These are all the stages in order as shown in the game. For browsing the speculative order of the stages, check the DC's Stage Speculations article and discussion.

Stage 1-1 // Somulo's Epilogue (The Fighting-pit)

Stage 1-2 // Bowel of the demon dragon's crater (Hippogriff Attack)

STAGE 1-2 Full

A quick ramble throught the valley

After deafeating Somulo for the last time, Firebrand hops away from the fighting-pit and starts to walk forward around a very foggy valley at the bottom of a crater. Appart from trees with torches attached to thier wood, there are plenty of statues featuring "hippogriffs", several fossil-like skeletons chained to rocks and mire-grass. The walls of the crater drops a heavy darkness upon the valley inside, but in the background we are able to see some kind of stairs leading to a huge statue in honor of the now defeated demon dragon.

The no so difficult hippogriff

The valley is stalked by slow cloth wraiths, who materializes in middair appearing as innofensive draps, from wich the wraiths cover themselves and start to walk ominously towards you. Easily avoidable, the wraiths will disappear as soon as they lose track of Firebrand. Some humpbacked goblins will jump over the columns of the valley to throw axes at you, but quick fireballs will dispatch them even before they are ready to toss a single axe. Firebrand can choose to headbutt all the stone statues in order to break them and discover some secrets hidden inside them. Upon reaching the ending of the stage, Firebrand will headbutt a notable suspicious statue wich, instead of falling appart, it will morph into a real hippogriff. The monster will try to ram at Firebrand with all its bulk, and will send a rain of petrified feathers as ranged weapons. If Firebrand stops to attack it and waits, the monster will turn into stone, heal, and morph back to resume its pattern of attacks.
After dodging and connecting several fireballs against the enemy, the wounded hippogriff will morph into stone and Firebrand would finish him by headbutting the statue and shattering it to pieces. Inside the statue he finds a "Life Extension", bestowing him with more hit-points for the next travel.

Player's Conclussions 1

STAGE 1-2 Back

Gotta love who built that :)

Perhaps one of the most easy stages after the battle against the zombiefied Somulo, players loves this stage mostly by its dark background and the music played during the trip before meeting with the hippogriff. The thin wavy fog licking the ground of the valley and the shrine in the distance makes one to stop and stare a little, wondering what this stage could mean (in therms of game history). Is curious to point out the simethry of all the stage, wich have as center a little piramid of ledges, flanked by the only two "columns" with the curious design of "braziers". Perhaps they were meant to be litted?

  • Some players speculates that the hippogriffs were in fact guardians or soldiers of Somulo, and that the crater and the fighting-pit were the lair of this demon, where he could battle brave (or clueless) warriors and have them as morsel upon defeating them (regarding to the inmense pile of bones that upholsters the floor).
  • Others thinks that the home of Somulo were placed in the dragon-shapped shrine displayed at the background, or that the fighting-pit was presided by that humonguous statue, so, Firebrand may have fleed from there.
  • More deviant theories speaks about that stage being one of the last ones, pointing to the centric piramid as being the place where Firebrand could jump over the background in order to fly to the dragon shrine (or even to be teleported from that piramid after litting the braziers with the Demon Fire or other kind of fire). It will not be the first time in the videogames when top-ending stages in development ends up as mere stages for begginers upon releasing to the public.

Who built the shrine, the fighting-pit or even the dozens of hippogriff statues is a mistery, and if Phallanx had something with the awakening of the hippogriff is also unknow. The hippogriff will appear twice in the game as a mini-boss in the great cliffs (holding another life extension), and inside Phallanx's palace, wich may probably mean that Phallanx succesfully managed to enslave them.

Stage 1-3 // Climbing the crater (Avoiding the carnivore plants)

Stage 1-4 // At the border of the crater (Arma's first challenge - Crest of Earth)

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