Chäotic is the general term for someone who uses Chä-Mata, however there are various ranks, or degrees of Chäotics. There are various gains for being premoted, the best of which is the ability to adapt a second Cha. Below is a list of the degrees, from highest to least.

  • Harbinger
  • High Templar
  • Templar
  • High Chämancer
  • Chämancer
  • Master Specialist
  • Expert Specialist
  • Specialist
  • Master Practitioner
  • Expert Practitioner
  • Practitioner
  • Trainee

For an in depth description of each one, read on. Remember, only I can choose what degree you are.

Higher Degrees


Harbingers are the best of the best. They've transcended the normal plane of existence, and can use much more of the power of Chä-Mata then any other Chäotic. They choose one Zodiac to control, and gain every power in it, regardless of Class and Alignment. However, the option to become a Harbinger only comes up when a previous Harbinger is killed, or when a new Zodiac is created.

High Templar

There is only one High Templar at a time, and they are the leader of the Priory Magick. They have two Alignments, three Classes, and two Chäs. Becoming a High Templar takes a massive amount of training, barely anyone become one. Currently, due to the murder of Master Exodus (Syon), there is no High Templar.


Templars are the lowest Degree that can teach others how to use Chä-Mata, and generally run Chä-Mata Academies. They have two Alignments, two Classes, and two Chäs. Becoming a Templar takes years of training and is a Degree many people strive for.

High Chämancer

High Chämancers are generally commanders of the Priory Magick, and are just below the degree that can teach Chä-Mata, and have perfected the usage of Chäos Blasts (as have all above ranks). Becoming a High Chämancer takes lots of training, but not nearly as much as above ranks.


Once one reaches the rank of Chämancer, they have the choice to change their Chä. Most opt out of this however, because it takes rigorous mental training, and also is quite draining physically. Once their Chä is changed, they cannot use their old one. At this rank, the Chäotic is given a second Class.

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