Created By "Mute" On His Forums. Stay Active On This Site As We Hope We Can Earn A Full Wikia.

Thank You Very Much For Reading This Mini-Wiki! Created By A Default-X™ Fan.

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A Player Crafting In Default-X™

Default-X™ Percentage Bar

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 24%

So Far Default-X™ Is 24% Through It's BETA Coding. Hold On It Will Be Released Soon.

Default-X™ Current Development

  • Complete Farming To A State
  • Complete Woodcutting
  • Complete Fishing
  • Complete Thieving
  • Custom City : Named Siythnx
  • More Comming Soon


Default-X™ Is A Brand New Runescape Private Server. It Was Created By A Fourteen Year Old Boy Who Goes By The Name "Mute" On His Forums. All Skill's Working And Server Is Online 80% Of The Day.

That 20% Is When He Is Either Updating Or Creating New Area's For The Player's. Currently Being Made Default-X™ Is All About Fun And Chilling With Friends. To See Progress On Server Look Above For A Percentage Bar.

The Bar Shows How Much Percent The Server Is Coded.

Default-X™ In-Game Information

  • Default-X™ Is Open To Public Idea's For The Game
  • Default-X™ Has 100% Working Requirements
  • Default-X™ Also Has Excellent Staff Who Will Help With Next To Anything
  • Default-X™ Has Staff Positions Open As Soon As We Open To The Public
  • Yes Default-X™ Has Some BETA Testers But You Can Ask To Join In Once Where 50% Through Development

Default-X™ History

Default-X™ Was Inspired By Frugooscape As Mute Is A Long Time Player Of It. Soon After Frugooscape Returned Mute Decided To Make A Guide For Autoers. A What-Not-To-Do Guide. So He Apeared To Auto So He Could Get Banned Temporary For A Screen Shot From An Admin.

He Spent 2 Weeks ( He Was Banned For 2 Weeks ) Creating The Guide Ready To Post.

He Also Figured Out How To Make Free Websites. So He Posted His BETA Server Named Salacia. This Was A Devolution Based Server. He Got 100+ Hits Within The Week.

Later That Week He Caught A Trojan And Was Forced To Delete His Computer Account Along With All His Files. 'Salacia' Was Lost. So He Made Another Server Named Miscellania Where Everyone Could Use ::pickup . This Was Famous For A Few Days But It Didn't Pickup So He Gave Up.

He Found A Blank Source And Started Coding His Own Creation. That's How He Came Upon The Idea Of Default-X™. He Got The Name For The Server As The Name Of The Source Was Defaultscape . So He Went On From There.

And That Leads Us To Now With This Mini-Wiki . Hoping To Earn A Full Wikia When It Becomes Famous Enough.

Default-X™ Website

Mute Created His Website For Free On On The 22 / 12 / 08 . It Had A Few Hit's The Day After It Was Made.

Visit This Website Here :

Contact Information

E-Mail :

Website : ; Curently Under Matinence

Runescape Username : Z_Da ( Is On Most Of The Day Due To Holidays )

Youtube Username : SorryImOnline

Mute's E-Mail Was Actually Created 2007 By "Mute". Created For The Purpose Of M.S.N . But He Uses It For His Forums & Contact.

Mute's Website Was Created December 22nd 2008.

Update: Website Is Currently Down As Admins Are Adding Content.

Mute Is 100% Stupid Creative While Updating The Server + Client.

Mute's Username

Z_Da Was Created December 19th 2008 For The Purpose Of Making A Farming Pure. He Then Realised That This Was Slow And Boring. So He Quested For Fun.

After His Fourth Day As Member He Had :

  • 52 Quest Points
  • Mouse Toy
  • Bomber's Jacket
  • 200'000GP +

He Had Succeeded In Most Quests That Are Meant For Higher Combat Players. Example : Icthlarin's Little Helper


Z_Da's Equipment, Quest Points & Weapon

Mute's Youtube Account

SorryImOnline Was Made On December 24th 2008.

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