came an annoyed voice from within Emily smiled it was captain Rantonia "is that how you greet a frined you haven't seen for 5 years?" she answered the doors opened rantonia stood framed in the doorway "Emily?" "reporting for duty sir" "sorry to hear about your parents" "thanks"

Crystal returned to the Firebreather after five years.

She had been on other assignments during the five year refit of the Firebreather.

Crystal returned to her old quarters on the Firebreather.

After settling back in, she returned to the bridge, to greet her captain.

Part 4: Back to Work

Hansman stepped onto the bridge. "At ease" he said, seeing that all officers jumped at attention. He turned to a girl, standing in the dark. "Comon sweety. You always wanted to meet my friends. Here's your change." Bertus said. Slowly the girl stepped out of the dark, into the light. "Ladies and gentle man. I would like you all to meet Sarah. She is my nise."

Rantonia stood up and walked to them. "Nice to finaly meet you Sarah. Your uncle speaks highly, and a lot about you. To much sometimes." They shook hands. "Welcome aboard."

Sarah looked down and mumbled something that, with some difficulties, sounded like "good to be here" but you couldn't be sure. Bertus layed a arm around Sarah and they moved towards the turbolift. "I'll be with Karina for a few minutes Andre." He said, entering the lift. "Deck 3. Captains Quarters." The lifted started to move. "So, Sarah. What do you think? Could you make this home?" Bertus asked.

"I don't know. It'a lot different then San Fransisco." the girl said. "But I will try. I do need to get used to living on a Starship. And seeing you all the time."

Their confersation got cut off by the com systems. -/\-Ensign Wesper to Commander Hansman. Please report to sickbay. I need medical attention-/\-

-/\-I'm on my way Ensign. It will take me 5 minutes. Hansman out.-/\- After 5 years Hansman was still the acting Chief Medical Officer. "Sorry Sarah. Duty calls. I'll drop you off with Commander Rantonia, the Captain's wive. You remember her. We visited her a few times."

"I do. A very sweet woman. And those kids. They are great. What were their names again? Jennifer and Maria I think."

"I don't know how long it wil take" Bertus said, stepping out of the turbilift and buzzing the door of the CO's quearters "But I'll return as soon as I can."

Karina opend the door. "Bertus, how nice to see you. And hello Sarah. How are you both?" All three stepped into the room.

"I'm fine Karina. Sorry, but can I leave Sarah here for a while? I'm needed in Sickbay." He asked. Karina nodded and Bertus left again.

{4 minutes later. Sickbay.}

Hansman stepped into sickbay. A lot of blood shatered over the floor. The ensign laying on the floor, between the blood. "O my god." hansman yelled. "Computer, EMH now." He yelled.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency" the Hollogam said, after being activated.

"This is the emergency. Help me get him on the biobed and get me a dermal regenerator. I need to fix that wound." Together they lifted the ensign onto a biobed.

Monroe had left the bridge soon after Bertus and Sarah had so now it was just Emily and Rantonia "So is it true?" he asked "what?" "what I've been hearing about you" "depends on what you heard" "Emily Sullivan general of generals, warrior, quellor of the verathian rebellion, defiant to the last, someone whos forged a name for herself in history with a single manouever" "if you referring to the so called 'blinding flank manouever' then you'll find that I had a lot of help and I doubt I have a place in history" "the flame marines?" "yeah" "but after all that you still end up here on the firebreather how?" "well after the verathian rebellion position oppotunities came in including my own command of a marine ship. I even had the option of teaching the basics of marine strategy at the academy but I turned them all down" "why?" "because the one ship I wanted to serve on was one I had not seen for 5 years and I had friends on that ship and it was the firebreather" "well its good to have you back" "good to be back sir"

Emily left and Emma was at her feet again the ship was still deserted except for the people on it which amounted to 22 people so far where was eveyone? she didn't have time to ponder furthur s at that moment she heard a noise behind her and found Sarah and Karina standing behind her " I thought you were at the academy" Karina said "far from it I'm where I belong" "excuse me miss but who are you?" Sarah asked Emily smiled "I'm Lt Col Sullivan but I hate being called by titles so please use my first name its Emily" Sarahs eyes lightened up "My uncle speaks highly of you" "thats nice of him" "I've heard a lot about you" "sorry but Jennifer and Maria are getting out of control so if you want to talk could you please go somewhere out of their earshot I'll tell Bertus" Karina interrupted Sarah and Emily nodded and the two of them and Emma walked away "so what did you hear?" Emily asked "mostly stuff that you don't find in most people" "such as?" "a rulebreaker, a great influence, someone you can confide in, a descendant of Anna" this last point hit Emily "How did you know that?" "school work we had to do a piece on a starfleet officer and my uncle recommended you" "right" "is it true that you were once court marshalled?" "yeah but i'll say its not for the faint hearted" "whats that?" "what" "that necklass your wearing" Emily took it off and held it she crouched down so Sarah could have a better look "I take it you know what I once was? if you did your research properly" "what do you mean?" "I was once a borg drone long ago. when I was liberated from the collective I made this necklass to remind me of my parents while they were drones and now that they're dead I wear it to remind me of their life as humans free from the collective" "right"

they were in a deserted crew lounge "have you met Emma yet?" Emily asked "whos emma?" Emily pointed to Emma and Sarah went over and stroked Emma "I think she likes you" Emily said as she came over and sat down opposite from her and they continued to talk

It was 7 hours later. Bertus walked over the Senior Officer's deck to the quarters of Emily. It was so long ago that he had walked here. All he caried last time ware his personall atrifacts. This time he caried nothing. Nothing execpt the feeling that he had missed something those 5 years. In his time on the Firebreather he had become so fond of Emily. Not just as a colegue and friend. There was more. Atleast he thought there was.

