Den the Diesel Engine and Friends (Big City Engine/Donald version) Wooden Railway was a fan-fiction thing to make.



  • Den the Diesel Engine
  • Lord Harry the Mountain Engine
  • Godred the Mountain Engine
  • Diesel 10 the Claw Engine
  • The Diesel Shunter
  • Dart the Diesel Engine
  • Old Stuck-Up the Blue Diesel
  • Zip the Z-Stack
  • Zug the Z-Stack
  • Caitlin the Streamline Engine


  • Fransworth the Passenger Diesel
  • Big City Engine the Tender Engine
  • Spencer the Silver Engine
  • Bluenose the Naval Tug
  • Shelly Marsh the Evil Sister
  • Dudley Dursley the Dursley


  • Freight Engine the Black Engine
  • Stafford the Eletric-Shunting Engine
  • Sidney the Blue Diesel

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