Delta Defense Alliance
Delta Defense Alliance
The Logo of the Delta Defense Alliance. Its shape is three triangles, representing the Greek letter Delta, stylized to form the shape of a diving eagle. The two smaller triangles also represent the letter D; the large representing the letter A, thus forming the abbreviation "DDA".
Date founded 1947
Leader(s) Flag of the United StatesDirector 1 (1947-1968)
Flag of the United KingdomDirector 2 (1968-
Location of
Flag of the United StatesPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Delta Defense Alliance is a non-governmental organization created to allow countries to work together in order to maintain international security. Many of its operations revolve around the psychic terrorist acts of the Omega Order and its leader, Boris Rubanenko. Since its inception after World War II, it has welcomed agents from not only America and NATO alliance countries, but members of the Communist bloc as well. Alec Langley is one of Delta's best agents.

Names in Other Languages
Language Foreign Name Latin Transliteration
Flag of Japan Japanese デルタ防衛同盟 Deruta Bōei Dōmei
Flag of Russia Russian Дельта Обороны Альянса Del'ta Oborony Al'yansa
Flag of Greece Greek Δέλτα Υπεράσπιση Συμμαχία Délta Yperáspisi Symmachía
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese (Simplified) 泽尔塔防卫同盟 Zéěrtǎ Fángwèi Tóngméng
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 澤爾塔防衛同盟 Zéěrtǎ Fángwèi Tóngméng
Flag of South Korea Korean 델타 방위 동맹 Delta Bang-wi Dongmaeng
Flag of Saudi Arabia Arabic دلتا الدفاع تحالف Dlta Aldfa' Thalf

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