He buzzed the door and Emily opent. "Bertus. Com'on in. Sarah is here too." She made a passage and Bertus entered. "Want something to drink? You look like you could use something strong. Vodka?"

"No. I can't. I have Sarah to take care of now. Coffee please." He asked, sitting down besides his 'fosterchild.' "I just lost my first patiënt. And I wassn't even on duty."

Emily sat down and handed Bertus his coffee. "So Bertus. Tell me, what has been happening to you in those 5 years? I heard something about Starfleet Medical?"

"Yes. But the problem is, it's classified. But you remember the AT56?" He asked, looking very curious.

"That's why I could not reach you. So what happent? How did Sarah get with you?"

"Well. After I worked in the development and research department of Starfleet Medical I got called to the home of my sister. I had been her house docter ever since we returned to Earth. She got very sick and after a long deathbed she finaly died in pease. Sarah didn't have anyone beside me. I took her in home and got custody over her. I even quited working ad SF medical for her. And now we are both on board here. With my friends, my family."

Emily looked across at Bertus his last words sticking in her mind 'my friends my family' she sipped her water and looked again she could tell he was holding something back. "well thats my story. what were you up to" Bertus said Emily was glad that he didn't know of her exploits she just said "my job" "a marine CO and a good friend?" "yes"

 she took a deep breath

" I won't ask about the At56 because last time I looked into that I was court marshalled" she said " well at least you learn from your mistakes now" "i've had 5 years of learning from my mistakes bertus but don't worry i'm still the same old Emily" "glad to hear it" "only 5 years on" "its the same for all of us" "I lost my parents 2 years ago Bertus" "I'm sorry to hear that" the communication panel on the wall went off it was captain Rantonia "Bertus ,Emily and Karina could you get up here please I want a full crew count seeing as everyone else seems to be arriving slowly" "on our way" Bertus said they stepped out dropping Sarah off with Private Bainbridge as Emily thought that they should be ok together. They stepped into the turbolift and as it went up towards the bridge Emily turned to Bertus "Do you fancy going out sometime?" She asked

"I'd be hounerd the be your table guest Emily." Hansman said. That all he could say. "I just hope that this time we can finisch it. So no combadges." They both lauched.

"So, 1900 hours tomorrow, my quarters?" She asked.

"I'll be there." Bertus said, as the turbolift doors opend and they both steped onto the bridge. "Captain. Where's the fire? You sounded urgent."

"Bertus. Emily. Can I speak you two in my ready room?" he asked but allready stepped inside. Bertus and Emily did so too. The door closed and they all sat down. "Bertus. There is a 2 year gasp in your records. Both in your service record and in your medical record. I would surely like to know what you did there. And there have been some strange readings on the ship. They match the readings we took from the AT56." Andre looked at Bertus in a strict way. "they are just a lot more stable. I want a explanation. NOW!!!. Do you have the AT56 on board?"

"Captain. I'm afraid that that information is classified. All I can say that I will not do anything to harm the ship or the crew."

"Bertus. I have been in contact with that George from Starfleet Medical. He told me that you and he had been testing a new drug."

Emily chanced a look at Bertus he was sweating obviously under pressure and trying not to answer but the answer seemed to be written across his face as Rantonia relaxed he dismissed them with a wave of his hand they stepped outside walking side by side until they were in the marine area and Emily motioned Bertus into her office. "this is off the record Bertus this is serious if you have the AT56 on board then its only a matter of time before word gets out and mostly thanks to my work a few years ago the entire crew knows what it is capable of. Now answer me honestly is the at56 on board?" "classified" but he did incline his head slightly "Bertus what is this new drug capable of? "as much as the old..." he trailed off "I didn't say that" "I didn't hear it" Emily laughed she knew what he meant "deal" Emily looked across at him the scene familiar from that brief period when she was higher ranked in the chain of command than he was now she wasn't but she knew her part she had to be bold and shove him back into the past to make it seem as though she could pull rank on him she looked at him "Bertus I'm going to offer you a choice ethir you can hand into me all the infomation you have on this new drug or i'll contact starfleet medical and get all the infomation that way and I don't care if I have to talk to the cheif admiral to get it I promise you I will" "you wouldn't dare" "I would does Sarah know about it?" "what do you expect of course she does" "is that why you brought her onto this ship?" "no I brought her onto this ship to look after her and was hoping for your support" "which you have Bertus" "serious?" "100%" "but" "but I still want to know if its on this ship why its here." "its here to protect it" Bertus blurted out "now do I get my infomation?" The tactic had worked Bertus was shocked into submission he looked her dead in the eye "you'll have it by tomorrow Emily" "this doesn't go to the captain unless nessercary Bertus and see you tomorrow"

End of Mission Notes

The only mission that has ever moved me to tears.

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