There are twenty different levels of defense in Exodus3000. Each level is represented by a single item name, although other defense items of similar power level may be substituted in reference.

The List

Level 1 200 MD Sand Mounds
Level 2 325 MD Barbed Wire I
Level 3 450 MD Barbed Wire II
Level 4 575 MD Sandbag Walls I
Level 5 800 MD Sandbag Walls II
Level 6 1,750 MD Electric Fence I
Level 7 2,500 MD Electric Fence II
Level 8 3,000 MD Lava Moat I
Level 9 3,800 MD Lava Moat II
Level 10 5,800 MD Radioactive Walls I
Level 11 5,800 MD Radioactive Walls II
Level 12 6,500 MD Ion Fence I
Level 13 6,500 MD Ion Fence II
Level 14 7,500 MD Force Field I
Level 15 7,500 MD Force Field II
Level 16 8,500 MD Missle Defense I
Level 17 12,000 MD Missle Defense II
Level 18 15,000 MD Nuclear Defense I
Level 19 19,000 MD Nuclear Defense II
Level 20 25,000 MD Ultimate Defense


Defense only comes into play when either a homestead or settlements is targetted for attack by another player. The targetted player's Defense is compared to the attacking players Weapons level. The higher level wins the combat and may earn a variable amount of money from the loser. In the event of a tie in the levels, a random winner is selected. If the target of the attack was a settlement, it's governorship may change to the victor.

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