Fighters of Ursidae, The Hand of Ursidae

Base of Operation:

Teton and Revod Region

Date Formed:

Late 1980s


Approximately 10,000 members



Last Attack:

Dec 23, 2006

Financial Sources:

The group is primarily financed by Figtaw bin Shatta’s family in Orecal, as well as illegally through his investments and business partnerships.

Key leaders:

Figtaw Bin Shatta

Zerdae Bakka Da Wooky

Wan Kenobi Obi

Result of attacks:

Tresidia’s 407th AUX Military outpost bombing

Firefight with 6th CAV convoy

Government designations:

Tresidia and Orecal consider the group to be a terrorist organization.

Favored attack methods:


Small arms attacks



Suicide bombings

Founding Philosophy:

Berserk is a radical Beornism philosophy followed by by Figtaw bin Shatta. Berserk follows the teaching of Bela Beorn who believed and taught salvation and eternal life can only be achieved by works. The fundamental principle for life is to “"struggle in the way of God" or "to struggle to improve one's self and/or society". This concept is known as “berzerker”. Extremists of this philosophy go to great lengths to perpetuate the reign of Ursidae in his next coming. They believe all people should bow and prepare for the coming of Ursidae. Violence toward, and annihilation of any that refuse to confess Ursidae as supreme are considered good deeds and will be rewarded. In fact, martyrdom is the most expedient way to heaven.

Figtaw bin Shatta studied the theology of Beornism at the University of Teton, where he met Zerdae Bakka Da Wooky. Zerdae Bakka Da Wooky is the High Leader of Beornism based on his Bela Beorn lineage. It is said Zerdae Da Wooky mentored bin Shatta, and took him under his wings because of his passion for Beornism. bin Shatta studied under the mentorship of Zerdae Da Wooky for five years in Teton, subsequently attending the Alkali University of Technology. bin Shatta spent eight years living and studying in Alkali, and it is rumored this is where he first came into contact with Wan Kenobi Obi.

bin Shatta's philosophy reflects the Defenders of Zerdae's ideology. bin Shatta believes strongly in the third basic principle of Ursideanism which is the root of Boernism. The third basic principle states: "Active participation in life through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds is necessary to ensure happiness and to keep the chaos at bay." Active participation is a central element in Ursidae’s concept of free will, and Ursideanism rejects all forms of monasticism. bin Shatta believes that for this to take place, Beornists must have a republic of their own, where the little good that is left in the world could unite.

bin Shatta is believed to have started his terrorist group, the Berserk, while in Alkali. Wan Kenobi Obi's part in the group establishment, if any, has not been collaborated. He is a confirmed member of the group, but his position and level of influence are unknown. The group is said to be 10,000 strong, and membership may be increasing. Although Berserk is said to consist of only Beornists, there have been reports of non-Beornists associated with group activities.

Current Goals:

The main Berserk operatives are located in the Revod region. The Berserk's ultimate goal is to free the Revod region from the rule of infidels. Reporting indicates the Berserk smuggle fighters from Teton across the Tresidian border to support the fight against the Tresidian government.

The Berserk focus their attacks on government personnel and facilities. They don’t believe in making the people pay for the evilness of their leader. If there are casualties besides government personnel, the Berserk proclaim that the blood of the innocent is on the hands of their leaders. Berserk philosophy states that Ursidae created the world, and his people were made to rule over those who do not believe so that evil would not prevail in this world.

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