Delia Ketchum is the mother of Ash Ketchum appearing in Pokemon. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a pink short-sleeve jacket with a yellow undershirt, a purple skirt, tan pantyhose and white high heels. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in Seasons 1-8 and Sarah Natochenny in Season 9-present. At her age, she is 29 years old.


  • Ash Ketchum (Son)
  • Aiden Avalon (Love Interest)


  1. Liking for Mr. Avalon
  2. Admiring Ash
  3. Feeling like a friend to Teacher Harper McCormick and Tutor Catherine Colbert


  1.  Losing her streak
  2.  Getting choked
  3.  Seeing Ash get into trouble

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