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Snow white and the seven dwarfs:

1. Queen/Witch


2. The silly boy

3. Pink elephants

4. The ringmaster

5. The clowns


6. Ronno Falls Down a Cliff and Walks Away

7. Dogs


8. Lucifer

Alice in wonderland:

9. The walrus and the carpenter

10. The queen of hearts

Peter pan:

11. Captain hook

Lady and the tramp:

12. The rat

13. Aunt sarah

Sleeping beauty:

14. The raven

15. Maleficent

101 Dalmatians:

16. Cruella de vil

The sword in the stone:

17. The wolf

18. The lady beaver

19. Madame mim

20. Sir kay

The jungle book:

21. King louie

22. Kaa

23. Shere khan

The aristocats:

24. Edgar

The many adventures of winnie the pooh:

25. The bees

The rescuers:

26. Madame medusa

The fox and the hound:

27. Amos slade

The great mouse detective

28. Fidget

29. Ratigan

Oliver and company:

30. Sykes

The little mermaid:

31. Louise

32. Ursula

The rescuers down under:

33. McLeach

Beauty and the beast:

34. Gaston


35. Prince achmed

The return of jafar:

36. Abis mal's men

37. Jafar

38. Abis mal

The lion king:

39. Scar


40. Ratcliffe

The hunchback of notre dame:

41. Frollo

Aladdin and the king of thieves:

42. Sa'Luk

43. The fourty thieves

  • Razoul


  • Hades


  • Shan-Yu's eagle
  • Shan-Yu
  • Chi-Fu


  • Sabor
  • Clayton

The emperor's new groove:

  • Yzma


  • Texas pete, Bulk, Skeleton & The rattlesnake

Muppet treasure island:

  • Black dog
  • Long john silver

The lion king 2:

  • Nuka
  • Zira

Astro boy:

  • Ham egg
  • President Stone

Animal farm:

  • Mr. Jones' friends
  • Napoleon

Dougal and the blue cat:

  • Madame blue

The princess and the frog:

  • Dr. Facilier
  • Lawrence

The BFG:

  • Bloodbottler
  • Mary
  • Fleshlumpeater

Cinderella 3: A twist in time:

  • Lady tremaine & Drizella tremaine

Rugrats in paris:

  • Coco LaBouche
  • Jean-Claude

The first magic roundabout video from 1989:

  • Dylan
  • The cannon
  • End of The first magic roundabout

NSPCC Children's tv favourites vol 1 from 1990:

  • End of Paddington bear-Please look after this bear
  • Texas pete, Bulk & Skeleton from Superted and the stolen rocket

NSPCC Children's tv favourites vol 2 from 1992:

  • End of the Postman pat song
  • End of Spot's birthday party
  • The two baddies from Rupert and the pirates edited excerpt
  • End of Nellie the elephant
  • End of Anytime tales-I want a cat
  • End of Favourite nursery rhmes
  • End of Rosie and jim

My best friends from 1993:

  • Goldilocks

BBC Television Children's favourites from 1993:

  • Sly from Noddy
  • Cashmore & Sharon from Joshua jones
  • One of the rats from Tales of the tooth fairies-The stolen present
  • Norman price from Fireman sam-Bently the robot
  • End of Fireman sam-Bently the robot
  • End of BBC Television Children's favourites

My best friends too from 1994:

  • Bulk the giant fat baby from Superted's dream
  • Spotty from Superted's dream
  • End of My best friends too

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