Demon Land (Russian: Демон земля), also known as Devil in a Box in the United Kingdom and Canada, is a Russian-American animated television series created by the same makers for Gogoriki. The animation was done in Russia only while the script wriitng and dubbing was done in the United States on Nickelodeon Animation Studios. The show aired on Nickelodeon in March 14, 2013 and in Teletoon on March 15, 2013. The cartoon stars the lead voices of Nick Afanasiev, Victoria Justice and Frank Welker as Lancer, Sylvia and Frank respectively.


A 13-year old happy-go-lucky girl named Sylvia moves to the town of Scratchland where she meets a 13-year old boy named Lancer who overruns the town with the help of monsterous demons known as fiends, especially his Frankenstein fiend named Frank. Lancer must kill Sylvia before he falls in love with her.


  • Nick Afanasiev as Lancer Lott: A 13-year old boy who overrun the town of Scratchland by using his fiends to attack the citizens. Lancer is accompanied by a Frankenstein fiend named Frank. He hates Sylvia and plans to kill her but his heart is almost to the point where he loves her, so he must kill her to make the love go away. He speaks with a Russian accent. His appearance is based on Klarion the Witch Boy while his name is based on Sir Lancelot.
  • Victoria Justice as Sylvia Jones: A 13-year old girl who moved from Vermont to Scratchland. She is happy-go-lucky girl who thinks of the positive and has a slight crush on Lancer making him her best friend. Sylvia sings at least one song per episode, possibly because her actress is a singer.
  • Frank Welker as Frank: Lancer's Frankenstein type fiend who serves as the possible bodyguard and guardian to him. Frank grunts and growls to show his expressions and carries a laser gun as his weapon. He also has a hunger for roast beef. His name is a joke considering that his actor's name is also Frank.

Other cast

  • Amy Winfrey as Marion: An overweight girl who is too shy and was scared too often against Lancer's powers.
  • Tom Kenny as Malacai: A young puritan boy who speaks in Old English and wears a powdered wig.
  • Peter Merryman as Alvin: A hapless boy who's possessions are always stolen; making him say "My" alot.
  • Ben Stein as Mr. Melk: A nervous teacher who has a bird that watches him to make sure he teaches good.
  • Tara Strong as Ms. Millet: A lunchlady who has a frog that watches her to know she serves Lancer's foods.

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